How Did Beetlejuice Die?

How Did Beetlejuice Die

How Did Beetlejuice Die: Are you curious about how Beetlejuice is made? Look no more. We’ve got you covered.

Beetlejuice is a classic comedic film that was released in 1988. It is a story about two people who live in their homes after they die.

In the event that their attempts to dissuade the new owners fail they end with a sour spirit.

The film stars Michael Keaton as the pesky ghost, Winona Ryder as the living Lydia, and Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis as the Maitlands who are summoned by Beetlejuice. Tim Burton directed it.

How Did Beetlejuice Die

Because Beetlejuice is ghostly, we can examine specific aspects of his life using clues in the film.

This article will go into details and trivia about Beetlejuice and the circumstances of his death and other movie ghosts from the past.

How Did Beetlejuice Die?

Beetlejuice was killed by suicide. He was Juno’s assistant and consequently an official in the civil service. The film explains how civil servants took their own lives.

The original script included an episode that explained the details of the reasons why Beetlejuice passed away. The scene was intended to describe how Beetlejuice tried to hang himself following being afflicted by a broken heart.

It appears that the process was muddled and resulted in pain and slow, instead of quick and painful.

How is “Beetlejuice” Spelled?

There are some ambiguities between the spelling of the film’s title and the character’s name.

On the film’s title page, the gravestone with his name is mentioned. spirited ghost is written “Betelgeuse.” However, the title of the film is “Beetlejuice.”

Every time where you’ll find”the name” of the ghost spelled out, the name is the word “Betelgeuse.”

“The word spelling “Betelgeuse” could be meant to signify Betelgeuse’s age, as it does appear in spelling similar to many words used in Middle English, which is presumably a time period during which Betelgeuse lived.”

Betelgeuse could also refer to a Star, and the creators could have drawn inspiration from that star as inspiration for the name of the character.

The main reason behind the differences between the person and film’s name is in the form of marketing. “Beetlejuice” was easier to spell, and hence more appealing to the market than “Betelgeuse.”

If you view the film in subtitles, you’ll see that the film’s name is usually written as “Beetlejuice.” This is likely due to caption makers making use of their film’s title to be the official spelling.

How Old is Beetlejuice?

The film does not anywhere in it specifically mention Beetlejuice’s (Betelgeuse’s) age. There are hints that Beetlejuice could be at least six hundred years old. When he was a snake that had the power to make the Deetzes He says that “it’s been going on for about 60 years.”

It is also possible to suggest from the different spellings for his surname that Beetlejuice is centuries old. Its wording “Betelgeuse” seems to be a reference to the spellings that were employed for spellings in Middle English.

Although it isn’t verified, it is possible that the name is called “Beetlejuice” in an attempt to be more modern in line with the evolution of the English language.

Beetlejuice is a fictional character who contains numerous relics from various times. Michael Keaton was told that the character comes from each period of time, but there is no particular period of time mentioned.

It could be due to the fact that the man was alive (and “lived” in the afterlife) throughout a variety of time periods where he might have picked up things that resonated with him through the course of time.

Other Beetlejuice Trivia

  • Alyssa Milano was nearly selected to play Lydia in place of Winona Ryder. However, Ryder won the role.
  • Apart from having the title of a sly demon, there’s also Betelgeuse, a star. Betelgeuse is a supergiant red. It is the nearest star in the group to Earth. Betelgeuse is the star that is located in the constellation “Orion,” which represents hunting.
  • The movie was created to look intentionally like a B-movie as it came with the budget for special effects to be around 1 million dollars, which is quite small for a film of this size.
  • First Netflix DVD that was released back in 1998 included Beetlejuice.
  • Michael Keeton famously improvised some of his lines for the movie. This was a great addition to the comedy and distinctness of Beetlejuice’s characters.
  • Catherine O’Hara plays Delia Deetz. O’Hara is famous for her performance as Moira Rose on the popular television program “Schitt’s Creek.” She also played Kate McCallister in Home Alone.
  • Beetlejuice was made into a musical in 2018 and the show was transferred to Broadway in the year 2019. The original Broadway Cast featured Sophia Anne Caruso as Lydia and Alex Brightman as Beetlejuice. Alex Brightman is also known for his performance as Dewey Finn in Andrew Lloyd Weber’s musical “School of Rock.”
  • Beetlejuice was a guest on the TV show Community. The show created an entire season of a joke in which characters say “Beetlejuice.” The third time a character says “Beetlejuice,” you can watch Beetlejuice stroll across into the back of the screen via an opening. It’s in season 3, during”Halloween,” the episode “Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps.”

How Did Casper Die?

Casper is a cherished child’s favorite. Casper is known as “Casper the Friendly Ghost.” Casper is famous for his kindness and generosity instead of frightening like many other ghosts.

Casper has many forms and has been in a TV show, comic strip, and full-length films.

In the 1995 film “Casper,” it is revealed that Casper passed away as a youngster. He was outside in the frigid winter weather for too long, and contracted pneumonia, which eventually resulted in his premature death.

The other television or film versions describe the cause of death for Casper, therefore the canon believes the fact that he died from pneumonia.

How Did the Corpse Bride Die?

This post contains spoilers for the film. *

The Corpse Bride is a different Tim Burton movie. It came out in 2005 and is iconic of the style of Tim Burton.

Emily is the main character of the film. Emily was murdered by her ex-fiance and later was buried waiting to be married. Since she spends a lot of the film prepping for her wedding day, she is often referred to by the name “corpse bride.”

How Did Moaning Myrtle Die?

* This post includes spoilers for the film. *

Moaning Myrtle is among the most well-known ghosts from the Harry Potter franchise. In the film in which she appears, she’s voiced in the role of Shirley Henderson.

Moaning Myrtle died in the year 1943. The killer was The Serpent of Slytherin at the time Tom Riddle commanded it to take her down.

How Did the Headless Horseman Die?

The Headless Horseman is a mythological persona that is often mentioned as a character in American folklore. Washington Irving wrote “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” which is among the most well-known version of the Headless Horseman story.

In Irving’s version, the ghost was a horseman during the American Revolutionary War. In the conflict, he saw his head destroyed through an American cannon. Today is haunting the place in which he was laid to rest, looking for his body.

The Headless Horseman is also featured in other folklores. The story is particularly mentioned within Irish, English, and Scottish mythology.


Beetlejuice was released in 1988 and is an extremely popular film until the present. It stars a number of famous actors, such as Catherine O’Hara, Michael Keaton as well as Winona Ryder.

It is widely acclaimed for its humorous approach to the classic ghost story.

Beetlejuice’s (Betelgeuse’s) death isn’t explained in detail in the film. But, based on clues in the film, we can guess how he died.

As he is a civil servant in the spirit world, we could assume that he committed suicide.

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