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Case 1370 Price, Specs, Reviews, Horsepower, Serial Numbers, Weight, Engine Oil Capacity, & Pictures

If you’re looking for information about Case 1370, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive overview of Case 1370, including its features, specifications, and uses.

Whether you’re a farmer, a tractor enthusiast, or just curious about this particular model, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll also discuss how Case 1370 compares to other tractors on the market and provide tips on how to maintain and repair your Case 1370. So, let’s get started!

Now, let’s find out the Case 1370 Tractor Price, Parts Specs, Reviews, Serial Numbers & Images.

Case 1370 Tractor Price 

Case 1370 Tractor

The price of a J I CASE 1370 tractor varies depending on several factors, such as the tractor’s condition, location, and age. Case 1370 Original Price is $8,750.

Case 1370 Specs

Manufacturer: J.I. Case
Factory: Racine, Wisconsin, USA
Total built: 17,413
Original price: $31,400 (1978)

1370 Serial Numbers

Year  Serial Numbers
1971: 8674001
1972: 8691801
1973: 8712001
1974: 8736601
1975: 8770001
1976: 8797501
1977: 8810601
1978: 8830001

J.I. Case 1370 Engine

J.I. Case 504BDT
turbocharged diesel
Power increased in 1973 with engine RPM increase to 2200.
Displacement: 504 ci
8.3 L
Bore/Stroke: 4.625×5.00 inches
117 x 127 mm
Air cleaner: two-stage dry
Compression: 16.5:1
Rated RPM: 2200
  2100 (early)
Firing order: 1-5-3-6-2-4
Starter volts: 12
Oil capacity: 14.9 qts
14.1 L
Coolant capacity: 42 qts
39.7 L

J.I. Case 1370 Transmission

Type: partial power shift
Gears: 12 forward and 3 reverse

J.I. Case 1370 Dimensions

Wheelbase: 105 inches
266 cm
Length: 182 inches
462 cm
Width: 96 inches
243 cm
  120 inches
304 cm (duals)
Height (ROPS): 106 inches
269 cm
Height (cab): 116 inches
294 cm
Ground clearance: 16 inches
40 cm

J.I. Case 1370 Weight

  13,170 lbs
5973 kg (cab)
  11,690 lbs
5302 kg (ROPS)
Ballasted: 20,960 lbs
9507 kg

J.I. Case 1370 Tires

Ag front: 10.00-16
Ag rear: 18.4-38
Ag front: 9.50×20
Ag rear: 16.9×38

Case 1370: Official website 

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Case 1370 Problems

There are some problems with the Case 1370 tractor, but they can be avoided with proper care and use. Here are some of the things that were brought up:

  • Power shift abuse: If the power shift on Case 1370 is used badly, it can cause trouble. But the poster says that being smart can help people prevent problems.
  • Head gasket problems: In another post on the site, it is said that the 504 engines on Case 1370 can have problems with the head gasket.
  • Clutch issues: A post on a tractor website says that if the Case 1370 has been sitting still for a long time, the clutch might get stuck. The sign says to tie or clamp down on the clutch button to see if that helps.
  • Powershift problems: A post on Yesterday’s Tractors says that the factory repair manual has step-by-step instructions for taking the powershift apart, inspecting it, and putting it back together. This suggests that the powershift can have problems.

Overall, it looks like the Case 1370 can be a good tractor if it is used and cared for the right way. But, as with any piece of machinery, problems may appear as time goes on.

Case 1370 Tractor Review Video


Where do I check the transmission/hydraulic fluid on a Case 1370 tractor?

The location of the transmission/hydraulic fluid check on a Case 1370 tractor can be found on HayTalk.

What was unique about the Case 1370 tractor?

In the early 1970s, the Case 1370 tractor was a new way for the company to think. It was also thought to be the toughest row crop tractor to come out of Racine.

What are some common problems with the Case 1370 tractor?

A stuck clutch is a common problem with the Case 1370 tractor. This can happen if the tractor sits still for a long time.

What is the maximum speed of the Case 1370 tractor?

The maximum speed of the Case 1370 tractor is 22.5 mph.

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