Google Maps: How to Check Traffic to Work or Home? - 2024

Google Maps: How to Check Traffic to Work or Home? – 2024

Google Maps: How To Check Traffic To Work Or Home

Google Maps is the best mapping and navigation service you can access at present. This dedicated app is installed on most smartphones by default and has been used by more than 70% of smartphone owners around the world.

Since 2007, Google offers traffic data to its users. You can view details such as traffic jams or crashes, and even general road blockades.

Google Maps is the best way to find out if traffic is moving to your home or work before you start your journey.

The app has been continuously updated over the years. You can now access real-time traffic data for most roads and see accurate traffic congestion statistics to help you plan your rides. This article will help you to understand how to check the traffic for work and home.

Step By Step Guide On How To Check Traffic To Work Or Home Using Google Maps

Check Traffic Near You From A Desktop Browser Using Google Maps

  1. Navigate to your desktop web browser, and then open Google Maps.
  2. Navigate to the Search Google Maps field in the upper left corner and type the term Work. You’ll be asked to create your new workplace location with google maps if you haven’t done so before.

check traffic work home google maps

3. In the google Maps window, enter your address and click SAVE.

check traffic to work or home using Google Maps

4. Navigate to the Search Google Maps field in the upper left corner and type the term “Home” You’ll be asked to create your Google Maps Home address.

5. In the Edit address box, enter the home address and click Save.

check traffic to work or home on Google Map

6. To verify traffic to use google maps, click on the menu (3 horizontal lines to the search Google maps) and then tap to open it.

How to Check Traffic to Work or Home on Google Maps

7. Select traffic under the menu. Google maps will open with green and red markings along the streets.

Use Google Maps to Check Traffic to Work or Home

The following information is indicated by the traffic color marks in the streets of Google Maps:

  • Green = Light traffic
  • Moderate traffic = Orange
  • Red means are congested.

How to Check Traffic to Home or Work (Using Android and iOS)

1. Open the Google Maps application on your Android/iOS phone.

Note Google Maps comes pre-installed on all Android phones. iOS users will need to download the app from the Store.

2: Sign in and save your home or workplace.

3: Tap on the Hamburger Icon and click the Your places menu.

4: Choose Home, Work.

5: Click Directions for the quickest route to your destination.

6: Click on the Stack Icon and select traffic.

Check Traffic to Home or Work (Using Android and iOS)

7: The direction to your destination will now be shown in different colors along with an estimated travel time.

  • Red – heavy traffic
  • Orange – Moderate Traffic
  • No traffic – green

How to Check Traffic to Home or Work (Using Browser)

1: Open Google Maps from your Windows or Mac computer.

2: Click on the Menu button in the upper left corner.

3: Choose your home or work, and then click the Directions to display the route.

4: Click the menu icon again and choose Traffic.

Check Traffic to Home or Work (Using Browser)

5: Now the streets will be marked with the same colors as the previous.

How to Check Traffic to Work or Home (Universal Way)

You don’t have to download, open, or use Google Maps to check traffic. There is an easier way. This is a cool feature because you can use any device for this purpose, provided that the Chrome browser has been installed and that you have signed in to your Gmail account.

1: Open the Google browser.

2: Go to the Search box and search for the query “check traffic to work” or “check traffic to home” or “traffic from here to home” or “traffic to my work“

Check Traffic to Work or Home (Universal Way)

3: If you have your work or home saved, the route will be shown from your current location to where your current job location. The browser will prompt you to add your location if the work or home location has not been saved.

How to Check Traffic to Work or Home Universal Way

4: Click on it to go to the Google Maps website (or, if you have an installed Google Maps app).

5: You will find detailed traffic conditions as well as alternate routes.

You can also check traffic on your favorite routes, in the same manner, to help you plan ahead. You can avoid late calls by simply asking “check traffic on”. The voice assistant is available for those who are lazy, such as me.

The Google Assistant will activate when you say OK Google. Now say ” How’s traffic to work” and ” How’s traffic to home”. You will be able to get directions from your current location to where traffic conditions are.

How to Check Traffic at Different Times on Google Maps?

Google Maps is an app packed with features and hidden functions. You can use the Google Maps app to get traffic conditions at the time that suits you best so you can plan accordingly. You can find the traffic estimated from your home to your workplace by specifying the time.

1: Open the Google Maps application or website.

2. Set the destination and start location.

3: You will now see the route and the traffic conditions.

4: Next, click on the three-dotted icon to choose the Set departure or arrival time option. To plan ahead, set the arrival time.

How to Check Traffic at Different Times on Google Maps

5: The traffic estimate will be sent to you at the time specified.

Check Traffic at Different Times on Google Maps

6: This feature allows you to check traffic conditions at different times, and then plan your trip.

This will allow you to check traffic from your home and ensure you arrive on time.

Check Traffic on Any Browser

Check Traffic on Any Browser

Your browser may make it a little more difficult to check the traffic between work and home. The process is fairly straightforward and you can find the traffic status on the road from any device that has an internet connection. Let’s see how it works:

  • Navigate to Google Maps’ official website using the browser on your device. If you don’t have an account, log in.
  • Tap the “Menu” icon at the top left corner of the homepage.
  • You will find “Home” or “Work” below if you have already saved your work and home addresses.
  • Click on the first location you want to start.
  • After the roads are highlighted, tap the menu again and choose the Traffic option.
  • On the roads, you’ll see a color overlay. This overlay can be either Green, Orange, or Red.
  • The color green indicates no traffic, while orange indicates low traffic. Red signifies moderate traffic and red indicates heavy traffic.
  • If you wish to see real-time statistics, tap the “Live Traffic” button.

How to Save Your Workplace or Home?

It doesn’t matter what platform you use, saving your workplace or home on Google Maps is easy. These locations can be saved to Google Maps so you can quickly find the best route from work to home.

1: Open Google Maps, and click on the Hamburger icon in the upper right corner.

2: Choose Your Places.

3: Choose Home, Work.

How to Save Your Workplace or Home

4: Enter your address, and click Save.

Note You can also choose the location using the map.

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Google Maps is a great way to keep on time and avoid traffic jams when you commute between work and home. It can be confusing to enable this feature due to the many features available in Google Maps, both on the browser and in the app.

This article should have helped you check traffic between home and work, as well as access additional features offered by Google Maps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Google know how busy traffic is?

Google Maps analyses historical traffic patterns over time to predict how traffic will look in the future. This software then uses machine learning to combine historical traffic patterns and live traffic conditions to create predictions.

Can Google home tell you the traffic?

The Google Assistant will show you traffic and commute information for how you would like to travel.

How do I see traffic on Google Maps?

Google Maps Traffic on Mobile

Tap the “Layers” icon (a square that is over another square) to the right of the map. A menu will appear at the bottom of the screen. Select “Traffic” to enable live traffic data for your map.

Why is Google Maps not showing traffic?

You might need to update Google Maps, connect to stronger Wi-Fi signals, calibrate the app or check your location services. If the Google Maps app isn’t functioning, you can reinstall it or restart your Android or iPhone.

Can Google Maps show traffic at different times?

Google Maps offers a useful feature that allows traffic to be checked at different times. You can use a departure or arrival time setting.