Heart Attack Grill Menu in Las Vegas (Cost & Hours) - 2024

Heart Attack Grill Menu in Las Vegas (Cost & Hours) – 2024

What Is the Heart Attack Grill?

Heart Attack Grill Menu: Heart Attack Grill Heart Attack Grill is a restaurant that serves burgers within the heart of downtown Las Vegas. It’s a restaurant themed on hospitals serving hot dogs, burgers and fries with a massive calorie count.

The patrons of this restaurant can be described as “patients” and receive a hospital gown when they enter. Then, “nurses” serve the food, and they will also publicly punish patients who fail to finish their meal.

Heart Attack Grill Heart Attack Grill boasts about its unhealthy food. The proprietor, Jon Basso is known by the name of “Chief Surgeon.” Jon (who’s not a doctor, of course) has been outspoken concerning fast-food restaurants and the negative impacts it has on health.

Check out the Heart Attack Grill on Fremont Street in Las Vegas.

In the end, the heart-stopping enjoyable time offered at The Heart Attack Grill makes it the top choice for Las Vegas tourists. The gluttony of the customers is apparent and everyone is enthralled by the atmosphere.

How Much Does it Cost to Eat at Heart Attack Grill?

On average, it will cost $19.40 for a person to dine at Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas. The cost includes the Double Bypass Burger, a side of fries as well a milkshake. The price can rise from there if you’d like an even bigger burger, or to add jello or alcohol shots to the menu.

The Heart Attack Grill Menu

Heart Attack Grill Menu

It’s all about heart attack. The list of menu items includes heart-related dishes and the most popular items on it are various bypass burgers. They vary between the single Bypass Burger, with one patty, and up to an Octuple Bypass Burger, which has eight patties.

If you’re looking to lose weight You can’t miss out on an Octuple Bypass that comes in at more than 20.000 calories.

The main course would not be complete without the accompaniments. In the Heart Attack Grill, you can indulge in a 1/2 pound ( 1/5 kilogram) Coronary dog.

You can also enjoy a few Flatliner Fries with or without chili cheese, as well as onion rings. The sides are all deep-fried with pure Lard. Smoking cigarettes that do not have filters to take is another alternative.

Naturally, you’ll require a drink to cleanse the calories. It’s possible to choose an ice cream float, or traditional milkshakes, however whipping vodka is not required.

You can also pick among the numerous alcoholic beverages available. Craft beer includes:

  • Blonde Nurse
  • Dark Nurse
  • Red Nurse
  • Bald Doctor.

If you’re feeling thirsty You can also purchase your white or red wine in the form of an IV bag. There are a myriad of spirits and liquors you can pick from, however, if taking shot shots straight isn’t really your style, you can purchase a Jello shot through a doctor. It’s in a syringe and can be injected directly through your mouth.

Make sure you stop at the ATM prior to your visit since this establishment is only cash-only.

The cost for Your Bypass Burger will depend on how many beef patties require.

  • Single $9.70 (add five bacon pieces for $0.92)
  • Double — $11.55 (add 10 bacon pieces for $1.85)
  • Triple – $13.63 (add 15 bacon slices for $2.75)
  • quadruple $ $15.01 (add 20 bacon pieces to make $3.70)
  • Quintuple – $18.01 (add 25 bacon slices for $4.62)
  • Sextuple $ $20.09 (add thirty bacon pieces for $5.54)
  • Septuple — $21.02 (add 35 bacon strips to make $6.47)
  • Octuple – $24.02 (add 40 bacon slices for $7.39)

You can add a side dish to your meal, or even a coronary dog for under $10.

  • Flatliner Fries – $1.85
  • Chili Cheese Flatliner Fries – $5.31
  • Onion Rings – $7.16
  • Coronary Dog Coronary Dog $9.47 (add bacon to $0.92)

Click Here to watch this man eat a 20,000-calorie “Octuple Bypass Burger” in record time! That’s a good burger!

Family-friendly drinks range from $2.31 up to $6.00.

  • Bottled Water – $2.31
  • Ice Cream Floats – $5.31
  • Milkshake – $6.00

The alcohol-based drinks are more expensive, with prices ranging between $5.54 and up to $17.32.

  • Craft Beer – $5.54
  • Jello Shots – $5.54
  • Wine- $15.70
  • Monster Shots 3.4 oz (100.6 mL) – $12.01
    • Matador Tequila
    • Castillo Rum
    • Czarina Vodka
    • Whipped Cream Vodka
  • Monster Shots 3.4 oz (100.6 mL) – $13.86
    • Jack Daniels
    • Jim Beam
    • Fireball
  • Monster Shots 3.4 oz (100.6 mL) – $17.32
    • Captain Morgan
    • Crown Royal
    • Ketel One
    • Patron

If you’re looking to buy a keepsake purchase a pack of cigarettes costs $8.31 T-shirts cost $18.48.

How Much Do You Have to Weigh to Eat For Free at The Heart Attack Grill?

