Honda Z50 Mini Bike Price, Specs and Review 2024

Honda Z50 Mini Bike Price, Specs and Review 2024

Honda Z50 Mini Bike: ATVs are readily accessible today in a sizable number. However, only a select handful have, throughout time, exceeded people’s expectations with their superior features and specs.

One of the Honda company’s most acclaimed models is the Foreman 450 ATV, which debuted in 1998. The Honda Foreman 450 S (manual-shift) and the Honda Foreman 450 ES are the two primary variations of this vehicle (electric-shift)

It has without a doubt impressed ATV aficionados due to its flexibility and great performance.

honda z50 mini bike

Honda Z50 Mini Bike Price

  • The Honda Z50 ranged from $225 to $1,299
  • 2017 50th Anniversary Special valued at $3,999
  • Honda Mini Trail Z50 pricing falls between $550 and $10,00
  • Used Z50s priced between $3,300 and $5,000
  • Any unit valued below $2,800

Honda z50 Mini Bike Original Price: $225 to $1,299

Serial Number

  • Not Available

Honda Z50 Mini Bike Specs

This Honda Z50 Mini Bike is equipped with a four-stroke engine of 49ccc with the maximum power production at 3.4 horsepower. Its compact design and low seat makes it easy to move with, and the rear and front suspensions make for a pleasant ride.

The Z50 is also equipped with the manual clutch, a three-speed transmission and drum brakes for steady stopping power.


Honda Z50A K2 (USA Type)1977 Honda Z50A 
Engine Type4-Stroke OHC
Cylinder LayoutSingle-cylinder, tilt-up 10° from horizontal
Carburetion SystemCarburetion, 13-mm Keihin piston-valve type x 1
Engine CoolingAir cooling
Jetting#50 (main); #100 (air); #38 (slow)
Fuel Capacity2.5 L (0.7 US gal)4 L (1.1 US gal)
Bore x Stroke Ratio39 x 41.4 mm (1.53 x 1.63 in)
Compression Ratio8.8:1
Displacement49 cm³ / 3 in³
Valve Stem to Guide ClearanceIntake: 0.01-0.03 mm (0.0004-0.0012 in) Exhaust: 0.03-0.05 mm (0.0012-0.0020 in)
Valve Clearance Cold (Int/Ex)0.05 mm (0.002 in)
Horsepower1.92 hp/1.95 PS @ 5,000 RPM
Maximum Torque3 Nm (0.31 kgf-m, 2.2 ft-lb @ 4,200 RPM)
Top Speed25 mph (40 km/h)
Air FiltrationOiled polyurethane foam type
LubricationPressure lubrication & wet sump
Oil FiltersCentrifugal & screen mesh


Honda Z50A K2 (USA Type)1977 Honda Z50A
ClutchWet, multiple-disc, automatic, centrifugal type
Transfer, Transmission Type3-speed constant mesh, manual
Gearshift PatternN-1-2-3 (left foot operation)
Drive SystemChain & sprocket final drive w/ 10-20 mm (0.040 – 0.080 in) slack
(12T/37T); #415 (later #420) drive chain
Primary Reduction Ratio3.722
Final Drive Ratio2.9173.083
Transfer Gear Ratio1st – 3.182 / 2nd – 1.824 / 3rd – 1.190


Honda Z50A K2 (USA Type)1977 Honda Z50A 
IgnitionFlywheel magneto
Idle Speed1,200 – 1,300 RPM ± 1001,500 RPM ± 100
Starter SystemForward kick-start mechanism
GeneratorFlywheel A.C. generator
Battery6V (2 Ah)/10 HR, 12V YTR4A-BS format
Battery Dimensions (L x W x H)114 x 49 x 86 mm (4.50 x 1.94 x 3.38 in)
Spark plugC6HSA 
Plug gap.028 

Tires & Brakes

Honda Z50A K2 (USA Type)1977 Honda Z50A
Wheel CompositionSteel, laced wire spokes / Cast aluminum
Front Tire, Air pressure3.50 x 8 (2 PR), 98 kPa (1.0 kgf/cm2, 14.2 psi)3.50 x 8 (2 PR or 4 PR), Bridgestone, Nitto, Inoue tire brands
98 kPa (1.0 kgf/cm2, 14.2 psi)
Rear Tire, Air pressure
Front Brake Type110-mm Internal expanding shoe
Rear Brake Type


Honda Z50A K2 (USA Type)1977 Honda Z50A
FrameTubular steel
Caster, Trail67°, 40 mm (1.6 in)65°, 42 mm (1.7 in)
Turning Circle2.6 m (8.6 ft)
Wheelbase880 mm (34.7 in)895 mm (35.2 in)
Ground Clearance170 mm (6.7 in)
Front Suspension Type, Travel26-mm Telescopic fork
Rear Suspension Type, TravelRigid frame


Honda Z50A K2 (USA Type)1977 Honda Z50A
Length1,280 mm (50.4 in)1,300 mm (51.2 in)
Width580 mm (22.8 in)615 mm (24.2 in)
Height865 mm (34.1 in)850 mm (33.5 in)
Seat Height (Unloaded)560 mm (22 in)
Curb Weight53.5 Kg (118 lbs)53 Kg (117 lbs)
Vehicle Load Capacity Limit68 Kg (150 lbs)


Honda Z50A K2 (USA Type)1977 Honda Z50A
Headlight6V 15/15 W x 2
Brake/Taillight6V 17/5.3 W x 2
Indicator LightsN/A

Honda Z50 Problems and Solution

The Honda Z50 Mini Bike may develop issues like other vehicles. Riders may have carburetor, electrical, and gearbox troubles.

