Does Kroger Sell Stamps? – 2022

Does Kroger Sell Stamps

Does Kroger Sell Stamps: The majority of Kroger stores offer US first-class and forever stamps, as well as other postal accessories, as of 2022.

A first-class postal stamp from Kroger is $0.55 however, you could reduce $0.06 per stamp if purchase up to twenty-first class forever stamps at $9.80 (plus tax). ).

If you’d like to know more about the price for stamps from Kroger as well as the different types of stamps Kroger offers, and the best way to purchase stamps from Kroger continue to read!

Does Kroger Sell Stamp

What Type Of Stamps Does Kroger Sell?

While Kroger is a licensed distributor for U.S. Postal Service (USPS) stamps but it is not able to offer the same variety of stamps that it does as the USPS retailer.

So, Kroger primarily sells the US forever stamps in all of its stores nationwide as well as season and first-class stamps at a few stores.

The forever stamps increase in value each time the price of stamps goes up, and you can use the stamps for a long time regardless of the cost of mailers rising.

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Notice that Kroger doesn’t sell stamps individually, but instead sells the stamps in booklets and sheets. It is recommended to visit the nearest Kroger retailer to confirm the availability prior to making your trip.

How Can You Buy Stamps From Kroger?

Kroger offers postage stamps in booklets that are 20 or 30 pages. It also offers discounts when you purchase books and stamps in bulk quantities.

You can visit any checkout or cashier station at a Kroger store that sells stamps to select your required stamps and pay for your purchase through any accepted payment method.

To make purchasing simple, Kroger has installed scales at all its cashier points to weigh your package and determine how many stamps of postage you’ll need for your package.

Price of stamps at Kroger

One of the benefits of buying stamps from Kroger is the cost. Stamps are sold at Kroger at the same cost as are offered in the postal office. But, Kroger locations do not sell individual stamps, but rather books of stamps.

They sell stamps in groups of 20. When you purchase booklets with stamps, it earns you a discount and can help save money in comparison to purchasing single stamps.

How Much Do Stamps Cost at Kroger?

does kroger sell stamps

Postage stamps from Kroger are available at the same cost as other authorized United States Post Office distributors and that’s $0.55 for each stamp.

But, as Kroger offers stamps for sale in the format of books, it is possible to save some money because they offer discounts for those who purchase stamps in bulk.

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For example, Kroger sells twenty-first class forever stamps for $9.80 (plus taxes) which allows you to save about $0.06 for each stamp.

When you next go to a Kroger supermarket to purchase stamps for postage, make sure to purchase the complete booklet in order to save cash when you purchase.

Can You Buy Stamps Online at

It’s a shame, that Kroger does not sell stamps online through and you’ll need to go to a local Kroger store to purchase any.

How Do I Know If A Nearby Kroger Store Sells Stamps?

Use this Kroger Store Locator to locate addresses and phone information of nearby Kroger stores, and then phone them to inquire about stamps’ availability prior to heading over to the store. Check the Kroger Eschedule Portal guide here also.

Is Kroger the Best Place to Buy Stamps in 2022?

Kroger is well-known for its top-quality services at all of its stores across the country.

Here are a few reasons that can make Kroger an of the top places to purchase stamps:

  • Kroger provides customers with the convenience of shopping, particularly with the many payment options offered
  • Kroger has more than 3000 locations in 42 states across the nation and the majority of them are open late into the night or are open 24 hours a day.
  • You can take advantage of Kroger’s rewards program. Kroger rewards program each when you purchase items like stamps or spend your rewards at your next visit to purchase the item of your choice

If you’re in search of stores that are closer to you that sell stamps, check out our other posts on

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Kroger offers first-class forever stamps in the majority of its stores across the nation Some locations sell seasonal stamps, too. They cost $9.8 per 20-stamp book (first-class permanent stamps) and aren’t sold in sets. You will accumulate a balance in your rewards pool for every purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all Kroger stores sell stamps?

While the majority of Kroger stores carry postage stamps, there are some that do not. It is generally recommended to call your local Kroger store in advance to find out whether stamps are offered prior to making a trip.

What type of stamp can be gotten at Kroger?

While Kroger is a licensed dealer of USPS stamps, the sort of stamps you can find at the majority of Kroger stores is those of the USA Forever stamps.

Can stamps be purchased from Kroger’s online stores?

There is no way to buy stamps through Kroger’s online store. It is necessary to visit a Kroger shop nearby to purchase stamps.