Does Walgreens Sell Stamps? – 2023

Walgreens Sell Stamps

Does Walgreens Sell Stamps: While younger generations may consider snail mail to be an old-fashioned method of communication from the past, many individuals (Gen Z including) will have to send things in an envelope with an address stamp at some moment.

If you’re required to mail the most important documents, you do not want to go to the postal office to buy a stamp.

Where can you purchase stamps? Or maybe some essential items for your home?

Does the well-known retailer Walgreens offer stamps?

We will talk in detail about whether Walgreens offers stamps and whether you should purchase from them or visit Post Office.

Does Walgreens Sell Stamps?

Walgreens Sell Stamps

Yes, you can buy stamps at Walgreens stores.

All locations sell standard “first-class forever” 20-stamp booklets (currently priced at $11.60).

These stamps are what you will need for your standard letter weighing less than one ounce to be mailed from one domestic location to another.

What if you only need one stamp for a particular piece of mail and don’t want to buy twenty stamps?

Some but not all Walgreens locations will sell a single stamp for 58 cents.

Call in advance to learn if your local Walgreens sells individual stamps or not.

Is It More Expensive To Buy Stamps At Walgreens Than At The Post Office?

And, even better, Walgreens sells stamps at the same price as a post office, meaning you won’t pay additional to purchase stamps at Walgreens rather than at the post office.

Can You Buy Stamps From Walgreens Online?

You can purchase stamps from Walgreens’ website However, you are unable to receive stamps directly to your door.

If you opt to purchase stamps ahead of time online You will have to get the stamps at the local Walgreens on the spot.

Why Should I Buy Stamps At Walgreens?

Does Walgreens Sell Stamps

There are many reasons why one could buy stamps at Walgreens rather than at the office.

1. Accumulate “my Walgreens” Rewards

Walgreens offers a rewards program that is specifically created to encourage customers to return to the store.

Although they sell stamps for free, Walgreens generously allows you to accumulate points whenever you buy stamps.

Earn points when you purchase eligible products and stamps can be an item that qualifies as a qualifying product.

When you sign up for this My Walgreens Rewards program You will receive a cashback of 1% on eligible products (including stamps) and 5 percent cash back on Walgreens brand products.

It’s true that it takes approximately 10 stamps to earn $1 and that’s more than the other rewards you earn from other things you buy.

If you frequent Walgreens frequently, you might think about getting my Walgreens credit card that earns you more points every time you buy:

  • 5 percent cash back on all eligible products
  • 10 percent cash back on Walgreens brand products
  • 3 percent cash back on purchases made for health and wellness that are not made at Walgreens
  • Cashback of 1% on all purchases that are not made at Walgreens

Additionally, you will receive the reward of $25 when you are approved, as well as additional benefits like rewards for achieving your health goals, monitoring your credit, and the option to donate your reward to a charity you choose.

If you’ve got a Walgreens my Walgreens membership and you are able to input your phone number at the counter whenever you make a purchase in-store or be rewarded when you purchase using Walgreens’ app. Walgreens App on your mobile after you have connected your account.

2. Numerous Locations To Choose From

There are more than 9000 Walgreens locations across the United States and their territories and around 75% of the residents have Walgreens within 5 miles.

For many who live in the area, for many, a Walgreens is more convenient than a post office.

The states with the greatest number of Walgreens locations are:

  • Florida: 820
  • Texas: 701
  • California: 586
  • Illinois: 574
  • New York: 564

The following states might not have the convenience of having a nearby store, however, they should check the store locator’s website to find the closest store:

  • North Dakota: 1
  • Wyoming: 10
  • Alaska: 11
  • Montana: 13
  • South Dakota: 14
  • Washington DC: 14

If you are not living in the mainland United States, you may be wondering about the reach across the globe for Walgreens.

There are more than 105 Walgreens locations located in Puerto Rico but only one store in the US Virgin Islands. In addition, Guam has no Walgreens stores.

Walgreens is also very popular throughout both the United Kingdom and Mexico with 2,276 stores in the UK and 1,100 in Mexico.

Walgreens is also present across Chile (302), Thailand (253) as well as Ireland (90).

Be aware that you can’t purchase US Postage Stamps outside of the United States.

3. Buy Additional Household Items On Your Shopping List

The post office sells only stamps, shipping supplies, and other items.

