Eicher Tractor 241 Price list Specs Mileage overview 2023

Eicher 241 Tractor: Eicher 241 is a popular tractor among every farmer. The tractor has modern technology for fieldwork. This smart tractor can fulfill every farmer’s dream.

Here are the facts about the Eicher 241 Tractor. Eicher 241 Mileage, Price, Specifications, HP, and More are Listed Below.

Eicher has a long history of providing farmers with excellent tractors. 241 Eicher tractor has modern technology. This tractor is made for those who want a high-quality, affordable tractor. Because 241 tractor price 2023 is cheap and comfy.

Eicher 241 Tractor

Eicher 241 Tractor

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Eicher 241 Tractor Price: ₹ 3,42,000 lac

Eicher 241 Tractor Specification

hp Range 25
Cylinders 1
Cubic Capacity 1557 cc
Fuel Injection Pump Inline
Clutch Type Single
Transmission Type Central shift, Sliding Mesh
Number of Speeds 5 Forward + 1 Reverse
Tire Dimensions Front: 6.00 x 16, Rear: 12.4 x 28
Forward speed 25.5 kmph
PTO Type Live
PTO Speed (Standard) 495 @ 1650 Erpm
PTO – Multispeed & Reverse No
Lifting Capacity 700 Kg
Three-point Automatic depth
Brake Type Disc Brake / Drum
Steering Type Mechanical
Electricals 12V, 88Ah

Toll-Free Number: 1800-425-9798

EICHER Dealer: Click Here

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