A lone of the well-known claims made by Heart Attack Grill is that every customer who weighs over 350 pounds (136 kilograms) and who is willing to verify it with an official weigh-in on their massive scale, can eat free!

The bottom line is that if you weigh more than 350lbs and you are willing to weigh yourself publicly in the midst of a crowd of people using a scale designed specifically for animals, you may actually consume food for no cost.

If you’re eligible, then you’ll be able to enjoy an unlimited amount of single bypass burgers at no cost, however, you’ll have to purchase an alcoholic drink for each of them. Take-away orders as well as meal sharing are not permitted under this deal.

Can You Make Reservations at Heart Attack Grill?

Heart Attack Grill does not take reservations. It’s first come first served. It shouldn’t be a problem finding a spot for small groups during the week, but on busy weekends or when you have large crowds, it’s best to eat dinner at slightly different meals when it’s less packed.

Is Heart Attack Grill Cash Only?

Heart Attack Grill Heart Attack Grill only accepts cash. There are no credit or debit cards that are accepted. There is an ATM machine next to the restaurant, near Fremont Street Experience. Fremont Street Experience before you enter the restaurant.

There are directions to the nearest ATM machine right here (google maps).

Heart Attack Grill Location and Hours

Heart Attack Grill is open daily. Heart Attack Grill is open all day, every day from 11 am to 10 pm. It’s the ideal spot for a meal or lunch before enjoying all the other amenities Fremont Street has to offer. Since they are open until late at night it is a great place to fuel up before heading to one of the casinos which are open 24/7.

The Heart Attack Grill in downtown Las Vegas just before the entry point to Fremont Street Experience. Fremont Street Experience (google maps).

History of the Heart Attack Grill

Jon Basso first opened the Heart Attack Grill in Tempe, Arizona, in 2005. The restaurant was reopened the following year and was located in Dallas, Texas. Both locations were closed in 2011, and Las Vegas was the first to open. The Las Vega’s location debuted in October of 2011.

Prior to opening the Heart Attack Grill, Jon Basso was a franchisee in Jenny Craig. His mission was to assist people to shed weight and begin an active lifestyle. While you may believe that his switch to eating greasy foods is a radical change in circumstances, he asserts the contrary.

Jon claims that the restaurant is making a statement on the issue of obesity and coronary heart disease.

Death at the Heart Attack Grill

You may not be surprised to know that many patients have experienced problems with their health and have even passed away in Heart Attack Grill. Heart Attack Grill. The death toll is comprised of two of the spokesmen for the company.

Blair River, aged 29 and weighing 575 lbs (261 kg) passed away in 2011 of pneumonia-related complications. John Alleman, an everyday customer of 52 passed away from a heart attack in 2012.

Alongside these tragic incidents, one man also suffered a heart attack while dining in the restaurant. Likewise, another woman was unable to walk after eating an ice-cream burger while smoking cigarettes.

Final Thoughts

Heart Attack Grill Heart Attack Grill is a unique restaurant. If you’re looking for a satisfying meal and some fun in the hospital, and a great story to tell, make sure to come by.

Heart Attack Grill Heart Attack Grill has truly earned its reputation. It is vital to know that the owner even is adamant about the health hazards of frequent eating at the restaurant.

Enjoy yourself and take advantage of the Quadruple Bypass the next time you’re in Vegas.

Disclaimer: Although the food might be tasty, you must consume these high-calorie, unhealthy foods in moderation and on your own responsibility, or completely avoid them.

Tips: If you don’t intend to eat there but you are interested in what’s happening inside the restaurant by looking through the huge glass front windows.

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What is the Heart Attack Grill challenge?

If you can finish the whole Quadruple Bypass Burger, you will be given a wheelchair ride to your car with the nurse waitress. However, if you fail to complete the task, you’ll be spanked with their famous paddle.

Where is Heart Attack Grill located in Las Vegas?

It’s located in Downtown Las Vegas at 450 Fremont St #130.

Who owns the Heart Attack Grill?

Heart Attack Grill is the legal proprietor. Heart Attack Grill is hilarious The legal owner of Heart Attack Grill is hilarious. Diet Center LLC. The company’s founder of the company is Jon Basso, who strives to create “nutritional pornography” in his food.

Does Heart Attack Grill take reservations?

The Heart Attack Grill does not accept reservations.

Is Heart Attack Grill kid friendly?

It’s not true, at all. In addition to being a terrible model for healthy food choices, there are a plethora of scantily dressed waitresses for waitresses and an infamous spanking paddle. I would not recommend taking kids at Heart Attack Grill. Heart Attack Grill in Vegas.

How many calories in a Heart Attack burger?

The Octuple bypass burger is weighed 19900 calories. It is made up of 8 patties that are 4 pounds of meat as well as 40 pieces of bacon chili, cheese, and chili.

When did heart attack grill open in Vegas?

The HAG opened its doors in Las Vegas in October 2011. The original restaurant was first established in Tempe, Arizona in 2005.