Circus Circus Buffet Prices, Hours & Food In 2022

Circus Circus Buffet Prices, Hours

Circus Circus Buffet Prices, Hours: The Circus Buffet is also known in the form of the Circus Circus Buffet, which is one of the least expensive buffets operating on the Las Vegas Strip.

There’s a chance that it will be criticized on the review pages, but if want a self-service buffet that has a variety of menus that your entire family will enjoy and plenty of tables with reasonable prices, Circus Buffet should be the first option you consider.

Circus Circus Buffet Price

Circus Circus Buffet Price

The cost is what sets The Circus Buffet apart from a number of others located in Las Vegas. Prices for adults and children differ based on the time of day and or week.

This is an overview, however, we’ve also provided an easy-to-read table to make it easy to refer to.

Circus Buffet Adult Prices

It is vital to know that this price is prior to the 8.38 sales tax of 8% on the Las Vegas Strip. In addition, during weekends, prices increase due to demand.

Meal Price Hours


Adults: $26
Kids 4-10: $19.00


Sat-Sun: 7 am to 2 pm


Adult: $28
Kids 4-10: $21


Fri – Sun: 4:30 pm to 10 pm

Circus Buffet Child Prices

Circus Circus Hotel and Resort is among the very most family-friendly Las Vegas Strip properties, meaning that there are plenty of kids in the hotel at any given moment.

Fortunately, the Circus Buffet has specific kid’s prices that are suited to the smaller appetites of children.

For children aged 4-10, the pricing for the weekdays is around 7 dollars less expensive than adult prices’ for breakfast and dinner. On weekends, the prices only increase by one dollar for children.

On the same days of the week, similar, the same rules as the adults do apply. Children aged 11 and over are charged adult rates.

Three and under children are free to eat at the Circus Buffet, which is an ideal option for families with children.


Circus Buffet Circus Buffet will be open for brunch as well as dinner but it has separate time slots for each. The buffet is closed between meals to prepare for the new food menu.

Brunch 7 AM to 2 PM
Dinner 4:30 PM to 10 PM

The Food at Circus Buffet

The menu offered at Circus Buffet isn’t the most extravagant you’ll discover within Las Vegas; however, they offer all the things you would expect of Vegas buffets.

Circus Brunch Buffet

Circus Brunch Buffet

At the Circus Brunch Buffet, you’ll have breakfast staples like fresh fruits and yogurt, cereal bars, and hot breakfast options including pancakes, waffles, and waffles. scrambled eggs, sausages biscuits and gravy, biscuits, and french toast.

There’s also a baker’s section, which includes bread and spreads including cinnamon rolls, donuts muffins, danishes, and donuts. The made-to-order omelet section is an absolute breakfast staple and will remain open throughout brunch.

Circus Circus Buffet Prices

In terms of lunch, options are concerned, there are the most popular items for lunch such as the deli meat and cheese as well as corn dogs, chicken fingers french fries, macaroni, and cheese.

The salad bar is another popular choice offering a large variety of dressings and toppings and dressings.

Circus Dinner Buffet

At the Circus Dinner Buffet, you’ll find both lunch and dinner items from the breakfast buffet as well as the lunch buffet, as well as more expensive items, which is the reason prices increase just a little. The evening buffet is organized into different sections.

In the section for pasta, you will find classics such as spaghetti and meatballs, as well as baking pasta meals.

The seafood section has things like baked seafood, fried shrimp, and clams as well as muscle. While you might have crab legs at other buffets but they’re not available here.

The small carving station, however, can make up for the lack of rotating cuts of meat, such as roasts, prime ribs, and others. There are some international dishes also, including eggs, egg rolls, edamame the Taco Bar, Shrimp Fajitas, and much more.

Circus Dinner Buffet

You can also find comfort food such as pizza, mashed potatoes, baked chicken corn, cob hot dogs, hamburgers, and more.

The salad bar in the evening is elevated by offering a build-your-own Caesar salad with shrimp and anchovies as an example.

Of course, your meal wouldn’t be enough without dessert. There are plenty of the usual desserts you love including cheesecake, pies cake, jello and brownies, bread pudding, and soft-serve Ice cream.

Circus Buffet Beverages

Basic drinks are included in Circus Buffet prices. There’s a self-serve drink station at the center of the buffet. It includes Pepsi products as well as teas, fruit juices and milk, coffee, and an espresso machine.

Circus Buffet Beverages

About Circus Circus Buffet

Let’s be real, shall we? If you are looking for a great buffet to share with your friends back home while you’re in Vegas, don’t go to Circus Circus Buffet.

The Circus Circus Hotel and Casino is home to the Buffet. Despite its outstanding cuisine and beautiful setting, it has not earned a stellar reputation. It will not be included in any list of Las Vegas’ best buffets by industry professionals.

