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Hoichoi.tv/activate to Watch Hoichoi TV on Streaming Devices – Hoichoi Subscription Plan, App Download

Hello, friends! Do you know what Hoichoi TV is and how to use Hoichoi.tv/activate to turn it on? It is an Indian Bengali site where you can watch videos online.

You can watch Hoichoi Originals, and Hoichoi TV shows only available on HoiChoi. With a Web Series, you can watch more than 2,000 hours of Bengali.

With your Hoichoi Subscription, you can watch movies and videos, and every month, new Exclusive Content is added. This platform also has Bengali music, podcasts, and documentaries.

If you want to know how to set up Hoichoi on your device step by step, you can read this article. I explain how to set up the services using Hoichoi.tv/activate. You need to know how to start the channel and its benefits before you sign up for them.

Most devices, like LG TV, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, and Mi TV, can use the Hoichoi app.

After reading my article, you won’t have trouble downloading, installing, and activating Hoichoi on numerous devices that support the Hoichoi.tv/activate link.

What is Hoichoi TV?

Hoichoi TV is an Indian Bengali video-on-demand service that lets you watch entertainment videos on your devices.

SVF Entertainment, based in Kolkata, is the sole owner of this service. The Hoichoi is available in Bengali, and it can be bought all over the world.

You can watch all of the Hoichoi TV shows on any device, like an Android, Roku, FireTV, MiTV, or any other device. “Hoichoi” is a word that means “excitement.”

What is Hoichoi TV

Hoichoi was created by its three founders, Vishnu Mohta, Mahendra Soni, and Srikant Mohta.

The first time this service was offered was in 2017. Since then, many people who like Bengali entertainment have used it. This is the first OTT platform to provide all content in the local Bengali language.

Like Netflix, this platform has a lot of different ways to have fun, including over 500 Bengali movies, web series, music, and short films. All of it can be watched on the app, on the website, or your streaming device.

How to Create HoiChoi Account?

If you’ve never used Hoichoi before, you need to know how to make a new Hoichoi account. Please follow the steps below,

How to Create HoiChoi Account

  • Find the “Log in” or “Subscribe” button to sign up.

create hoichoi account

  • Then fill in all the blanks with the information that you need.
  • Choose the Hoichoi Subscription plan that best fits your needs.
  • Check the information you’ve put in.
  • You will soon be able to sign into your Hoichoi Account.

How to Login to Hoichoi Account?

After you’ve made a new Hoichoi account, you’ll need to log in. Follow the steps given to log in to your account.

How to Login to Hoichoi Account.

  • On your screen, click “Login.”

choose preferred option for hoichoi login

  • Then choose the easiest way to sign in.
  • Fill in the blanks with your login information.
  • Now you have to click Sign In.

How to Change Hoichoi Account Password?

Would you like to change your password? Please follow the steps below to change your password successfully.

  • Please click on this link in your browser: www.hoichoi.tv
  • Sign in to your Hoichoi account now.
  • Please open the Menu after you’ve logged in.
  • Then look for the option that says “Setting.”
  • Then, please click the “ChangePassword” button.
  • Now you have to type in your new password.
  • You now have your new password.

How to Activate Hoichoi App using the Hoichoi.tv/activate?

Follow the steps below to turn on the services for your device.

  • You can get the Hoichoi app from your device’s app store.
  • Set it up and start it.
  • Now, a code will show up on the screen of your TV. Make a note of that.
  • Afterward, go to Hoichoi.tv/activate, which is this link.
  • Now, go to your official Hoichoi account and sign in.
  • Choose the right plan.

How to Activate Hoichoi App using

  • Now you have to type in the code on your TV screen.
  • Finally, click Activate to finish the process.

How to Activate HoiChoi on Smart TV?

  • Consult the smart Tv app store.
  • Get the “Hoichoi” app.
  • Start using the Hoichoi app.
  • Click My Hoichoi
  • Click on the field for “Activate device.”
  • Go to www.hoichoi.tv/activate to start.
  • Use the information on your PC to log in.
  • Type in the number.
  • Press the “Activate” button.

How to Activate Hoichoi on Roku Device?

Activate Hoichoi on Roku Device

Find out how to turn on your Roku video streaming services.

  • Open up your Roku and go to the Channel Store.
  • Then, please look for the Hoichoi and click “Add” when you find it.
  • Start Hoichoi on your phone or tablet.
  • Please write down the activation code when it comes up.
  • Click on this link: http://Hoichoi.tv/activate.
  • Sign in to your account with your credentials.
  • Please now enter your code to turn it on.
  • Click the Activate button at the end.

How to Activate Hoichoi on Apple TV?

  • Visit the app store for Apple TV.
  • Get the “Hoichoi” app.
  • Start using the Hoichoi app.
  • Swipe on My Hoichoi.
  • Click on Turn on the device.
  • Write the code down.
  • Open up your browser and go to Hoichoi.tv/activate.
  • Sign in or make a new account.
  • Type in the number.
  • Click on “Activate” next.

