Farmtrac FT25G Electric Tractor 2024

Farmtrac FT25G Electric Tractor 2024

The Farmtrac FT25G Electric Tractor represents a game-changing innovation in compact agricultural machinery.

This all-electric tractor combines power, efficiency, and eco-friendliness to meet the demands of smaller yard and paddock tasks with ease.

With a robust 22 kW electric motor, it delivers impressive performance while maintaining zero emissions, ensuring a greener and cleaner operation.

The tractor’s lifting capacity of 450kg makes it ideal for handling various loads effectively, while the 3 Range Manual transmission provides flexibility and control during work.

Farmtrac FT25G Electric Tractor

Its Cat 1 rear linkage allows seamless attachment of compatible implements, enhancing versatility for a range of agricultural applications.

The PTO rating of 540 enables the efficient powering of implements, and the 1 DA spool valve simplifies hydraulic control.

Experience the joy of whisper-quiet operation and environmentally conscious maintenance with the Farmtrac FT25G Electric Tractor, redefining sustainable farming practices for the future.

Farmtrac FT25G Electric Specs

Farmtrac FT25G Electric Motor

Type Three phaseAC induction motor
Power (kW)18

Battery Pack

Pack capacity300AH
Charge time 8hrs from0-100%


Type 3-rangeconstant mesh
Differentiallock Standard


Type Oilimmersed brakes
Parking brakeIndependent

Three Point Linkage

CategoryCat 1N


Rear linkagecontrol Position control
Lift capacity (kg)450 (at hitch point)
Pump capacity (lpm)15.9
Auxiliary valve1DA (2 nos.


Rear PTO (rpm)540
Mid-PTO (rpm)2200 (not available on Ag tyres)


TypeHydrostatic power steering

Front Axle

TypeSelectable 4WD


Length (mm)2754
Width (mm)1470
Height (mm) 2207
Wheelbase (mm)1551
Weight (kg)1208

Farmtrac FT25G Electric Standard Equipment

• 72V lithium-ion battery technology
• Zero emissions
• Minimal noise and vibration
• Onboard battery charger
• Easy to view the instrument panel
• Three-range transmission
• Selectable 4WD
• Independent 540 rpm rear PTO
• Rear hydraulic spool valves
• Rear work lamp
• Road lighting kit
• Flashing beacon (ROPS mounted)
• Front weight bracket
• Independent parking brake
• Rear-mounted toolbox

Farmtrac FT25G Electric Optional Equipment

• Agricultural tyres
• Turf tyres
• Industrial tyres
• 2500 front loader

Farmtrac FT25G Electric Help

Westerton Farm, Ludchurch, Pembrokeshire, SA67 8LG

 Mob: 07538 379411


The Farmtrac FT25G Electric Tractor presents a compelling solution for those seeking a compact and eco-friendly option for their yard or paddock tasks.

With its powerful electric motor, impressive lift capacity, versatile transmission, and hydraulic capabilities, this electric tractor delivers both performance and sustainability in one package.

Embrace the future of farming and landscaping with the FT25G, and experience the joy of greener and quieter agricultural practices.

Farmtrac FT25G FAQS

What is the power output of the Farmtrac FT25G Electric Tractor?

The Farmtrac FT25G Electric Tractor is equipped with a powerful electric motor that generates 22 kilowatts (kW) of power

What is the lift capacity of the FT25G Electric Tractor?

The FT25G Electric Tractor has an impressive lift capacity of 450 kilograms (kg), allowing it to handle various loads and tasks with ease.

How is the transmission system of the FT25G Electric Tractor?

The transmission system of the Farmtrac FT25G is a 3 Range Manual, providing users with the flexibility to adjust speed and power delivery according to their specific needs.

What type of rear linkage does the FT25G Electric Tractor have?

The rear linkage of the FT25G Electric Tractor is categorized as Cat 1, which means it is compatible with a wide range of attachments, enhancing the tractor’s versatility

What is the PTO rating of the FT25G Electric Tractor?

 The PTO (Power Take-Off) rating of the Farmtrac FT25G Electric Tractor is 540, enabling it to efficiently power various implements and accessories.

How many spool valves does the FT25G Electric Tractor have?

The FT25G Electric Tractor comes with 1 Double-Acting (DA) spool valve, which allows for easy control of compatible hydraulic implements, boosting productivity.

Is the Farmtrac FT25G Electric Tractor eco-friendly?

Yes, the Farmtrac FT25G Electric Tractor is eco-friendly as it runs entirely on electricity, producing zero emissions during operation, and contributing to a cleaner environment.

Can the FT25G Electric Tractor work quietly?

Yes, thanks to its electric motor, the FT25G Electric Tractor operates quietly, reducing noise pollution and providing a more pleasant working environment.