French Bee Baggage Allowance:  Baggage Fees and Policy

French Bee Baggage Allowance: Are you thinking of flying on French Bee and are wondering about the baggage allowance? Don’t worry! French Bee offers a generous baggage policy that permits the user to carry everything they require for their trip.

Every piece of luggage should not exceed a weight limit of 23kg. So be sure to pack according. No matter if you’re traveling with only one or more luggage pieces the weight limit applies to each piece

In addition to hand luggage, you can also bring in checked baggage of up to 50 lbs/23kg. This will make sure you have everything you require to travel. To find out the details of French Bee’s baggage policies and rates, read on.

French Bee Baggage Allowance

French Bee Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Carry-on luggage refers to hand luggage that you are permitted to carry on the plane, instead of being moved into the luggage compartment. 

With this calculator, you will quickly determine whether your carry-on luggage will be accepted as a carry-on item by French Bee. It is as easy as filling in the size of your carry-on bag as well as its weight and the name of the airline you are flying with.

The luggage in your cabin is checked prior to your entry into the plane. It is controlled by French Bee. Be aware, if do not adhere to the size limit and you don’t, you’ll be charged additional charges and your budget for the holiday could be impacted. 

The restrictions on carry-on luggage that is registered with French Bee are strict. The dimensions of your luggage must not exceed 50x40x 20 cm, and must not exceed 12 kg, as stated in the table below:

Maximum dimension
Maximum weight
Carry-on Luggage50 x 40 x 20 cm12 kg

French Bee Carry-On Size

Here are the size requirements for carry-ons. specifications to be a French Bee:

  • Maximum weight: 12 kg (26 lbs)
  • Maximum dimensions: 55 x 40 x 20 cm (Length < 21″ – Width < 15″ – Height < 7″)
  • In addition, French Bee allows passengers to bring a personal item that must weigh not more than 4 kilograms and measure no more than 16″ x 12″ x 6″.
  • It’s important to know that big backpacks aren’t allowed as carry-on luggage when flying with French Bee flights.

French Bee Checked Baggage Allowance

With this calculator, you’ll quickly determine whether your checked baggage is an accepted item by French Bee.

Please provide the width, length, and mass of your luggage to determine whether French Bee will allow it to be placed in the hold for no charge.

The baggage that you have checked will be transported through your cargo area of aircraft owned by French Bee.

Be aware that the luggage that you checked in won’t be available during the flight, so you must have all the items you will require during the flight.

Additionally, you must complete the check-in process for your luggage at a minimum of 2 hours before your departure time at the counter that your flight’s airline has at the terminal.

In the case of cabin baggage, the checked baggage is subject to a strict limit and you must not pay an additional fee.

Your hold baggage should not exceed 158cm in cumulated (width + height plus length) and weight should not exceed 23 kilograms each.

French Bee Checked Baggage Size

  • French Bee, a budget airline, has strict guidelines regarding the size of checked baggage. This is what we discovered:
  • The maximum weight allowed for checked baggage is 50 pounds/23kg.
  • The maximum dimensions of baggage (height + width plus length) should not exceed the size of 62 inches or 158 centimeters.
  • Every piece of luggage checked has to not exceed 23kg.
  • The maximum of bags checked per person is 3.
  • If you’re traveling with the Basic fare ticket of French Bee, you do not receive a free checked baggage allowance.

French Bee Baggage Weight

Carry-On Baggage

  • Passengers can bring one carry-on bag that weighs up to 12 kilograms (26 pounds) and dimensions that are 21 15x15x7 inches.
  • Passengers are also permitted to bring an accessory item that is required to be put under the seat in front of them. This item is restricted to 16x12x 6 inches and has the capacity to weigh up to 4 kilograms.
  • Large backpacks cannot be allowed as carry-on luggage for French fly-ins.

