Farmall Cub Serial Numbers, History, Price, Specs & Review 2024

Farmall Cub Serial Numbers, History, Price, Specs & Review 2024

Farmall Cub Serial Numbers Price, Reviews, Specs, Horsepower, Engine Oil Capacity, Attachments

The Farmall X, later the Cub, had a two-cylinder engine. Four-cylinder engine development began in July 1943. December 1944 saw a prototype. It became Farmall Cub in September 1945.

The “Standard Cub” and “Lo-Boy Cub” (or “Cub Lo-Boy”) were the two main Cub variants. IH Red or Federal Yellow color schemes distinguish them.

The Farmall Cub sold for industrial use in the late 1950s. In 1960, IH switched the Cub Lo-Boy and Cub from IH Red to Federal Yellow, with IH Red as an option.

International Harvester replaced the Farmall name with International in 1963 and altered the grill to a flat grill. IH Red Cubs were produced until 1981

The Farmall Cub tractor was the smallest tractor manufactured by International Harvester (IH) under either the McCormick-Deering, Farmall, or International names from 1947 to 1979 in Kentucky, Louisville.

Farmall Cub Tractor is equipped with an International Harvester C60 gasoline 4-cylinder liquid-cooled, which delivers 10hp (7.5 kW) power.

Farmall Cub Tractor featured with International Harvester 1.0L 4-cyl gasoline engine, 4×2 2WD Chassis, 3-speed sliding gear, and 1477 lbs weight.

Cub Tractor attachments include a 42″ mower deck, 60″ mid-mount mower deck, Blade and Front-end loader.

Now, let’s find out the Farmall Cub Tractor Price, Parts Specs, Reviews, Serial numbers & Images.

Farmall Cub Price 

Farmall Cub Serial Numbers, History, Price, Specs & Review

Farmall Cub Original Price: $3,995 (1959)

The Farmall Cub Serial Number

YearsSerial Number

Farmall Cub Specs


Engine TypeInternational Harvester C60
4-cylinder liquid-cooled
Displacement:59.5 ci [1.0 L]
Bore/Stroke:2.625×2.75 inches [67 x 70 mm]
Cooling system:thermosyphon
Air cleaner:oil bath
Rated RPM:1600
 1800 (later)
Firing order:1-3-4-2
Starter volts:6
 12 (After SN# 224401)
Coolant capacity:9.75 qts [9.2 L]
Sparkplug:Champion D-21
 AC C86
Sparkplug gap:0.023 inches [0.584 mm]
Intake valve clearance:0.013 inches [0.330 mm] (cold)
Exhaust valve clearance:0.013 inches [0.330 mm] (cold)


Farmall Cub Transmission  Type:

Sliding gear
Gears:3 forward and 1 reverse
Oil capacity:1.75 qts [1.7 L]

Farmall Cub PTO

Farmall Cub Rear PTO:independent
Rear RPM:1600, 1800 (counter-clockwise)


Chassis:4×2 2WD
Brakes:differential contracting band
Cab:Open operator station.
Transmission:3-speed sliding gear

Farmall Cub Dimensions

Wheelbase:69.25 inches [175 cm]
Length:99.325 inches [252 cm]
Width:48.25 inches [122 cm]
Height:62.75 inches [159 cm]
Height (exhaust):76.25 inches [193 cm]

Farmall Cub Tires

Ag front:4.00-12
Ag rear:8-24
Ag rear:9.5-24
Industrial rear:8.3-24

Farmall Cub Power

Drawbar (claimed):10 hp [7.5 kW]
PTO (claimed):11 hp [8.2 kW]
Belt (claimed):9.76 hp [7.3 kW]
Plows:1 (12 inch)
Drawbar (tested):9.87 hp [7.4 kW]
Belt (tested):10.39 hp [7.7 kW]


Operating:1477 lbs [669 kg] (early)
 1877 lbs [851 kg] (late)
Ballasted:2891 lbs [1311 kg]

Farmall Cub Attachments

42″ mower deck
60″ mid-mount mower deck
front-end loader

Farmall Cub Review 

The Cub is a pretty easy tractor to use, and people like it because it’s strong and tough. It’s also not too hard to look after and fix.

All in all, the Farmall Cub is a great tractor for small farms and homes with some land. It’s strong, can do lots of different things, and isn’t complicated to handle.

But remember, it’s an old model, so it might not have all the fancy things that new tractors have. For a full review YouTube video Check Here.

Also, Find Here :

Farmall club Engine oil capacity

The engine oil capacity of a Farmall Cub Tractor is approximately 4 quarts (or 3.8 liters) of oil. When performing an oil change or checking the oil level, it’s essential to refer to the tractor’s owner’s manual for the most accurate and specific information.

