COD Vanguard Redeem Codes 2023 -Blueprints, Emblems

COD Vanguard Redeem Codes 2023 -Blueprints, Emblems

COD Vanguard Redeem Codes – Hey, guys !! Do you want to fetch COD Vanguard Redeem Codes? here in this article, We have the latest list of active Vanguard 2023 codes, a guide for you that how to redeem them, and more information.

Activision is giving away free code Vanguard creator codes to players in exchange for purchasing the game, store items specially marked Doritos and other items.

This stuff, available on web pages, includes weapon packs, battle pass bundles, double XP, and other things.

Redeemable tickets from numerous sources, such as Doritos and Mountain Dew, are used to get these gifts. These codes were released in February, so we expect they’ll be available for the entire month.

COD Vanguard Redeem Codes

Most of them will be instantly added to your account, while others may be redeemed using the redeeming codes you were given when you made the product purchases.

Game Name Call of Duty Vanguard
Initial Release Date 5 November 2021
Platforms Nintendo Switch
Developer Sledgehammer Games
Publisher Activision
Genres first-person shooter Video Game
Mode Single-player, Multiplayer
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Players are strongly advised to use the codes before starting COD Vanguard since you will have to reload the game if you do so while it is already open.

There are still a lot of current codes here, and this site will list them for you. View the most recent updates code.

List of COD Vanguard Redeem Codes 2023

Below we have mentioned Call of Duty Vanguard promo codes to get free rewards.

Active Codes:

  • At that writing time, There are no active COD Vanguard codes to redeem them.

Expired Codes:

  • Frontline weapons pack and five hours of double weapon XP: Buy its Digital Standard edition.
  • Specially Marked Mountain Dew Products: Double 2XP Bonus, Sticker, and Emblem ( Redeem at
  • Frontline weapons pack: Buy the COD Vanguard Digital Standard Edition.
  • Task Force One Pack, battle pass bundle, and five hours of double XP, weapon XP: Buy its Digital ultimate edition.
  • Purchase specially marked Jack Link products: Double 2XP, weapon charm, and calling card (redeem at:
  • Specially Marked Doritos products: Dual 2XP (redeem at
  • Buy marked Adrenaline products (Russia): Dual 2XP (redeem at
  • Participate in Doritos mission activity (Europe): Dual 2XP, emblem, and calling card (redeem at
  • Eligible Fiesta Kojak lollipops: Emblem, animated calling card, and weapon charm are among the rewards available.
  • Buy marked Rockstar products (Europe): Dual 2XP (redeem at

COD Vanguard Official Website: Check Here 

How to redeem COD Vanguard Codes 2023?

You may get free prizes by following the straightforward procedures described below with pictures.

Step1: Go to the Call of Duty redemption webpage.

Call of Duty redemption page

Step2:  Enter your email address as well as Password in the related field box.

Step3: Tick on Human Verification.

Step4: Last, Click on the ” Sign in ” button.

Download Game

Window Download button

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COD Vanguard Redeem Codes – FAQs

COD Vangaured FAQs

How do you get double XP tokens?

-> Earn battle pass rewards 2. Finish your DMZ tasks. 3. Accomplish campaign goals. 4. A dual XP weekend event is coming soon 5. For 10 hours’ value of Double XP Tokens and Double Weapon XP Tokens, get the Vault Edition.

Why was cod Vanguard a failure?

Activision blames Call of Duty Vanguard’s failure on its WWII setting and a lack of “innovation” in its annual report to investors.

How long is Vanguard cod free for?

Two-week free access to Call of Duty Vanguard.

Where is the code on Mountain Dew?

On specially marked 20-oz bottles of Mtn. Dew® and Diet, look under the bottle caps for a distinctive ten (10) character string of characters (each a “code”).