CareMount Patient Portal Login ❤️

CareMount Patient Portal provides an encrypted and secure method to communicate with your doctor. The objective of the site is to improve overall health and experience.

Share This article will give useful information about getting access to Your CareMount account, creating an account and then retrieving your patient account.

CareMount Patient Portal is an online platform that allows you to gain access to your health records as well as vital information.

In addition to managing their health records, patients are able to review the medical information of their family, make appointments and send secure messages to their healthcare provider and other healthcare providers, etc.

Access the CareMount Patient Portal account 24/7  days a week to take care of your healthcare requirements. The portal is safe, secure and user-friendly.

CareMount Patient Portal

CareMount Patient Portal Login Requirements

Before you begin the login procedure, take a look at the things you’ll need to be able to access the portal.

  • CareMount Patient Portal Login web address.
  • A valid email address/username and password.
  • Internet browsers are compatible with the use of the CareMount Patient Portal official website.
  • Laptop or computer, Smartphone and Tablet with an internet connection.

How to use CareMount Patient Portal?

To use the online portal and its services, one must log into their respective account at Follow the steps below to log into your online user portal:

  • Visit the patient portal of the CareMount Official website.
  • This will take you to their official log-in page.

CareMount Patient Portal Login

  • Enter the username for your account with your doctor.
  • Enter the password for your account.
  • Click the “Log In” button to open the web portal.

From the dashboard, you will be able to see diagnostic results and test results Access Electronic Medical Records (EHR) Request an appointment, locate doctors, and talk to healthcare professionals.

How to reset CareMount Patient Portal’s password?

If you’ve forgotten your password or did not know the information you’ve stored for the password, then in that scenario, you aren’t able to gain access to the account.

In this case, you must retrieve it using just a few steps to access the portal’s services.

Follow the below steps to get the details of your account:

  • Visit the patient portal of the CareMount website.
  • This will redirect users to the login site for official accounts.

Reset CareMount Patient Portal

  • Tap and locate your Forgot password. Link.
  • Enter the email address.
  • Sooner or later, you’ll receive a verification link to the email address that you have registered.
  • Follow this hyperlink to change the password.

How to register on CareMount Patient Portal?

Anyone who is a CareMount Medical patient and is over 13 can sign up for and use the Patient Portal.

As a CareMount Medical patient, you are already a member, so you don’t need to click “Enroll” again.

To sign in for the first time, please use the following:

  • User Name: your email address (e.g. [email protected])
  • Initials + 5-digit zip code = your password (e.g. jd12345)
  • The default answer to the security question is “red” (enter your answer in lowercase)
  • You will be asked to change your password when you sign in to the portal.

If you are having trouble logging in, you can call 914-242-1555 for help.

What is CareMount Patient Portal?

CareMount Medical is the largest independent multi-speciality medical group with more than 560 physicians and advanced practice professionals. Founded in 1946, CareMount is committed to providing the highest quality care to patients and communities.

To enhance patients’ health and experience, it offers a secure and confidential gateway in the CareMount patient portal.

CareMount patient portal makes sharing your medical information with family and friends easy. The portal lets the patients keep track of their medical appointments and medications.

Patients can message their doctor, request test results & prescription refills, view upcoming appointments, and more.

You can access the CareMount patient portal 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to manage your healthcare needs. The portal is secure, confidential, and easy to use.

What benefits of the CareMount Patient Portal?

CareMount Patient Portal is a personal, secure, and secure website that allows you to manage your medical records and other crucial health records. With the help of this portal users are able to:

  • Access medications, medical conditions, vaccinations as well as allergies and laboratory results.
  • 24-hour access to billing and appointment information
  • Consult with doctors via encrypted online messages.
  • Request a refill prescription anytime it is near to expire
  • See upcoming appointments, and get reminders from participating locations.
  • Create your own medical documents and upload them to your file.
  • Be notified of health record update notifications.


CareMount Patient Portal makes it easy for patients to get useful information from anywhere, at any time, using their smartphones. It’s easy to sign in, and once you’re in, you can use the online feature that’s only available online.

Patients can use the portal to get quick access to services, such as paying bills, setting up appointments, sending secure messages, and getting reminders about fees and appointments.

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