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Citibank Credit Card Activation at

Citibank Credit Card Activation: It is necessary to complete steps Citibank credit card activation steps at if you already received an account through Citibank through your postal mail.

If you plan to obtain your Citibank Card within a short time, these steps can aid in making the process less complicated.

We’ve included the most important steps required at Citi activation so it’s just a matter of taking the time to read the article with care concentration. Citibank cards provide a range of advantages for customers just like you.

You are eligible for discounts that can reach 2 Thanks You(r) Points at gasoline stations. You are able to earn 1 Thank You Point if you purchase other things than gasoline.

You must get your act together and begin using the card and have it activated through sitcom activate. Certicom activation website. It is possible to activate the card by sending an SMS.

Citibank Credit Card Activation

The CreditCard offered by Citibank allows customers to earn points at the supermarket also. For every purchase you make, you are able to round the amount to up 10 Thank You(r) points.

With 10 points you can make any purchase as there’s no limit to the purchases you are able to make using the points you have rounded up. In terms of perspective If you purchase an item that costs 12 dollars, you will earn up to 20 points. Likewise, when you buy a cup of coffee for $2, you’ll earn 2 points.

This is one of the benefits of to activate your Citibank Credit Card activation. The card activation will also help you to earn additional perks such as earning 10% cashback or enjoying amazing discounts for a year-long purchase.

Let’s look at the prerequisites for activation.

What Are The Requirements For Citibank Credit Card Activation?

  • The Citibank credit card activation process is:
  • Credit Card number
  • Security Code
  • Valid Password
  • Date of Expiry
  • Birth Date
  • Your phone number
  • You used the email address to sign-up for Citibank Card
  • Internet connection for accessing
  • PC/Laptop that has a browser

We already know about the benefits, but before we go over the details, and discover the other benefits that a cardholder enjoys in lieu of spending cash.

  • Reward Points Reward Points – as mentioned
  • Cashback
  • Huge Discounts
  • No-Cot EMIs are an option
  • Deals on Diners, and much more.
  • Most importantly, you will be able to pay later, so you can shop without worry.

The bank offers you various options to Citi com activate. It’s up to you, the method you prefer to activate, what method you prefer and what method you feel more comfortable with.

You can select any method to activate Citi activation of com from the following list:

  • Citibank card activation through SMS.
  • Making use of a mobile phone.
  • Doing it online
  • With the assistance of the Citi Mobile App.

We will offer Citibank MasterCard Activation Instructions by phone and online, and all other methods individually.

Citibank Card Activation by SMS

If you’ve selected this method for activating your Credit or Debit Card, then follow the following steps sequentially.

  • You’ll need an “SMS pack” for your phone as you are expected to send an activation text to your bank.
  • It is necessary to send the following activation message:
  • Act Last4-digits of card you own.
  • Write this message carefully and then send it to 6058.

How will you know your credit or debit card has been activated?

Once you have sent an email to Citi bank, they will quickly reply in return. In the message, it will state it has confirmed that the Credit or Debit card is activated. When you receive this message, you will be able to confirm that your card is activated.

Citibank Credit Card Activation Online

If you’re a good internet user and feel confident in this approach then go to Citi com activate and choose to log on online. You simply have to search on its official website.

To activate your account online, please follow the steps below.

  • The first step is to visit the website for Citi bank at Citi or follow the link:

Citibank Credit Card Activation Online

  • Please enter your Citibank Username.
  • Input your Citibank Password
  • You will be logged in to your account.
  • Go to
  • On the page “My profile” choose Services.
  • From services like Select Card Activation Service
  • Select the Card you wish to activate. It will display all the cards that are associated with your name.
  • In the end, you will find the card activated on

How will you know your credit or Debit Card has been Activated in this method?

If you follow this method, you will receive confirmation in two ways.

  • Citibank will notify you via text message or email, whichever you have registered to receive the notifications.
  • The status of your card is likely to change. You are able to check this by logging into your account.

Citibank Card Activation by Phone

Choose this method only if you’re in a serene place and are able to concentrate on the conversation that someone else said over the phone. In this way, you must call customer support for Citi bank, and follow the instructions to activate your credit card.

  • Then, dial the customer service number First, call the customer care number: 1800-210-2484
  • Listen to the instructions in the audio on IVR and select the option the best option for your activation.
  • Input the card’s information when asked.
  • Input your personal details to prove you are the real owner of the card.
  • Please accept the terms and conditions.

How do you know your credit or debit card has been activated in this method?

If you do this you must verify your card manually at an ATM or a convenience store to determine whether it’s working or not.

Citibank Card Activation by Citi Bank Mobile App

If you’re already a client or even a brand new customer with the mobile application downloaded on your mobile device, then you do not need to travel anywhere. You can easily enable the credit or Debit Card right from your mobile device anywhere.

  • If the application isn’t installed, please follow the instructions.
  • In this case, download the Mobile app from:
  • After downloading, open it on the device you’re using
  • Login using the login credentials you have received through Citi bank.
  • You can see the picture of the card you have selected on the homepage on home page, as well as the small button that says “manage” when you click this button, you are able to activate or deactivate the Card.

How will you know your credit or debit card has been Activated in this method?

Verify if the card has been altered. To confirm this, please open the application.

Citi Bank Contact Information

We provide you with the contact details for Citi Bank, in case you need to ask a question you can directly contact Citi Bank directly.

In the event of an emergency involving your stolen credit card or fraud involving money online Citibank’s representatives will take your call from 6:30 am and 10:45 pm daily.

  • Citi phone Customer care number: 8428 -3521-1111
  • If you’re calling from a different country, use this number: 8428-321-1118
  • Special Calling Service for Citigold Cardholders: 8428-3521-1088


This is everything about to activate Citibank Credit Card activation with the aid of various options. We’ve provided Citibank Card Activation Guide Online and by phone, via SMS, and via the application. You must now decide which one you want to choose to use.

card activation Citi bank and Let us know the most convenient method to activate your card. then visit my site

FAQs – Citibank Card

How do I activate my Citi card?

Step 1: Click here to visit the Citibank Online page. Step 2: Login using your IPIN and User ID. Step 3Click “Card Activation Option on the homepage. Step 4: Enter the expiry date and number of the new card as well as your birthday date.

Is there any other method to activate the card?

These are not the only four ways you can activate your card.

How do I activate my Citibank credit card by SMS?

For new Citi Cardholders, you may activate your card through the following steps:

  1. Get this Citi Mobile App via the link provided via an email or SMS by Citi PH. …
  2. Enter the ID number you used on the application form, your Date of Birth, and a one-time PIN to the registered mobile number.

How many ATMs does Citibank has?

Citi Ban has approximately 15,000 ATMs to make your life easier.

How do I log into my Citibank credit card?

To sign in to your Citibank credit card, go to this page to sign-in on Citibank mobile app or on the website and type in your username and password into specific fields. Click “Sign On” to log in to your account online.

How Can I stay updated about what’s going on with my bank, any news on the bank, etc?

Check out the Citi alerts section of your bank to stay informed on the latest news from your bank.

How do I get a PIN for my Citibank credit card?

IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System)

  1. The hotline number is 022 4955 2484 or 1860 210 2484.
  2. Enter your credit card’s number.
  3. Select “For PIN Services”.
  4. Choose ‘To self-select your to self-select the PIN for your credit card’.
  5. The OTP (One Time Password) will be delivered to your registered mobile number. Enter the number.
  6. Input your PIN.