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CMS Intranet Login

CMS Intranet Login: – Are you searching for the CMS Intranet official site and CMS Employee Intranet account login guide? You are in the right place if you answered yes.

This article will provide you with detailed information on the CMS Employee Self-Service Portal. This article will discuss Intranet Features, CMS Employee Intranet Login Process, and other important resources. So, let’s get started with Charlotte-Mecklenburg School’s brief intro.

About Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

CMS Intranet Login

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) is the second-largest school district in North Carolina. It serves Mecklenburg County in the Charlotte metropolitan region.

CMS has more than 146,000 students enrolled at its 160 schools. The district has a budget of $1.7 billion and employs over 16,000 people.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools was established in 1960. North Carolina did not have a statewide public school system before this. All schools were locally controlled and supported.

The growth in Charlotte and the surrounding Mecklenburg County has led to the need for a better public education system that can better meet the needs of the students.

CMS Employee Intranet

CMS Employee Intranet is an employee portal for the employees of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Each employee has access.

Employees can access CMS resources through the website and also manage their employees. Employees can view their profile and check out announcements, videos, as well as watch the CMS network TV through CMS Intranet.

Employees have the ability to upload documents to the Intranet site, and can also create links to allow other employees to access them.

You can also access the careers section to view current CMS job openings. You can also search for job opportunities in other school districts.

Benefits of CMS Intranet Login Account

A CMS Employee Intranet account offers many benefits. Below are some of the benefits.

  • CMS Intranet provides access to CMS resources.
  • Logging in to the portal allows employees to contact their HR department.
  • You can also upload documents to be accessed by other employees via links.
  • They are informed about important announcements and news from the CMS HR department.
  • They can also access CMS TV to view videos.
  • Employees can also create blogs on various topics such as education and sports. Employees have the opportunity to share their thoughts with parents and other students at CMS schools, as well as with parents and employees.

CMS Intranet Login Requirements

  • CMS Intranet Login web address
  • CMS Employee Intranet Login Valid Username and Password
  • Internet browser compatible with the CMS Self Service Intranet website
  • Reliable internet access for laptop, tablet, or smartphone via a PC or smartphone

How to Login into CMS Intranet Portal?

These are the steps you need to follow in order to log into your CMS Intranet account:

How to Login into CMS Intranet Portal

  • Enter your username and password, then select Realm.
  • Click the “Sign in” button to log into your CMS intranet account.

Notification: In Realm. Select CMS SITES if CMSDOMAIN does not allow you to access the portal.

How to Reset CMS Intranet Login Password?

You can reset your password by calling CMS Technology Services Support, at 980-343-5737.

CMS Intranet Helpdesk Contact Information

CMS Intranet customer support can assist you if you have any difficulties accessing your CMS Self Service Intranet Login Account.

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