Cleaned or rebuilt carburetors can fix problems. Replace fuses or wire connections to fix electrical difficulties. Transmission issues may necessitate replacing worn gears or bearings.

Changing the oil, air filter, tire pressure, and brakes and cables regularly helps prevent these issues. To maintain your Honda Z50 Mini Bike’s durability, utilize high-quality components and accessories and follow correct riding and storage techniques.


Honda Z50 Models

It is the Honda Z50, also known as the Monkey Bike, was first presented by Honda in the year 1961. The mini bike quickly gained traction because of its compact dimensions, light weight design, and a simple to ride which made it a preferred choice for children as well as adults.

Through the years it has become a classic. Honda Z50 has become a iconic model and is sought-after by both enthusiasts and collectors.

Year / IDColorsRetail/Trade-In Values
1961 Z100 / 1963 CZ100Bright RedN/A
1967 – 1969 Honda Z50MCandy Red, Bright YellowN/A
1968 – 1969 Z50AK0$715 – $5,095
1969 – 1970 Z50AK1Candy Red, Bright Yellow, Candy Blue$680 – $3,300
1970 – 1971 Honda Z50ACandy Ruby Red, Mexican Yellow, Candy Sapphire Blue$680 – $3,300
1972 Z50AK3Candy Gold, Light Ruby Red$565 – $2,335
1973 – 1999 Z50JCandy Gold, Light Ruby Red (EU, Japan)N/A
1973 Z50AK4Hawaiian Blue Metallic, Candy Orange$480 – $1,910
1974 Z50AK5Candy Sapphire Blue, Candy Topaz Orange$480 – $1,910
1975 Z50AK6Candy Ruby Red$475 – $1,880
1976 Z50AParakeet Yellow$475 – $1,735
1977 – 1978 Honda Z50ATahitian Red$475 – $1,880
1979 – 1981 Honda Z50R$445 – $1,645
1982 – 1985 Z50RBlaze Red$475 – $2,250
1986 Z50R$590 – $1,955
1986 Z50RD SpecialChrome$1,540 – $9,385
1987 Z50RBlaze Red$475 – $1,645
1988 Z50R$585 – $1,645
1989 Z50R$475 – $1,370
1991 – 1995 Z50RShasta White$235 – $1,570
1992 Honda Z50 Baja MonkeyWhite w/ Baja decals, handguards & twin headlights$760 – $4,385
1992 – 1995 Z50RN/RP/RShasta White$475 – $1,370
1996 – 1998 Z50R$135 – $660
1997 Z50RV$155 – $660
1998 Z50RW$220 – $715
1999 Z50RX$230 – $735

Honda Z50 Mini Bike Review 

See in a video review of the Honda Z50 Mini Bike. A typical video review of the Honda Z50 might showcase the bike’s features, performance, and overall riding experience, often with a focus on its retro design and lightweight handling.

The review may include opinions and insights from experienced riders, as well as provide helpful tips and advice for new riders.

For more details check out this YouTube Video

About Honda

Honda Motor Company, Ltd. is a Japanese public multinational conglomerate manufacturer of automobiles founded in Hamamatsu, Japan (October 1946, incorporated 24 September 1948; 73 years ago) by Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa.

The Honda Motor Headquarters is in Minato, Tokyo, Japan, and covers the whole Worldwide area.

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Final Words


What year is Honda Z50?

Honda produced it from 1968 to 1978 as part of their Z50 Minibike Series.

What is the engine displacement of the Honda Z50?

The Honda Z50 is powered by a 49cc four-stroke engine.

What is the top speed of the Honda Z50?

The top speed of the Honda Z50 is around 30-35 miles per hour.

What is the fuel capacity of the Honda Z50?

The fuel capacity of the Honda Z50 is around 0.8 gallons.

What is the weight of the Honda Z50?

The weight of the Honda Z50 is around 125 pounds.

What is the seat height of the Honda Z50?

The seat height of the Honda Z50 is around 22 inches.

What is the price of a new Honda Z50?

Used Honda Z50s go between $2,000 to $5,000, depending on condition.

What is the history of the Honda Z50?

The Honda Z50 was first introduced in 1961 and gained popularity as a fun and easy-to-ride mini motorcycle. Since then, it has become an object of collectible value.

Is the Honda Z50 street legal?

The Honda Z50 was not designed for street use and does not come with the necessary equipment to make it street legal. However, some states allow registration for off-road use only.

What are some common modifications made to the Honda Z50?

Common modifications to the Honda Z50 include upgrading the engine for more power, adding suspension upgrades for better handling, and changing the exhaust system for a louder sound.