Its reputation was so bad that management decided to do something about it. It’s now not so bad and can be a great spot for an all-you-can-eat dining experience. They’re trying to improve on a basic buffet, but they’re moving in the right direction.

A Brief History

The Circus Circus was founded in 1968. This is how the buffet gained its not-so-great fame. The place has a variety of circus acts, as you can probably tell from the name. It’s actually the largest permanent big top in the world. Unfortunately, the management didn’t know that more people aren’t interested in circus acts over the years.

Circus Circus was also a disaster, with only a casino and no hotel. They attempted to make things cheap and it became a problem when high-rollers couldn’t get in because there was no place to stay.

This same mindset is what plagues the Circus Circus Buffet. For years, the buffet was known for being one of the most expensive buffets on the Strip. This meant that both the place and the food were poor. The people in charge have started to offer a wider range of dishes and are now trying to make things better.

What They’re Famous For

Because it is located on the casino floor, they are merely a place for gamblers to eat. For those who visit Circus Circus from the outside, the low prices are also a draw. This is the place to go if you have lost a lot of money from gambling.

You pay the same price for lunch and breakfast at this place. These buffets can be referred to as “brunch”, and prices are the same for those who come in between 7 AM and 2 PM. Fortunately, the restaurant offers new items after 11 AM. This is when brunch starts. Brunch is only $19 on weekdays. For a weekend lunch on Saturday or Sunday, it’s $20.

It’s only $21 for dinners on weekdays, Monday through Thursday. For dinners on Friday and Sunday, it will be $21. These are the prices that you will appreciate when you’re down because you’ll feel like you have won by getting all of your dining expenses covered.

The people here want to make it more than a cheap buffet. This hotel has earned a good reputation as a family-friendly spot, making it one of the few on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Circus Circus Buffet is a great choice for children. Children under 10 years of age pay only $12 for brunch and $14 for dinner. Weekends are the same price. Children under 4 years of age can eat for free. Grandpa and grandma (55 and older) get a $2 discount

Why Eat Here

This is a great place to shop, as there are many options. Basic breakfast staples are included, as well as healthy fruits such as cantaloupe and apples.

You can choose from 6 different cereal bars, as well as sausages, biscuits and gravy and French toasts, potatoes, and eggs (scrambled and hardboiled). There are sweet pastries such as donuts and different bagels.

You can now get the same bread for lunch. You can choose from mac and cheese or deli meats, and cheeses. There are chicken fingers and corn dogs. You can also find a salad bar.

You can also get the classics for dinner. The pasta station now has an Asian station with both Mexican and seafood dishes. You will find all the comfort foods that you crave, including hotdogs, burgers, and baked chicken, as well as the usual desserts.

You can get Pepsi sodas at the beverage station. You can get regular or decaf coffee and a cappuccino maker.

Expect nothing and you will be surprised. This is the perfect place for your children if they don’t care too much about fancy food. They can enjoy all the comfort foods at very affordable prices.

To learn more about Circus Circus Buffet, visit their website at

Circus Circus Buffet YouTube


Circus Buffet is located at the Circus Circus Hotel and Resort adjacent to the casino on the 1st floor.

Circus Circus Buffet Near Me

The Bottom Line

If you’re seeking a simple breakfast that includes fresh fruit and coffee or wants to eat a delicious dinner before going to the casino or a night out at the casino, the Circus Circus buffet will ensure that you have enough food for the entire family with no financial strain.

Even though it is packed, reservations are not needed. In spite of the bad critiques, Circus Buffet is an excellent Las Vegas buffet option if you are able to meet your expectations. It is also among the top and most well-known Circus Circus restaurants within the resort.

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Below are two of the most frequently asked questions about The Las Vegas Circus Buffet.

Q. How much is the buffet at Circus Circus?

The Buffet in the Circus Circus is between $26 and $28 for adults, including tax, based on the timing of the day and weekday. Children pay $7 less. See our full pricing guide on our Circus Buffet.

Q. Does the Circus Buffet take reservations?

There is no way to make reservations and it’s an open-to-all buffet.

Q. How much is a Circus Circus buffet?

The Circus Buffet is also known in the form of the Circus Circus Buffet and is one of the cheapest buffets that are available on the Las Vegas Strip…

Circus Buffet Adult Prices.

Meal Price Hours
Brunch Adults: $26 Kids 4-10: $19.00 Sat-Sun: 7 am to 2 pm
Dinner Adult: $28 Kids 4-10: $21 Fri – Sun: 4:30 pm to 10 pm

Q.What kind of food does Circus Circus buffet have?

Traditional comfort food items served include hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries, mashed gravy and potatoes baked potatoes and corn and cob, and baked chicken.

Circus Circus Buffet Price.

Brunch (Monday – Friday) is Currently not available. $22.99
Dinner (Monday – Thursday) Currently not available $24.99