You can purchase shipping supplies along with stamps and shipping supplies at Walgreens along with numerous other items that aren’t available in the postal office.

The departments of Walgreens include:

  • Beauty
  • Personal service
  • Treatments and medicines
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Solutions for home health care
  • Pet
  • Home Products
  • Electronics and office
  • Essential household items
  • Winter and fall
  • Grocery products
  • Games, toys books, and games
  • Baby and children
  • Gift cards
  • Sexual wellness
  • Nutrition and Fitness

There is no other location where you can purchase diapers, foundations, stamps as well as headphones, milk, sponges, and even a birthday card at one time.

This is not the post office.

4. Elevated Customer Experience Compared To The Post Office

If it’s time to go to the post office, a lot of people prefer going to the DMV or the dentist’s office.

It is often associated with lines and general unhappiness which makes a short trip seem to be a long time.

The lines are particularly long during the holiday season There seems to be an absence of urgency at the end of the line at the post office.

If something goes wrong customer service can be to be.

Walgreens stores have a better smell, appear better, and offer more of a welcoming atmosphere.

If there is a lot of traffic, Walgreens will open up an account in the makeup or photo department instead of overlooking the problem.

If things don’t go as planned You’ll also get superior customer assistance at Walgreens.

If you’re only in need of stamps, it’s best to visit Walgreens rather than Post Office.

When Should I Buy Stamps At The Post Office Instead Of Walgreens?

Should I Buy Stamps At The Post Office Instead Of Walgreens

It is recommended to visit the post office to purchase stamps if you’re uncertain of the amount of postage needed to mail your letters.

It is also recommended to visit the post office if you have to drop off the letter in the postal office rather than the usual mailbox because of its importance or being part of a larger commercial bulk order.

In the end, it is best to visit Post Office if requires a stamp, but your Walgreens offers only books up to 20.

Post offices can offer individual stamps as well as strange denominations of stamps so that you don’t end up having more stamps than you’ll need.

Post offices also offer distinctive stamps that are designed for certain instances, such as letters heavier than regular or international mail, as well as postcards.

Types Of Stamps

Types Of Stamps

Walgreens sells the standard first-class forever stamp that is recommended for the majority of regular letters.

However, you might require or prefer a different kind of stamp, which will be used to get you to the postal office, in contrast to Walgreens.

Here are a few of the different stamps you can purchase from the postal office:

  • First Class Mail(r) One-Ounce Price for Ever Stamps ($0.58): Standard domestic stamps for envelopes that weigh one weight less than one ounce will remain in value even when the cost of stamps rises after purchasing them.
  • First Class Mail(r) Additional Ounce Price Forever Stamps ($0.20): When you are aware that the envelope weighs more than an ounce, this stamp is used to cover the cost of the extra weight. Be aware that standard envelopes must not exceed 3.5 pounds.
  • First Class Mail(r) Global Forever Stamps ($1.30): Like standard forever stamps, but suitable for international mail sent out. It is not possible to use this stamp when you’re mailing things from outside the United States. However, you are able to make use of these stamps to send a post from the United States to anywhere else around the globe.
  • Postcard Stamps ($0.40): Inexpensive stamps that are specifically designed to work with postcards from the US and internationally.
  • First Class Mail(r) Presorted Stamps ($0.42+): Designed for the business and top priority mail, these discounted stamps are specifically designed for customers who have a Mailing Permit as well as business Mail Entry (BME) induction.

If you send a document in an envelope with a flat surface rather than a regular envelope the post office is charged more due to the bigger dimensions of the envelope.

The price is $1.16 (two normal permanent stamps) for one ounce. You will also pay the standard extra $0.20 for each additional ounce.

Snail Mail Vs. Email And Digital Communications

Snail Mail Vs. Email And Digital Communications

There are definitely a lot of advantages to using emails in place of the Post Office.

Through email, you are able to immediately send out messages, contact many people at the same time and cut costs on postage.

If you were to mail something to your post office?

There are a handful of scenarios where you might want to write a letter rather than an email.

A piece of mail that is handwritten gives a personal touch that can add a unique feature to Christmas cards or birthday cards, which can help foster meaningful relationships with loved ones.

The recipient will be grateful that you have taken the time to write the letter in hand and then send it to them and it’s also a gift since the majority of people do not mail letters anymore.

