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Footlocker Homeview Login: Homeview for Footlocker Login Hello, Friends. In this article, I’ll discuss the specifics of the Homeview of footlocker Login.

I will discuss the main characteristics and functions available in Footlocker Homeview Login and shall discuss how to complete the troubleshooting process on the home view

Therefore, take the time to read the entire article, and you’ll get all the details regarding the Footlocker Homeview login and the method to gain access to the login portal.

Let’s first learn the meaning of a footlocker and then proceed to a different process.

What is Footlocker?

Footlocker Homeview is an American Brand dealing in the footwear segment, and it specializes in everyday shoes and sportswear. The headquarter of Footlocker is in New York City (Midtown Manhattan).

The Footlocker brand is sold through outlets across 28 countries in the present. On September 12, 1974, the store was established by two men, F.W.Woolworth and Santiago Lopez.

Footlocker Homeview Login

The Footlocker name was coined eponymously, and it was a chain of athletic shoes. The company also operates under names such as Lady foot Locker and different names like Kids foot Locker.

The athletic footwear chains run under names like House of hoops, champs sports, Footaction USA, and Eastbay; however, all rights are owned by

We have now looked at the fundamentals of the chain that locks your feet. Let’s now look at what benefits the employees of a footlocker are entitled to.

Footlocker Employees Benefits

Employee login with Footlocker gives part-time and regular employees the following benefits. You can check them out:

  • The login of a Foot locker employee is different insurance options, including medical, health, dental, and vision.
  • Based on your eligibility, If you meet the eligibility requirements, you could also receive paid vacation time.
  • As an employee of a footlocker, you can receive massive coupons and discount vouchers for shopping.
  • Employees can choose to get an FSA ( Flexible spending account)( flexible spending account).
  • Retirement plan – 401 K
  • You might be eligible for a performance bonus if you’ve achieved your sales goals.
  • The children of Qualifying employees are awarded scholarships for future studies.

As you will be clear with the benefits of Homelocker to employees, we shall now see how to log into Footlocker Homeview login on its portal –

Before I go through the login page, I’ll inform you about some credentials you’ll need, so let’s go over them first.

Footlocker Homeview Login Requirements

You’ll need the following listed items to log in to the footlocker’s home view successfully

  • Footlocker Homeview login’s official web URL:
  • You must be able to access Footlocker home view Login with an accurate and valid email ID and password.
  • Good Internet connectivity
  • An updated browser for the web.
  • Any device, including a smartphone, PC, Tablet, or anything connected to the internet.

How to Login to Footlocker Homeview Account

Please follow the steps below to log in effortlessly to the Homeview’s web portal. Login:

Login to Footlocker Homeview Account

  • The footlocker sign-in page is like the one above.
  • Input your email address, and then type in your password into the boxes.
  • Then, click on the Sign-in button, and you can access your account.

How to Reset Footlocker Homeview Login Password

How to Reset Footlocker Homeview Login Password

  • Click on the Forgot password link, as in the above image.

Reset Footlocker Homeview Login Password

  • Input the details of your Email address in the box asked.
  • Click on the “Send Resend Link” button. The link will be sent within the email you have provided to reset your Footlocker view home page Login password. Follow the steps provided within the mail.

 Footlocker Homeview Login Benefits/Advantages

The Footlocker Homeview website is intended for people who work in one of the numerous outlets of Footlocker. Customers can modify their shifts, hours, and shifts and also know about pay and salary.

The company also offers flexible hours for employees. Part-time employees are more flexible in terms of working hours and schedules.

Employees have access to the portal to check the number of new customers who are put on the roster, as well as the number of targets that are being met every day.

They can also get ideas from colleagues who have shared the amount they’ve sold through the login page for the home view. It’s also beneficial to management.

They can check out the activities of their employees. It could also be an accessible community site—log in to Footlocker to view your home page.

Disadvantages of Footlocker Homeview Login

  • Homeview in Footlocker is an excellent site. However, it can be extremely difficult for employees since they may face problems accessing the portal.
  • A massive sales record can be complex for many people to comprehend and operate.
  • It isn’t easy to control and adjust the work schedule during holidays and weekends.
  • Employees must record their tasks/ goals on the portal before leaving, which could impact their performance.
  • Regular employees of the home view department at Footlocker must adjust to part-time employees often, and many employees who work part-time are forced to leave the company because there are not enough full-time employees.
  • Footlocker Homeview can be the best for those who aren’t keen on being constantly watched.

Job Opportunities at Foot Locker Homeview

Below are the fields where you may be able to get a job at the home view of footlocker based on your qualifications and your eligibility.

  • Facilities and maintenance
  • Retail sale
  • Procurement / purchase/ sourcing
  • Financial and accounting
  • H R Department
  • IT system
  • Legal
  • Clerical and administrative
  • Loss prevention department
  • Planning Department
  • Support and care for customers
  • Ecommerce
  • Supply chain department
  • Marketing and merchandise
  • Research and development
  • Manufacturing
  • Other

Contact Details of Footlocker Homeview Portal

Below are the contact details for Footlocker Homeview that can help answer any questions you may have. We hope this will assist you with any issues you may encounter.


  • For people who live in the United States: 1.800.991.6815
  • Days open: 7 days (all during the week)

For Chatting:


In this post, we’ve attempted to show you how to log into the footlocker login page on its official website,, as well as a guide on steps to reset your password on the footlocker login.

We also have seen what the foot locker employees’ login benefits are, and we have observed the benefits and drawbacks of home view footlocker login. We hope you enjoy our effort in writing about the home view for the footlocker. Tell me about your concerns regarding Footlocker Login and comment on any suggestions.

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My footlocker Homeview not working? What shall I do?

Ensure you are connected to your connection, and then enter your password.

How can I do Foot Locker Sign In?

Access the store’s foot locker home view and click Create an account. Once you have created your account, you can fill in the required details and then remember the password you choose to use to log in the next time.

What software footlocker is using for inventory management?

The company utilizes the RedPrairie foot locker login to manage inventory management.

How can I start shopping on Footlocker homeview?

The footlocker’s store views home to locate the nearest store and begin shopping.