Does UPS Sell Stamps? UPS Store Near Me – 2023

Does UPS Sell Stamps

Does UPS Sell Stamps: There’s a chance that you have utilized UPS services in the past. UPS is famous for its speedy delivery of parcels at affordable prices.

UPS has locations in more than 200 countries, including some located in the United States alone. If you are trying to locate a UPS office close to you, you’ll never have a problem.

Wherever you are within the United States, most UPS offices are located near your home. The reason is that UPS branches UPS are everywhere. So, finding a UPS store close to your place isn’t an easy task.

A few people are confused by the question, can you buy stamps at the UPS store? Here, you’ll find all the answers to purchasing stamps from UPS. UPS store.

Does UPS sell stamps?

Yes! UPS stores do sell Postage stamps. It might surprise you however, UPS sells USPS products.

Does UPS Sell Stamps

It was in the past that selling postage stamps was the sole business of Post Offices. Today there are a variety of shipping stores, retailers grocery stores, Banks, Gas Stations, and Pharmacies which offer stamps. UPS stores are among them.

The positive side is that nearly all UPS retail stores will be offering Postage Stamps. UPS is one of the most reputable postal service providers around the globe and is the second largest in the USA.

The company sells Postage stamps as well as other related Postage accessories. Additionally, you can get an acknowledgment of signature and certified letters that are instantly processed upon acceptance of your package.

They also provide U.S. Postal stamps, as well as their own shipping services. Stamps can be purchased on the internet from UPS’s UPS store.

Where to find stamps at UPS?

UPS is the globe’s most renowned Postal service provider and the second-largest in the USA. It is possible to purchase Postage Stamps and other Postage-related materials issued by USPS through their UPS store. Additionally, you can use their services for mailing your mail and packages to other countries and states.

The purchase of stamps at a UPS store is a breeze. Contact either the customer representative or Front Desk Executive at the specific store, who will assist you in obtaining the postage stamps.

If you’re not able to visit the closest UPS store You can also buy stamps, along with other materials online through their website. The order placed online is delivered within 48 hours of placing the order.

What is the price of Postage stamps at UPS?

There’s a question in many minds: for what price will UPS stores offer stamps? UPS sells Postage stamps at the same price as US Post Offices. Stamps are available at the same cost similar to that offered by USPS.

The most appealing aspect of buying the UPS postage stamps is that you are able to purchase one or a complete set of stamps. The cost of stamps is similar to the ones offered by the Postal Service of America Bureaus, and hence there is no need to pay any extra.

What is the price of Postage stamps at UPS

How to find a UPS store close to me?

If you haven’t been to UPS often or have never been to UPS and you’ve never been to UPS, you may not be aware of the one near you.

When you find a UPS close to your home, you won’t be in any trouble. UPS has branches in over 200 countries, and there are some located in the United States alone. So, finding a UPS local store isn’t a problem.

UPS is an internationally-based shipping service that provides various options, such as mailbox rentals as well as direct mail. Certain UPS stores are franchised and are easily accessible in towns, cities, and rural regions.

Use to use the UPS Store locater to locate the closest UPS store. There is a store locator on the homepage of the site. When it’s open enter the state, zip code, and your name for your locality to find the closest UPS.

Within a few seconds in a matter of seconds, it will display the full address of UPS within your region. The feature will also inform you of the day of the week along with the hours the UPS stores are open. Once you’ve found the closest store, the next step is going in to pick up the postage stamps you need.

Another benefit is the fact that this store comes with an app available to smartphone users i.e., Android and iOS. The app can be downloaded to quickly access the features available in the store. It is also possible to use the application to locate the nearest store in your neighborhood.

The app will give you information about the closest store and will provide details about the store’s opening hours, the products and services available and the cost of shipping, and many more.

It also lets you know whether the store is open at the moment and also provides an email address to reach the Customer Service Representative responsible for the store.

How to find a UPS store close to me

Working Hours of UPS

The UPS Office is open every day of the week as well as on Sundays. There is no holiday in the UPS Store, which makes it easy for shoppers to visit and purchase Postage stamps, and send their boxes anywhere in the world or the United States.

UPS will also supply customers with signature confirmation and authenticated letters With Postage Stamps.

The hours of operation depend on UPS the location of UPS. But, here are approximate times. times of the weekdays:

  • It begins at about 9 am.
  • It is closed at 7 pm.

You are able to visit UPS stores anytime during these hours to purchase Postage stamps as well as other accessories.

Why should I buy stamps at the UPS store?

There are plenty of positive reasons to purchase UPS stamps. There are a lot of UPS stores and you’ll be able to locate one near your residence.

As we’ve got our own reasons to shop with UPS I’m sure there are things about UPS stores that are appealing to you. Here are a few reasons to buy from this retailer:

    • It’s very easy to purchase stamps from a UPS store.
    • The benefit of visiting a UPS store is that you will be able to have your package weighed and determine exactly how much postage you will need to pay.
    • You can buy a single as well as a
  • Additionally, you can use additional services, such as Domestic Shipping, International mailing along with other USPS-related Postal Services such as Express Mail First-Class Mail Priority Mail, and so on.
  • You can buy shipping supplies as well as ship items directly from a UPS store.
  • Another advantage to buying Stamps through UPS is the ability to purchase stamps on the internet from UPS.
  • In essence, everything you can think of that your Post Office can do can be accomplished in a UPS store.


There are many reasons you should think about UPS to purchase stamps. If you require an urgent letter or mail to mail or purchase stamps on a single basis or in bulk, you need to visit the closest UPS.

The benefit of purchasing the stamps at UPS is they can be purchased anytime on any day during the week. They provide all kinds of stamps and you are able to write a letter anytime you’d like. Additionally, they offer authentic and genuine stamps which are certified by the USPS.

In conclusion, I’d recommend you purchase Postage stamps from the closest UPS store since going to UPS stores is a great experience for every customer. In addition, you can purchase shipping items, and you can ship products directly from a UPS store.

I’m hoping that your query about Does UPS stores sell stamps. has been answered. If you have other questions then you are happy to post feedback in the box below. I’ll definitely give you an answer in the shortest time possible. If you enjoyed this post make sure to share it with your group and enjoy yourself.


Can you buy stamps other than USPS?

Fortunately, the post office isn’t the only location to buy postage stamps or postal items. Some of the closest places to purchase stamps currently include those at the United States Post Office, Walgreens, Walmart, and Staples as well as the post office in your area, CVS Pharmacy, Royal Mail Post Offices, and Rite Aid.

How much stamp at USPS?


First Class Post Forever (r) stamps cost $0.58 (the price at the moment is 1 oz cost) and will never expire, regardless of whether the first-class (TM) postage rate increases. for packages (up to 13 ounces) the price starts at $4.50.

Do USPS mail carriers sell stamps?

The majority of postal services are accessible in your mailbox. The rural letter carrier provides various options that will make your life easier and also an excursion into the Post Office(TM). It is possible to purchase stamps.

Are stamps cheaper at UPS? is delighted to announce a partnership with UPS one of the world’s biggest as well as most trusted delivery companies. Alongside USPS, customers are able to avail of UPS(r) services that offer special discounts of up to 62%.