Checked Baggage

  • Passengers can bring up to two bags in checked baggage.
  • Every piece of baggage checked cannot exceed 23kg (50 pounds) in weight or an area of 62 inches (158 centimeters) in dimension.
  • The passengers who pay for a Basic Fare ticket are not entitled to a free baggage allowance. You can purchase an allowance of 23kg (50 pounds) in exchange for fifty EUR on the internet, or they are assessed 100 EUR for the first bag checked in the terminal.
  • Customers who purchase a Smart Fare ticket can take home one checked bag for free with a maximum weight of 23kg (50 pounds).

French Bee Overweight Baggage

  • French Bee allows passengers to carry two bags of checked baggage in Economy Class with a total weight not exceeding 23 kilograms (50 pounds).
  • Bags that are too heavy or oversize are not allowed The maximum weight permitted is 23kg/50lb.
  • If you are required to carry more than the weight limit you will be charged an additional fee of $160 USD for overweight baggage that is checked in at an airport.
  • French Bee also permits customers to carry a 12kg (26 pounds) piece of luggage.
  • If you’re required to carry additional baggage, you can purchase 50 lbs/23kg of checked baggage for an additional cost.

French Bee Baggage Fees

French Bee is a low-cost long-haul airline that operates in Paris Orly airport. Currently, it is operating from Paris, San Francisco, Tahiti, and Reunion. 

Since it is a low-cost airline only carry-on luggage is allowed for free and you’ll be charged for each baggage that you wish to put into the baggage hold. The baggage charges and policies of French Bee are as follows:

Carry-on Allowance

  • Passengers can carry one carry-on bag with a weight of less than 26lbs/12kg as well as one item for personal use.

french bee checked baggage fee

  • Basic fare tickets don’t include a baggage allowance for checked bags that is free. Passengers are able to purchase a baggage allowance of 50lbs/23kg for 50 EUR online, but if they do not you will have to pay 100 EUR for the first bag checked on arrival at the airport.
  • Smart fare tickets are inclusive of one bag for check-in. Smart fare passengers pay $90 for another checked bag if they book on the internet a minimum of 48 hours prior to the date of booking and $130 for a second checked bag if booked in the terminal.
  • Premium economy passengers are able to carry two bags.
  • The checked baggage of all passengers is restricted to 23 kg/50lbs weight and has a size limit that is 62 inches linear (158 cm)

Excess Baggage Fees

  • Second and third bags: EUR70 at the time of booking, and until 48 hours prior to departure. EUR100 at the airport.
  • Fee for overweight baggage: EUR70 for bags weighing between 23 kg/50lbs and 32 kg/70lbs.

Note that baggage charges for French bees are subject to changes, and it is advised to visit the website of the airline to find the most current information.

French Bee Baggage Policy

French Bee is an airline that offers both checked and hand baggage options. Here are the details of their french bee airlines baggage policy:


  • Passengers are permitted to carry one handbag that weighs up to 12 kg (26 pounds).
  • The maximum dimensions of the handbag should not exceed 55x 40 20 cm (Length > 21″ * Width > 15″ – Height 7.7″).

Checked Baggage:

  • Passengers may check-in up to two bags.
  • Each checked bag should not weigh more than 23kg (50 pounds).
  • The maximum dimensions for baggage (height + width plus length) must not exceed the limit of”.
  • First checked bags are included with the Smart cost.
  • The second bag checked in costs $90 on the Internet and $130 at the airport.

It is vital to keep in mind that when traveling in more than one item of luggage The weights do not multiply, and each piece of luggage has to not exceed 23 kg.

French Bee Pet Travel Policy

Pet Reservations

French Bee requires passengers to notify them they intend to travel with their pet when they make their reservation. Since the transportation of animals are subject to restrictions it is advised to get in touch with French Bee via telephone at 833-376-7158 immediately after you have confirmed your plans for travel.

Pets are in the Cabin

Small pets and cats are able to travel together with French Bee if the combined weight of the pet, as well as the carrier, is not more than 17 pounds ( 8 kilograms). Pets must weigh at least 8 weeks old in order to travel in the cabin along with their owners. 

They are required to remain in their pet carrier, which is located under the seat to the front for the duration of the journey. Pets traveling abroad will be 50 EUR per journey.

