Ford 7710 Price, Specs, Oil Capacity Reviews, Attachments 2024

Ford 7710 Price, Specs, Oil Capacity Reviews, Attachments 2024

Ford 7710 Specs, Price, Reviews, Horsepower, Weight, Engine Oil Capacity, Attachments 

The Ford 7710 is a 10 series 2WD or 4WD row-crop tractor. From 1982 until 1990, Ford produced this tractor in Romeo, Michigan, USA, or Basildon, England.

Ford 7710 Row-Crop Tractor is equipped with Ford turbocharged diesel 4-cylinder liquid-cooled engine, which produces 97 hp [72.3 kW] horsepower at a rated rpm 2100.

The Ford 7710 Row-Crop Tractor featured with Ford 4.4L 4-cyl diesel engine, 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, 9 Qts 8.5 L Oil capacity, 4×2 2WD or 4×4 MFWD 4WD, Power steering, and differential mechanical wet disc brakes.

Ford 7710 Row-Crop Tractor attachments include Ford 777B Loader, Ford 777D Loader, and Ford 777F Loader.

Now, let’s find out the Ford 7710 Tractor Review, Specs, price, Serial numbers, Attachments & Images.

The Ford 7710 Price


Ford 7710 Original Price: $28,000 (1990)

The cost of a Ford 7710 available for purchase fluctuates based on factors like its location, condition, and other relevant considerations. Here are several price listings:


  • CAD $39,484
  • CAD $39,513


  • $39,500

The Ford 7710 Review  

The Ford 7710 is a suitable choice for farmers, ranchers, and hobbyists seeking a versatile and dependable machine. While not the most powerful in its class, it capably handles most common agricultural tasks. please check this YouTube video Here.

Ford 7710 Specs


Type:Row-Crop tractor
Factories:Romeo, Michigan, USA
 Basildon, England
Original price:$28,000 (1990 )



Ford 7710 ENGINE

ENGINEFord turbocharged diesel 4-cylinder liquid-cooled
Displacement:268 ci
4.4 L
Bore/Stroke:4.4×4.4 inches
112 x 112 mm
Power (gross):97 hp
72.3 kW
Air cleaner:dual paper elements
Rated RPM:2100
Torque:278 lb-ft
377.0 Nm
Starter volts:12
Oil capacity:9 qts
8.5 L
Coolant capacity:18 qts
17.0 L


Gears:8 forward and 2 reverse
 Dual Power
Type:partial power shift
Gears:16 forward and 4 reverse
Clutch:330mm dry disc
 Dual Power
Type:synchromesh partial power shift
Gears:16 forward and 8 reverse
Clutch:330mm dry disc


Chassis:4×2 2WD
 4×4 MFWD 4WD
Differential lock:mechanical rear
Brakes:differential mechanical wet disc
Cab:Two-post ROPS. Cab optional with air-conditioning.
 16-speed partial power shift
 16-speed synchromesh partial power shift


Rear PTO:independent
Rear RPM:540/1000
Engine RPM:540@1902

Ford 7710 POWER

Engine (gross):97 hp
72.3 kW
PTO (claimed):86 hp
64.1 kW
Drawbar (tested):74.08 hp
55.2 kW
PTO (tested):86.95 hp
64.8 kW


Rear Type:II/I
Rear lift (at 24″/610mm):4473 lbs
2028 kg


2WD Wheelbase:101.6 inches
258 cm
4WD Wheelbase:97.6 inches
247 cm
2WD Length:151.3 inches
384 cm
4WD Length:154.7 inches
392 cm
Width:76.9 inches
195 cm
Ground clearance:20.7 inches
52 cm
 24.8 inches
62 cm (optional front axle)
2WD Front tread:58.5 to 86.5 inches
148 to 219 cm
4WD Front tread:60 to 79 inches
152 to 200 cm
Rear tread:60 to 80 inches
152 to 203 cm (manual)
Rear tread:56 to 90 inches
142 to 228 cm (power)


Type:open centre
Capacity:15 gal
56.8 L
Pressure:2500 psi
172.4 bar
Pump flow:18.2 gpm
68.9 lpm
Steering flow:2.74 gpm
10.4 lpm


Ag front:7.50-16 (2WD)
 11.2-24 (4WD)
Ag rear:15.5-38
Ag front:7.50-18 (2WD)
 10.00-16 (2WD)
 13.6-24 (4WD)
 14.9-24 (4WD)
Ag rear:18.4-30


Fuel:47 gal
177.9 L
Hydraulic system:15 gal
56.8 L

Ford 7710 WEIGHT

Shipping:6587 lbs
2987 kg
Operating:8650 lbs
3923 kg
Ballasted:10800 lbs
4898 kg


Charging system:alternator
ROPS Charging amps:51
Cab Charging amps:71
Battery volts:12
Battery AH:128

Ford 7710 Serial Number


Ford 7710 Attachments

 777B Loader

Loader weight:1390 lbs
630 kg
Height (to pin):124 inches
314 cm
Clearance, dumped bucket:100 inches
254 cm
Dump reach:44.9 inches
114 cm
Dump angle:47°
Reach at the ground:76 inches
193 cm
Rollback angle:14°
Breakout force (lift):4550 lbs
2063 kg
Lift to full height (at pin):2500 lbs
1134 kg
Bucket width:48 inches
121 cm
 60 inches
152 cm
 72 inches
182 cm

