Farmall Super A Horsepower, Price, Specs, Reviews & Attachments 2023 

Farmall Super A Horsepower, Price, Specs, Reviews & Attachments 2024

Farmall Super A Tractor Serial Numbers, Price, Reviews, Specs, Engine Oil Capacity, Attachments, History, Features & Pictures

Farmall Super A is a single-plow row-crop tractor manufactured through International Harvester under the Farmall brand between 1939 and 1947 built in Illinois, Louisville and Chicago, Ke,ntucky, USA.

The tractor was a hit due to its innovative features that were contained in a compact and affordable machine.

It was a successor to the footsteps of Farmall F-14. The Farmall A was gradually updated with new model numbers, such as they were called the Super A, 100, 130, and 140, however, it was still essentially the same model.

Much like its predecessor, the diminutive Farmall Cub, the Farmall A features a distinctive offset engine that is which was moved to the left side over wide-set front wheels to let you see straight ahead.

The International Harvester C113 4-cylinder in-line engine was utilized in the initial models. The engine was upgraded by an International Harvester C123 when it was paired with the A-1.

The most important modification was the introduction of hydraulics in the Super A. The series was manufactured until 1973.

Farmall Super A tractor was an improved version of the A. The most significant change was that the previous Lift-All system was restored with the new Touch Control hydraulic system. It was in response to the Ferguson 3-point system applied by Ford.

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Farmall Super A Tractor Price

Farmall Super A Horsepower, Price, Specs, Reviews & Attachments

Original Price: $1,400 (1954)

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Farmall Super A Tractor Review

The Farmall Super A tractor made waves as a groundbreaking innovation upon its 1952 debut.

It stood out as one of the initial tractors to incorporate a live power take-off (PTO), enabling farmers to use a diverse range of implements without the need to halt the tractor.

Moreover, the Super A was among the pioneers in adopting a three-point hitch, simplifying the process of attaching and detaching implements.

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Farmall Super A Specs

Manufacturer:Farmall (a part of International Harvester)
Factories:Louisville, Kentucky, USA
 Chicago, Illinois, USA
Model Year 1947-1954


ENGINEInternational Harvester C113 gasoline 4-cylinder liquid-cooled 113.1 ci [1.9 L]
Bore/Stroke:3.00×4.00 inches [76 x 102 mm]
Rated RPM:1400
Idle RPM:500-1540
Firing order:1-3-4-2
Starter volts:6
Oil capacity:5 qts [4.7 L]
Oil change:120 h
Coolant capacity:13 qts [12.3 L]
Sparkplug gap:0.025 inches [0.635 mm]
Point gap:0.020 inches [0.508 mm]
Intake valve clearance:0.014 inches [0.356 mm] (hot)
Exhaust valve clearance:0.014 inches [0.356 mm] (hot)


International Harvester kerosene 4-cylinder liquid-cooled 113.1 ci [1.9 L]
Bore/Stroke:3.00×4.00 inches [76 x 102 mm]
Rated RPM:1400
Firing order:1-3-4-2
Starter volts:6


Type:sliding gear
Gears:4 forward and 1 reverse
Clutch:9-inch dry disc
Oil capacity:4 qts [3.8 L]
 4.5 qts [4.3 L] (PTO)
 5 qts [4.7 L] (PTO/pulley)


Fuel:11 gal [41.6 L]
Aux. fuel:0.75 gal [2.8 L]
Hydraulic system:2.1 gal [7.9 L]
Rear hubs:3 qts [2.8 L] (each)


Diameter:8.5 inches [21 cm]
Width:6 inches [15 cm]
Speed:2574 ft/min [784.56 meters/min]


Type:IH Touch-Control
Capacity:2.1 gal [7.9 L]


Rear PTO:transmission
Rear RPM:540


Drawbar (claimed):13 hp [9.7 kW]
PTO (claimed):16 hp [11.9 kW]


Chassis:4×2 2WD
Brakes:differential mechanical contracting band
Cab:Open operator station.


Weight:2,400 lbs [1088 kg]
Weight (ballasted):3,450 lbs [1564 kg]
Wheelbase:71.1 inches [180 cm]
Length:106.8 inches [271 cm]
Width:55.8 inches [141 cm]
Height (steering wheel):64.25 inches [163 cm]
Height (exhaust):81.75 inches [207 cm]
Clearance (front axle):22.25 inches [56 cm]
Clearance (rear axle):21.625 inches [54 cm]
Min Clearance (drawbar):11.5 inches [29 cm]
Max Clearance (drawbar):16.8 inches [42 cm]
Front tread:43 inches [109 cm] 44 to 64 inches
[111 to 162 cm]
Rear tread:40 to 68 inches
[101 to 172 cm]
2WD turn radius:9.5 feet [2.9 m]
Brakes 2WD turn radius:8.5 feet [2.6 m]


Ag front:5.00-15
Ag rear:9-24

Serial Numbers


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Final Words

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How many HP is a Farmall Super A?

The horsepower of a Farmall Super A tractor  16.0 hp PTO output power.

What is the top speed of a Farmall Super A?

The top speed of a Farmall Super A tractor may be 10 and 12 mph.

What year was the Farmall Super A made?

The Farmall Super A tractor was manufactured by International Harvester in the years 1947 to 1954.

What’s the difference between a Farmall A and Super A?

The main difference between Super A and A-1 is Distance between tank for fuel and the reservoir for the hydraulic fluid. … it is said that the Super A has about a 3/4″ space between them and the A-1 has approximately two” space.

how much is a farmall super a worth?

the value of a Super A tractor may range from $1,000 to $5,000 or more, depending on the condition and location.

what type of transmission oil is used in farmall super a?

Lubrication chart for 1941 Farmall Super A tractor: SAE-10 and SAE-20 oil can be substituted for 10W or 20W, but no particular kind of oil is listed for the transmission.

what are some common attachments for a Farmall Super A?

The Farmall Super A tractor has various attachments available for different purposes. Here are some common attachments for a Farmall Super A:Cultivators, Disk harrows, Fertilizer side dresser units, Plows, Blades .