Activate Hoichoi to Amazon Fire TV via Hoichoi.tv/activate?

Activate Hoichoi to Amazon Fire TV

  • Open your Amazon Fire TV and look for an app called “Hoichoi.”
  • Install the app on your device and start it up.
  • You will go to the next page and click the “Activate device” button.
  • Switch to a different device, like a laptop or phone, and use any browser to go to the Hoichoi.tv/activate button.
  • If asked, enter your phone number or the password for any other account you have.
  • Type the code shown above into the right field.
  • Then click the option called “Activate.”
  • Through Amazon Fire TV, you can now watch Hoichoi shows.

How to Activate Hoichoi on Android TV?

Please follow the steps below to get Hoichoi TV Shows to work.

  • Please turn on your Android TV and go to the Google Play Store on it.
  • Now look for the “Hoichoi” app and start downloading it.
  • Once the Hoichoi app is installed, open it.
  • Now, please go to the choice—my Hoichoi.
  • Then choose “Activate device” and “Generate new device code.”
  • After that, open this link in your favorite browser: https://www.hoichoi.tv/activate.
  • Then users must provide the unique code.
  • After that, please fill in the blank with your unique activation code.
  • Go to where it says “Activate” and click on it.
  • After that, you’ll be able to use Hoichoi on your existing Android TV.

How to Download Hoichoi TV?

The first step is to put the android emulator or other software on your PC.

  • Go to your computer’s Downloads folder or wherever else you store downloaded files.
  • Click on the Emulator once you have it.
  • In a few minutes, the process of setting up will begin.
  • Take your EULA License agreement and do what it says on the screen.
  • After installing Emulator, open the app and type “Hoichoi TV” into the search bar.
  • Then you can find your favorite app by clicking the Find button.
  • You’ll be able to find your favorite app after that.
  • It will make Your Emulator Software show the Hoichoi app.
  • When you click “Install,” the app will start to be set up.
  • In the “All Apps” section, go to “All Apps.”
  • To start using the Your Hoichoi TV app, click.
  • Hoichoi.tv/activate is ready for you to use on your computer.

How to Get Hoichoi TV Free Subscription?

You can’t download the movie or other content from Hoichoi if you don’t have a premium account.

You can watch the film free on Vodafone Play, Airtel TV, and Idea Movies & TV apps. Hoichoi also has a section where you can watch movies, sequences, shows, and episodes.

  • The first step is to go to www.hoichoi.tv, the official site for Hoichoi.
  • On the official website’s home page, look for the “Movies” section and click on “Free Movies.”
  • After that, you can choose the film you want to watch on Hoichoi.tv/activate and click the button. You can now watch free movies online.

Note: When accounts are posted, they are all working, so don’t change your passwords. Leave a comment if your account isn’t working, and I’ll add it to a list.


I hope that the information in this article helped you use Hoichoi.tv/activate to turn on the Hoichoi TV app on your device.

Follow each step I’ve written about in my article, and you’ll be able to use good Bengali entertainment.

If you need to ask me more questions, make suggestions, or get help, leave a comment with your question, and I’ll answer it as soon as I can.

Hoichoi.tv/Activate – FAQs

Hoichoi.tv/Activate - FAQs

How do I find my Hoichoi TV code?

If you use LOGIN WITH GOOGLE or FACEBOOK to sign in, you will need the code you got in the TV app. Once you get the code from the TV device, which you can get by clicking “My Hoichoi” and then going to the login page, you can synchronize using either one mobile app or your laptop/mobile browser.

Is Hoichoi TV free?

Yes, it’s accessible on devices with the Hoichoi app already installed.

Is Hoichoi Available In English or Hindi?

Most of the shows on Hoichoi Tv are in the Bengali Language. But you can also watch English shows with English subtitles. As of now, there is no help for Hindi.

My www hoichoi tv login is not working, I cannot access the homepage.

Check to see if you’re still connected to the internet or if you’ve put in the correct www.hoichoi.tv login information.

Which plan is the best for www hoichoi tv to subscribe to? Which is the best The Hoichoi Pack?

The INR 999 Plan is one Plan, and it is suitable for a year. The IN499 Plan is also available and lasts for 3 months. You get to choose the Plan. With the Rs. 499 plan, you can connect up to 5 devices and do 1 stream simultaneously. With the Rs. 999 plan, you can do 2 streams simultaneously and connect up to 8 devices.

How to turn on or enable Hoichoi for my television?

The Hoichoi app will be in your TV store, and you will need to install it. After installation, you must finish the steps by going to the official Hoichoi Activate website and using the code from your device to turn on the app you just installed. Some offerings include the Hoichoi services for free as part of the current subscription.