Cub Cadet LTX 1045 Price, Specs, Review & Attachments 2024

Cub Cadet LTX 1045 Price, Specs, Review & Attachments 2024

Cub Cadet LTX 1045 Specs, Price, Review, Horsepower, Attachments, Problems, Weight, Engine Oil Capacity, & Pictures 

The Cub Cadet LTX 1045 is a two-wheel lawn tractor that is part of the LTX 1000 series. This tractor was made in the company of Cub Cadet (a part of MTD) between 2009 and 2014.

Cub Cadet LTX 1045 Lawn Tractor is equipped with a Kohler Courage gasoline 1-cylinder air-cooled engine, which delivers 20 hp (14.9 kW) power.

The Cub Cadet Tractor featured a 4×2 2WD chassis, 20HP Kohler 1-cyl gasoline engine, an Open operator station with a high-back seat, infinite forward and reverse gears, and 510 lbs weight.

The Cub Cadet LTX 1045 compact tractor has an engine oil capacity of 4.2 quarts (4.0 litres) of 15W-40 motor oil.

The Cub Cadet LTX 1045 Also, comes with a handy bagger in the rear for easy clean-up and easy cleanup after each use.

The unit is powered by the Kohler Courage engine, the LTX 1045 It comes with a simple push-button electronic start that is easy to push a button. If you prefer to start it with a key, that’s fine; it Cub Cadet lt 1045 comes standard with push-button ignition. .

Cub Cadet LTX 1045 Lawn tractor attachments include a 46″ mid-mount mower deck, Snowblower, and Blade.

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Now, let’s find out the LTX 1045 Lawn Tractor Reviews, Price, Parts, Specs, Serial Numbers & Images.

The Cub Cadet LTX 1045 Price


Cub Cadet LTX 1045 Original Price: $1,999 USD
here are some used prices for the Cub Cadet LTX 1045:
  • reports a valuation report for the Cub Cadet LTX 1045 lawnmower, including currently used pricing and market data, but the actual price is not provided.
  • Machinery Pete lists 1 used Cub Cadet LTX1045 accessories and attachments for sale, but the price is not specified.
  • lists 59 auction results for the Cub Cadet LT1045, with the buyer’s premium included in the price ranging from CAD $32 to CAD $1,400.
  • lists 5 Cub Cadet LTX1045 riding lawn mowers for sale, with prices ranging from $1,200 to $1,800

Cub Cadet LTX 1045 Specs


EngineKohler Courage gasoline

1-cylinder air-cooled

Power (gross):20 hp
14.9 kW
Spark plugChampion RC12YC
Starter volts:12
Oil capacity:1.6 qts
1.5 L
Oil typeSAE 10W-30, API: SJ


Chassis:4×2 2WD
Cab:Open operator station with high-back seat. Six inches travel with 12 positions.


Transmission modelTuff Torq K46A
Gears:infinite forward and reverse
Oil capacity:1.9 qts
1.8 L


Front PTO:independent
Clutch:manual lever


Wheelbase:47.5 inches
120 cm
Length:69 inches
175 cm
Weight:510 lbs
231 kg (with deck)


Lawn/turf front:15×6
Lawn/turf rear:20×8


Cold-cranking amps:190


Charging system:flywheel alternator
Charging amps:15

Cub Cadet LTX 1045 Attachments

Cub Cadet LTX 1045 Lawn tractor attachments include a 46″ mid-mount mower deck, 42″ Snowblower, and Blade

46″ Mower deck

Type:mid-mount Cub Cadet
 2-blade with manual lift
Cutting width:46 inches
116 cm
Cut height:1.5 to 4 inch
3 to 10 cm
Cut positions:12


Type:front-mount Cub Cadet 190-833
Width:46 inches
116 cm

42″ Snowblower

Cub Cadet 190-032
42 inches width
106 cm


The Cub Cadet LTX 1045 weighs around 500 pounds, making it a relatively lightweight and maneuverable lawn tractor.

This weight is evenly distributed across the machine, which helps to ensure stability and balance when mowing on uneven terrain.

Cub Cadet LTX  Review Video

After using my Cub Cadet LTX 1045 tractor for a year, I share my review see video

Cub Cadet Ltx 1045 Problems And Solutions

Here are some common problems with the Cub Cadet LTX 1045 and their solutions:

Difficulty in starting the engine:

This can be caused by a variety of factors, such as a dead battery, clogged fuel filter, or dirty spark plug.

