How Can I Delete My Outlook Email Account? – 2023

How Can I Delete My Outlook Email Account?

How Can I Delete My Outlook Email Account: If you don’t want to maintain the account on your Outlook account and wish to get rid of it, you have

the option of deleting it but with a huge restriction.

To do this, you’ll need to erase your entire Microsoft account. In this case, your email address and contacts will be removed from the server, and the result is permanent. It will also affect your Xbox, Skype, and OneDrive accounts.

How Can I Delete My Outlook Email Account

  1. Unfortunately, you can’t remove your Outlook account.
  2. You are able to remove it, and then make another one to replace it.
  3. This is due to Microsoft doesn’t permit the deletion of accounts to preserve the data of a company in the event an employee quits their job in the company.
  4. The status of the user with the business is then displayed as ended for voluntary resignation,
  5. that do not contain information about an account that is active or email addresses.

How To Delete Your Outlook Account By Removing Your Email Address?

If you’d like to go the less dramatic route but still want to be more drastic, here’s the best way to get rid of any email account from Outlook:

1. Open Outlook and click on the gear icon situated towards the top-right corner of the display.

2. Select “View all Outlook settings.”

delete your Outlook account by removing your email address

3. Make sure you’re in the “Mail” tab on the upper left corner, and then choose “Sync emails” from the sidebar that follows.

delete Outlook account by removing your email address

4. Hover over the email address and then click the trash icon to erase this email off you Outlook account.

delete my Outlook email account

If you aren’t able to find the option to delete the email account from Outlook and you’re using Windows it is necessary to erase the account from both your Mail and Calendar applications.

In the event that you are running an older version of Outlook or Outlook that is not compatible with your version, you might have to employ other methods to remove an email address in Outlook.

How do I delete my Outlook account and start over?

If you’re using then click on your “Accounts” tab in your settings and select “Delete Account.”If you’re working with, which is the Office 365 version of Outlook You’ll need to delete your account through the Microsoft site.

To do this, go to and sign in with your email address and password. After that, click the icon that reads “Security & Privacy” at the top of the page.

Can I just delete outlook?

You can remove Outlook however it is not advised. Removing Outlook could cause the deletion of all your email messages and calendar entries, as well as task contacts, and other information.

How do I delete my email account permanently?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to remove your email account completely. You can erase it, and then make another one, however, the old email address will exist and be accessible to all who have the email address.

How do I permanently delete my Outlook email account in Mobile?

The easiest method of deleting the account you have is to access the settings of the app and locate the account you wish to remove. Select the account, and then hit “delete” in the bottom right-hand corner.

How do I delete a Microsoft email account?

To delete a Microsoft email account, first, log in to your Microsoft account. Next, go into”Accounts” under the “Accounts” tab and select “Manage”. Then, choose the email address you want to remove and click “Delete”.

What happens when you delete an Outlook email account?

If you remove the account, all email messages will disappear. When you delete your Outlook mail account, the emails stored within the account are erased. The deleted emails are not accessible unless you have a backup of all your Outlook data.

How do I delete an account from the Outlook app?

The steps to remove the account from the Outlook app are as follows: Open the Outlook app and choose the menu icon in the upper left corner.
Choose “Accounts” on the list that pops up.
Select the account you wish to remove, and then click to “Delete Account”.

How do I delete Outlook from my computer?

To remove Outlook from your PC first, open your Control Panel and select “Programs and Features” (or “Uninstall a Program”). Look for Outlook in the Microsoft Office suite, then click it. Click on the button that reads “Change”.

There will be an alphabetical list of all applications that are part of the suite. Select Outlook and click it. On the next page, it will ask “Do you want to uninstall this software?” Click on “Remove.

Why can’t I remove a Microsoft account?

Microsoft accounts aren’t possible to remove. The account is tied to Microsoft services you are using, for example, Xbox Live,, Office 365, OneDrive, and Skype. If you wish to delete the Microsoft account, you’ll have to unsubscribe from all the related services first.

How do I remove outlook from Windows 10?

To uninstall Outlook out of Windows 10, you need to access the Control Panel and select Programs and Features. Click “Uninstall a Program” and then choose Microsoft Office 365. Click Uninstall and follow the instructions.

How do I deactivate outlook but not delete it?

To disable Outlook To deactivate the Outlook Web App, navigate to File>Account Settings>Accounts and then click on the account you wish to remove. After that, uncheck the box in front of “Outlook Web Application”.

How do I remove the Outlook account from Outlook?

It is the first thing to do is to open Outlook and then select The File tab. From there, choose Account Settings in the drop-down menu that is located on the left-hand right side of the page. From there, click Manage Accounts.

Then, select Add Account to follow the steps to create an account. After it’s been added, you can delete the old account by clicking Remove in the window.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I delete my Outlook account permanently?

How can I completely delete my Outlook email account?

  1. Log in to the account you’d like to remove.
  2. Select”gear” or the “gear” icon that is located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Choose “Account Setting”.
  4. Select “Manage Account”.
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click “Delete the account”.

How do I delete my email account permanently?

Remove Gmail

  1. Before deleting your Gmail service, download your data.
  2. On your Android tablet or phone start the Settings application Google. …
  3. At the top, you can tap Data and privacy.
  4. Scroll down to “Data from apps and other services that you utilize.”
  5. Under “Download or delete your data,” tap Delete a Google service. …
  6. Then, next to “Gmail,” tap Delete.

Why can’t I remove my account from Outlook?

If you’d like to get rid of the account, the following steps should be followed Follow these steps: Open the Tools menu within Outlook and click on E-mail Accounts, and then click Change or view existing email accounts. Select Next, then choose the account you wish to remove and click Remove, and finally press Finish.

What happens if I delete my Outlook account?

Important: If you close the Microsoft accounts, all your contacts, emails, and email are erased from our servers, and they cannot be saved. If you connect your Microsoft account using Xbox, Skype, OneDrive, or any other Microsoft services and services, you’ll not have access to these services.