The manual will provide you with the correct oil capacity and other important details related to the maintenance and servicing of your Farmall Cub’s engine.

Regularly checking and maintaining the appropriate oil level is crucial to ensure proper lubrication and smooth operation of the engine

Farmall Club Problems

If you are experiencing problems with your Farmall Cub Tractor, I’d be glad to help troubleshoot and offer some guidance. Common issues with tractors can vary, but here are some potential problems you might encounter with the Farmall Cub:

  1. Starting Problems: If the tractor is having difficulty starting or is not starting at all, it could be due to issues with the battery, starter motor, ignition system, or fuel delivery.

  2. Engine Troubles: The engine may misfire, run rough, or lack power. This could result from fuel system problems, ignition issues, or engine wear.

  3. Overheating: Tractor engines can overheat due to cooling system problems, such as a faulty thermostat, radiator issues, or a clogged cooling system.

  4. Transmission and Gear Shifting: If you’re having trouble shifting gears or the tractor won’t move in certain gears, there could be transmission problems or clutch issues.

  5. Electrical Problems: Electrical systems may suffer from wiring faults, blown fuses, or malfunctioning switches, leading to various electrical issues.

  6. Hydraulics Not Working: If the hydraulic system is not functioning correctly, it could be due to low hydraulic fluid, a faulty pump, or hydraulic line blockages.

  7. Steering Difficulties: Problems with the steering system, such as stiffness or excessive play, may be caused by worn-out components or insufficient lubrication.

  8. Brake Troubles: Poor braking performance might be due to worn brake pads, air in the brake lines, or issues with the master cylinder.

  9. Excessive Noise and Vibration: Unusual noises or excessive vibrations can indicate mechanical problems or worn-out components.

If you could provide more specific information about the problem you are facing, such as any symptoms or error messages you’ve encountered, it would be easier to diagnose and offer tailored solutions.

Additionally, it’s important to keep up with regular maintenance and inspections to prevent potential issues and keep your Farmall Cub Tractor running smoothly.

Final Words


What is a Farmall Cub?

The Farmall Cub is a compact tractor produced by International Harvester (now Case IH) from 1947 to 1981. It is known for its versatility and small size, making it popular for small farms and garden work.

What is the horsepower of the Farmall Cub?

The Farmall Cub typically has a 9 to 10 horsepower (hp) engine.

What is the weight of the Farmall Cub?

The operating weight of the Farmall Cub is approximately 1477 lbs (669 kg), depending on the specific model and attachments.

What type of transmission does the Farmall Cub have?

The Farmall Cub is typically equipped with a 3-speed manual transmission with reverse gear.

Can the Farmall Cub be used with various implements?

Yes, the Farmall Cub is compatible with a wide range of implements such as plows, cultivators, mowers, and more.

Does the Farmall Cub have power steering?

No, the Farmall Cub does not have power steering. It is operated using manual steering.

What is the fuel capacity of the Farmall Cub?

The fuel capacity of the Farmall Cub is typically around 4 to 5 gallons, depending on the model.

Can the Farmall Cub handle mowing and landscaping tasks?

Yes, the Farmall Cub can be equipped with a belly-mounted mower and other attachments for mowing and light landscaping tasks.

Is the Farmall Cub suitable for small-scale farming?

Yes, the Farmall Cub is designed for small-scale farming operations and is often used for tasks such as plowing, cultivating, and hauling light loads.

What is the maximum lifting capacity of the three-point hitch on the Farmall Cub?

The Farmall Cub is not equipped with a three-point hitch. Instead, it has a drawbar for towing implements.

Can the Farmall Cub be used for snow removal?

Yes, the Farmall Cub can be equipped with a snow blade or a rear-mounted snow blower for snow removal.

Are parts and service readily available for the Farmall Cub?

Yes, although the Farmall Cub is an older tractor model, parts and service are still available through specialized antique tractor suppliers, online platforms, and tractor repair shops.

Can the Farmall Cub be used for recreational purposes, such as tractor pulls?

Yes, the Farmall Cub is popular in antique tractor pulls and shows, where modified versions can participate in various classes.

Can the Farmall Cub be restored to its original condition?

Yes, many tractor enthusiasts restore Farmall Cubs to their original condition, preserving their historical value and functionality. There is a wide range of resources available for restoration guidance and parts.

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Jeff LeSaicherre

Where can I find a Repair / Service Manual (or digital manual that can be downloaded) for an International Harvester Cub tractor. Tractor serial #22359 J, and engine seriel # 251341R7 L

Billy Woods

What is age of farmall cub serial no. 34333. Model FCub 1600

owen smith

The serial number Farmall Cub is 34214 I can’t find that number to find the year
Can you tell me what year the tractor is