Ford 777D Loader

Loader weight:1415 lbs
641 kg
Height (to pin):125.2 inches
318 cm
Clearance, dumped bucket:100 inches
254 cm
Dump reach:33.9 inches
86 cm
Dump angle:47°
Reach the ground:68.1 inches
172 cm
Rollback angle:14°
Breakout force (lift):5500 lbs
2494 kg
Lift to full height (at pin):2900 lbs
1315 kg
Bucket width:48 inches
121 cm
 60 inches
152 cm
 72 inches
182 cm

777F Loader

Loader weight:1636 lbs
742 kg
Height (to pin):120.9 inches
307 cm
Clearance, dumped bucket:98 inches
248 cm
Dump reach:40.2 inches
102 cm
Dump angle:40°
Reach the ground:74 inches
187 cm
Rollback angle:13°
Breakout force (lift):4800 lbs
2177 kg
Lift to full height (at pin):2900 lbs
1315 kg
Bucket width:48 inches
121 cm
 60 inches
152 cm
 72 inches
182 cm

Ford 7412 Loader

Loader weight:2550 lbs
1156 kg
Height (to pin):146 inches
370 cm
Clearance, dumped bucket:106 inches
269 cm
Dump reach:45 inches
114 cm
Breakout force (lift):4960 lbs
2249 kg
Lift to full height (at pin):3000 lbs
1360 kg
Bucket width:84 inches
213 cm
 96 inches
243 cm
 103 inches
261 cm

Ford 7710 Tractor Problems And Solution

Some of the most common problems with the Ford 7710 include:

Engine low  power

Air cleaner that is blocked Clean the filter. The filtering element of the fuel fine filter is blocked. Replace the filtering component.

Engine misfiring

Make sure you have the proper vacuum and compression. The electric fuel pump is not operating Replace the fuse.

Hard shifting transmission

Inability to fully press the clutch pedal during shifting – Instruction for the driver.

Steering wheel spinning Free

Oil index low – pour the full. The steering cylinder is defective replace the defective component. The pump for the steering has worn and needs to be replaced.

Diesel motor won’t start

The starter is slow to rotate – requires an overhaul or replacement. Fuel pipes may be contaminated. Clean and wash your fuel lines. 

The fuel filter is dirty. Replace the fuel filter. Piston rings are damaged Replace them with a new collection of piston rings.

Diesel cranks but will not start

The needles for idle and high-speed weren’t properly adjusted. The cold start system is not properly used. Piston rings wear out or are deformed. 

The fuel pump with high-pressure drive shafts is broken. Fuel is contaminated with water. Fuel that is too heavy when at low temperatures.

The motor starts hard regularly

Restricted Fuel Lines. Air in the fuel system. Restriction in the exhaust pipe. Low voltage charge battery. The filtering system is dirty or malfunctioning. Filter blocked. Long Idle periods.

Malfunction of steering

The air is formed by the hydraulic system. It is necessary to remove air. The minimum level of hydraulic oil in the system. 

Make sure to fill the tank. The steering hydraulic cylinder is worn out. Make sure to repair and replace.

Engine overheats

Lack of engine coolant – Refill the cooling system as soon as possible to check and repair any damage to it, flush cooling system components that are defective, or replace any dirty ones –

Flush the cooling system or replace faulty parts, while insufficient engine oil needs to be added to the crankcase.

Poorly adjusted belt tension or worn out fan belt – Adjust or replace. Thermostat fault – Check and change as necessary

Difficult to shift gears

Misadjusted or defective clutch – Clutch requires adjustment or replacement.
A loose or broken linkage needs repair or replacement in the gear shift linkage system.

Shift forks may have become worn or damaged; replace these components. A defective gearshift mechanism must also be repaired.

Transmission oil leaking

Damaged seals or gaskets should be replaced immediately, while any cracked transmission housing must be addressed as soon as possible by replacing its entire assembly or housing assembly.

Insufficient hydraulic oil pressure

Hydraulic Fluid Level Is Insufficient A hydraulic filter element may have become clogged up with hydraulic fluid; to correct, check and refill as soon as possible or clean as required (option 2). Changing or cleaning out filters as soon as necessary (option 3).

Hydraulic pump failure – If the hydraulic pump capacity has decreased and you suspect a replacement pump is necessary. mes

The control valve settings or condition may need adjustment or replacement as soon as possible in order to keep operations going as smoothly as possible.

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What is the price range for a Ford 7710 tractor?

The price range for a used Ford 7710 tractor listed on websites such as and ranges from $16,500 to contact for price depending on factors such as age, condition, and location.

What is the maximum torque of a Ford 7710 tractor?

The maximum torque of a Ford 7710 tractor is approximately 278.1 lbs/ft.

What are some differences between the Ford 7610 and the Ford 7710 tractors?

the main difference between the two tractors is that the Ford 7710 is designed as a row crop tractor for farming taller crops, while the Ford 7610 is not specifically designed for this purpose.

What is the engine size of a Ford 7710 row-crop tractor?

A Ford 7710 row-crop tractor has a 4.4 L, 4,391 cm2, (268.0 cu·in) four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine.

What attachments are available for a Ford 7710 row-crop tractor?

There are various attachments available for a Ford 7710 row-crop tractor, including loaders, backhoes, mowers, and plows.

What is the lifting capacity of a Ford 7710 tractor?

The Ford 7710 is compatible with a Ford 777B loader with a lift capacity to full height of 2500 lbs (1134 kg) and a Ford 777D loader with a lift capacity to max height.

What is the horsepower of a Ford 7710 row-crop tractor?

The horsepower of a Ford 7710 row-crop tractor is around 97 HP (72.3 kW)