You might also want to include something tangible inside the envelope that cannot be sent via the internet, for instance, an heirloom from your families like a brooch or a signed or notarized document you aren’t able to sign online.

Direct Mail Marketing

Another excellent use for postal mail can be direct marketing by mail to your business.

Send an email to the people in your vicinity who are your ideal customer base to inform them of your business and to make them feel special by offering coupons.

Direct mail marketing is particularly efficient for those in the 45-54 age bracket who might be more engaged via a letter rather than an email.

The larger envelopes offer a better response rate, and you’ll need to think about your stamp budget accordingly.

Direct mail marketing is more expensive than an email campaign in general, however, if done correctly and appropriately to your intended group, it may be the most effective option for your company.

Effective direct mail campaigns capture the attention of the consumer they are attractive and effectively represent your brand, provide something worth their time and provide a clear call to take action.

Be determined to design an effective campaign. You should then track the success of your campaign and make adjustments as necessary to ensure the most effective outcomes.

It could also be an excellent idea to test both an email and direct mail to determine which your clients will respond to.

For a simple way to measure response, you can use specific promo codes for each campaign.

If you are planning to launch an email campaign to direct mail contact the local post office representative to find out more about their business programs.

Additional Places You Can Buy Stamps

Additional Places You Can Buy Stamps

Walgreens is an excellent alternative if you’re looking to purchase a book of stamps.

But, there are more shopping options.

Other sellers of stamps include:

  • CVS
  • Rite Aid
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Office Depot
  • Office Max
  • Publix
  • Kroger
  • Staples
  • Costco
  • WinCo
  • Wegmans
  • Meijer

They offer stamp books similar to Walgreens and are not obligated to sell individual stamps.

A majority of these retailers offer 100 stamps in a coil.

Stamps can also be found on Amazon and at various ATMs across the country.

Saving Money On Postage

Saving Money On Postage

If you’re looking to reduce the cost of postage, take some steps to reach your objective.

Here are a few easy methods to cut costs on postage.

1. Only Mail Important Items

There is no need to send everything sent by mail.

Speak to the person who will be receiving the message to discuss alternative solutions to digital problems if they are available.

You might be able to send documents via fax or electronically sign documents.

2. Verify The Weight Of Your Letter

It is possible to pay excessively if you do not take your time to weigh the letter.

You should weigh your letter using a small scale to ensure that you don’t overpay for postage.

It is also advisable to keep extra smaller denomination stamps in your collection to avoid having to purchase a second stamp that’s more than twice the amount.

3. Use Discount Services

If you send out letters frequently You should consider discounts that could reduce your costs.

There are discount services available specifically for business mail, or personal and business mail.

The service could cost you one or two dollars upfront but you will save overtime to pay the cost and some.

4. Keep Stamps Well Maintained

It will help you save time and money by buying stamps in bulk. However, you’ll never benefit from the savings if you let the stamps degrade after months of being put in the back of the junk drawer.

Make sure to keep stamps in a secure area where they don’t get damaged or become wet.

Place the stamps in a spot where you’ll never forget them (possibly on your desk, next to the envelopes that you bought from Walgreens when you purchased these stamps).


Walgreens offers stamps on occasions when you don’t need to visit the post office for the sole reason of purchasing an item.

You can also purchase envelopes, stationery, as well as other items for shipping.

While it is important to have stamps in your inventory for special occasions, you are usually able to get away by sending an email these times.

Frequently Asked Question

Can you buy stamps at Walgreens?

Yes, it is possible to purchase stamps in Walgreens shops. Every location sells basic “first-class forever” 20-stamp books (currently costing $11.60). These stamps are what you require for your normal letter that weighs less than one ounce. be sent from one place to another.

Can you buy stamps at CVS or Walgreens?

Simply visit the shop at CVS and purchase an individual stamp or book of stamps based on your requirements. The prices are kept reasonable for them as well. Anyone is able to buy any kind of stamp at a CVS store.

Can you purchase postage stamps from Walgreens?

Yes, you can purchase stamps from Walgreens shops. Every location sells regular “first-class forever” 20-stamp books (currently costing $11.60). These stamps are what you require for a normal letter that weighs less than 1 ounce, to be sent from one domestic area to another.