Pets checked in check baggage

Larger pets are eligible to travel in checked baggage French Bee if the combined weight of the pet and the carrier is not more than 165 pounds (75 kilograms). 

Two adult animals can be carried in the same cage under the condition that they’re similar in size, weigh less than 30 pounds (14 kg), and belong in the same company. The cost of the transport of pets in checked luggage is 70 EUR per journey.

Carrier Guidelines

For pets who are traveling with you in your cabin, carriers should not exceed sizes that are 17″ L x 14″ W 8″ H (43 cm 35 cm 20 cm). They must be water-proof and constructed from a pliable material. When pets are checked baggage, the carriers must not exceed 48″ L 32″ W 35″ H (121 cm in x 82 cm in x 90 cm).

Other Restrictions

Animals aren’t allowed to fly on French Bee to/from Papeete, Tahiti. Snub-nosed animals like pugs, bulldogs and boxers, Pekinese, shih tsu, and Persian cats aren’t allowed to fly aboard.

Also, Check

French Bee Personal Item

If you fly using the French bee, you’re allowed to carry personal items as well as a piece of hand luggage into the cabin. Here are the specifics of your personal belongings:

  • Weight: Your personal possession should weigh not more than 4 kilograms.
  • Size: It must not be larger than 16″ 12″ 6″.

For hand luggage Here are the specifics:

  • Weight: A second piece of luggage could weigh as much as 12 kilograms.
  • Dimensions: The dimensions should not exceed 45″.

In the case of the baggage that can be checked in, French Bee allows one carry-on bag per person for free. The bag should not exceed the dimensions and weight limits in the range of 45 linear inches (21 15x15x ? ).

In the case of checked baggage, the maximum weight permitted is 50 lbs/23kg. The dimensions of a bag’s total (height plus width and length) must not exceed the size of 62″.

Personal accessory

  • 1 personal accessory of 4kg (9 lbs) maximum. Included in the 12kg (26lbs) hand baggage weight.
  • Maximum dimensions authorized: Length < 16″ – Width < 12″ – Height < 6″. (40 x 30 x 15cm)
  • It must fit easily under the seat in front of you. This accessory may be for example one handbag, briefcase, or camera.


Is French bee strict with baggage?

Carry-on bags: Each passenger is permitted one carry-on bag with a weight of less than 26 lbs, and personal belongings. Bag for check-in: The basic fare does not include a checked bag. smart fare comes with one checked bag, while premium fares include two checked bags.

How strict is French bee luggage size?

One piece of hand luggage per person of 12kg (26 pounds) maximum. The size of the bag must not over 45″. The size of large backpacks is not acceptable as hand luggage.

Does French bee include carry-on?

French Bee (BF) allows 1 carry-on bag per person for at no cost. It is not allowed to exceed the following dimensions and weight limits 45 inches of linear (21 15×9 inches) which is 114 cm (53 39 x 38 23 cm) including wheels and handles. Maximum weight is 12kg/26lbs.

What is the weight limit for bags on the French bee hold?


How much is a bag on French bee?

If you are traveling on the Basic fare on Frenchbee and you are not a Basic fare ticket, you don’t have a free baggage allowance.

You can buy an allowance of 50lbs or 23 kg at 50 EUR online, or else you’ll have to pay 100 EUR for your first bag you check in at the airport. It is important to note that these are charges for one-way flights.

Does French bee lost baggage?

We aim to ensure that your bags are delivered promptly. In the event, that your checked baggage is delayed or lost We will do our best to get your bags delivered in the shortest time possible. On the phone: Monday through Saturday, from 7 AM until midnight (CST time) at 1 833 376 7158.

Does French bee have screens?

16-inch wide seat. Seat cushion with lumbar as well as knee support. The adjustable headrest that can be adjusted with 4 positions. 10.2-inch high-definition touchscreen.

When can you check in for the French bee?

Yes, you can check-in to the French bee (BF) flight on the internet beginning 48 hours prior to and ending 60 minutes before the date of departure (depending on the city of departure and destination) to receive a mobile boarding card via your mobile device, or a printed boarder’s pass.

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