Captain 200 DI 4WD price, Full Specification, Offers, reviews 2023

Captain 200 DI 4WD Tractor Specification: If you are ready to buy the Captain 200 DI 4WD Tractor then please stop for a moment and read this post cause here I would like to know every feature of Captain 200 DI 4WD Tractor including specification, Performance, Attachments, Price and more which you do not know about the Captain 200 DI 4WD Tractor.

Captain 200 DI 4WD Tractor

Captain 200 DI 4WD Tractor

  • Captain 200 DI 4WD Tractor price
  • Captain 200 DI 4WD Tractor Specification

Captain 200 DI 4WD Tractor Price: around Rs. 400,000/- and 410,000/-. 

Captain 200 DI 4WD Tractor Application

  • Water Proof Brakes
  • Synchro Transmission
  • Fuel-Efficient
  • Multi-Speed PTO
  • ADDC Hydraulic
  • 2WD-4WD Option

Captain 200 DI 4WD Tractor Specification

No. of Cylinder 1
Capacity 895 CC
Rated Speed 2300 RPM
Cooling System Water Cooled
Bore/Stroke 100/114 mm
Size  mm 2565 x 1040 x 1695mm
Weight 940kg
Wheel Base 1500 mm
Track Width 825
Front 5.00×12
Rear 8.00×18
Type Synchromesh
No. of Gear 8 Forward, 2 Reverse
P.T.O. Speed 4 + 1
Max. Speed 20 km/hr.
Type of Brake Dry Internal Exp. Shoe
Minimum Turning Radius 2.2 (With Brake), 2.7

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