Solutions include charging or replacing the battery, cleaning or replacing the fuel filter, and cleaning or replacing the spark plug.

Engine runs poorly:

This can be caused by issues such as dirty air filter, clogged fuel line, or bad carburetor.

Solutions include cleaning or replacing the air filter, cleaning or replacing the fuel line, and replacing the carburetor.

Cuts grass unevenly:

This can be caused by a dull or damaged blade, uneven tire pressure, or a bent mower deck.

Solutions include sharpening or replacing the blade, adjusting the tire pressure, and straightening the mower deck.

Mulching problems:

This can be caused by a dull or damaged blade, a clogged deck, or improper mowing technique.

Solutions include sharpening or replacing the blade, cleaning the deck, and adjusting the mowing technique.

Excessive vibrations:

This can be caused by a variety of factors, such as loose or damaged parts, worn-out belts, or unbalanced blades.

Solutions include tightening or replacing loose or damaged parts, replacing worn-out belts, and balancing the blades.

About Cub Cadet Ltx

The Cub Cadet LTX 1045 is a powerful and efficient riding lawnmower that is designed to provide homeowners with the perfect balance of performance and ease of use.

It features a 20 HP Kohler Courage engine, which is capable of handling even the toughest mowing jobs with ease.

Furthermore, the machine comes with an oversized cutting deck of 46 inches which can be adjusted in seven cutting levels that let you tailor the mower’s performance to meet your particular needs.

The most striking characteristic that is Cub Cadet is its ability to offer the most comfortable and smooth ride even on rough terrain.

This is thanks to the machine’s high-back seat, which is designed to reduce operator fatigue and keep you comfortable during extended mowing sessions.

In terms of safety features, the Cub Cadet is equipped with several key elements to keep you and your property safe.

The machine has a Reverse Safety Switch, which prevents the engine from starting if the mower is in reverse. Additionally, the mower has a blade engagement system that automatically disengages the blades when the operator leaves the seat.

Overall, the Cub Cadet is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a reliable and efficient riding lawnmower.

With its powerful engine, large cutting deck, and comfortable ride, this machine is sure to make your lawn or garden maintenance tasks a breeze.

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Final Words


What is the engine size of the Cub Cadet LTX 1045?

The LTX 1045 is equipped with a 20 HP Kohler Courage single-cylinder engine.

How wide is the cutting deck on the Cub Cadet LTX 1045?

The cutting deck on the LTX 1045 is 46 inches wide.

Is the cutting deck height adjustable?

Yes, the cutting deck can be adjusted to one of six height positions ranging from 1.5 to 4 inches.

Can the Cub Cadet LTX 1045 be used for hauling heavy loads?

Yes, the LTX 1045 has a maximum towing capacity of 250 pounds and can be used for light hauling tasks.

Does the Cub Cadet LTX 1045 have a mulching feature?

Yes, the LTX 1045 comes with a mulching kit that can be installed on the cutting deck to finely chop grass clippings and return them to the lawn.

How much does the Cub Cadet LTX 1045 weigh?

The LTX 1045 has an operating weight of 540 pounds.

What type of transmission does the Cub Cadet LTX 1045 have?

The LTX 1045 is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission that allows for smooth and easy speed control.

Is the seat on the Cub Cadet LTX 1045 adjustable?

Yes, the seat can be adjusted to a number of positions to accommodate operators of different heights.

What type of fuel does the Cub Cadet LTX 1045 require?

The LTX 1045 runs on gasoline and has a fuel tank capacity of 3 gallons.

What is the warranty on the Cub Cadet LTX 1045?

The LTX 1045 comes with a three-year limited warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship.

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Sue Copley

It’s a 2010-2012. Am I reading this right? With only 44 hrs? When was it last used?

Bev McAdams

I had bought a new Cub Cadet LTX 1045 with PTO, around 2012. In first 2 months or so, It needed a new transmission. Then every year for next 7 years, it was in the shop. I was so glad i got the extended warranty. Then this year, 2021, I was mowing my yard, it backfired and died. It also then caught on fire!!! I called the fire dept. Brush and electric pole caught on fire. I will never get another Cub Cadet again. Unless that is what my insurance will help pay for it.