Fiat Allis 545B Specs,Weight, Price & Review ❤️

Fiat Allis 545B Specs,Weight, Price & Review ❤️

Fiat Allis 545B Specs,Weight, Price & Review

In this article, I have gathered all of the information on the Fiat Allis 545B Specs from the (official site), including Fiat Allis 545B.

Fiat Allis 545B Specs,

 Fiat Allis 545B Overview

A partnership between Fiat and Allis Chalmers resulted in the creation of Fiat Allis. It was founded in 1974 with the intention of producing graders, scrapers, backhoe loaders, excavator loaders, and pipelayer tractors.

From 1974 until the early 1980s, when Fiat Hitachi took its place, the brand name was in use. After agreeing on a joint venture agreement, Fiat and Hitachi from Japan created the brand Fiat Hitachi.

In several nations, such as the United States, South Africa, Spain, and Portugal A few Fiat Hitachi and O&K-built machines were sold under the Fiat Allis name in nations like South Africa, Spain, and Portugal.

 Fiat Allis 545B Price

Price: $182 USD

 Fiat Allis 545B Horsepower

 Horsepower: 102hp

 Fiat Allis 545B Weight

Operating Weight: 20,290 lbs

 Fiat Allis 545B Specification


  •  descriptions and details of the engine
  • Engine Removal and Installation
  • Engine Disassembly and Assembly
  • Exhaust Manifold and Turbocharger
  • Air Cleaner and Intake Manifold (T04)
  • Cylinder block and sleeves
  • main bearings and caps
  • valve mechanism and cylinder head
  • camshaft, valve lifters and camshaft bearings
  • pistons, rings, connecting rods and rod bearings
  • front end and gear train,
    Housing, Ring Gear
  • Rear Main Seal, Flywheel
  • Engine Electrical
  • Fuel System
  • Lubrication System
  • Troubleshooting
  • Special Tools


  • Basic Information
  • Operation and description
  • Maintenance
  • Updating Information
  • Installation and Dismantlin
  • Assembling and Disassembling
  • assemble reassemble
  • Tools for TRT Transmission
  • Service, wear limits, and spring information


  • Information and description in general
  • Troubleshooting
  • Removal and installation of the axle
  • Differential Installation and Removal
  • Motor Shafts
  • Cleaning and inspection of tyres and wheels
  • Assembling and Disassembling
  • Specifications for torque

Brakes and Air System

  • Basic Information
  • Troubleshooting
  • compressed air
  • Governor
  • An air tank
  • Cocks for Air Tank Drain
  • Valves
  • Valve for air use
  • Power Groups
  • Brake services
  • Transmission Cut-off Valve
  • injector for alcohol
  • Gauge for Air Pressure
  • Horn Air
  • Switch for Low Air Pressure
  • Reserve Brake
  • Bleeding Mechanism
  • Control valve for the emergency brake
  • Tests

Power Steering

  • Operation and description
  • Auxiliary steering (Special Equipment)
  • Maintenance and Service
  • Troubleshooting
  • A power steering system
  • Energy-Sector Pump
  • assy for the power steering system
  • Pump, Hydraulic
  • Request Valve
  • Procedures For Tests And Adjustments
  • Hoses, Fittings, Pressure Lines, and Tubing
  • Values of Torque

Equipment Hydraulics

  • System Specifications for Hydraulics
  • Operation and description
  • Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Repairing hydraulic pumps
  • Repairing hydraulic control valves
  • Repairing hydraulic cylinders
  • Hoses, tubing, and hydraulic fittings
  • Service Equipment
  • Values of Torque

Bucket and Chassis

  • Linkage and Bucket
  • Hood, Bonnet, Fenders, Ladder, and Hand Rail
  • Seat and Platform Assembly
  • Main frame and pivot pins for the fuel tank
  • Specifications for torque
  • ROPS Cab
  • Linkage Wear Limits


  • Troubleshooting
  • Electrical Circuit
  • Beginning Circuit
  • auxiliary circuit
  • Batteries
  • Diagram for 545B wiring
  • Diagram for 605B wiring

Fiat Allis 545B Review

The Fiat Allis 545B stands out as a reliable, sturdy, and adaptable wheel loader, highly favored by both contractors and farmers.

It is driven by a robust Cummins 6BT 5.9-liter turbocharged diesel engine, generating 125 horsepower, and boasts a rated operating capacity of 4,500 pounds.

Moreover, the 545B exhibits impressive fuel efficiency and offers straightforward operation and maintenance. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

Fiat Allis 545B FAQs

How many Fiat Allis 545B?

In 1956, power steering was made available as an optional extra. Between the years 1953 and 1957, a total of 90,352 Allis Chalmers C were produced. Of those, 6,509 were diesels.

What is the most popular Allis-Chalmers tractor?

After making improvements to the Model W to make it more suitable for cultivating, Allis-Chalmers went on to design the WC. It was in 1932 that Allis-Chalmers was the company that first introduced the use of rubber tyres in agricultural settings. Building on that success, the Model WC went on to become the Allis-Chalmers tractor that sold the most units overall.

What year did Chalmers go out of business?

In the 1980s, the corporation was confronted with severe financial challenges and was had to dispose of a significant portion of its operational businesses. In 1999, Allis-Chalmers announced that it would no longer be in business. This came just under 140 years after E.P. Allis made his initial push into the industrial boom of Milwaukee.

Fiat Allis 545B Final Word

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