Bobcat T7X Specs & Prices 2023


Bobcat T7X Battery Life, Specs, and More: First All-Electric Track Loader

Bobcat T7X Specs: The world’s first electric track loader was revealed at CES 2022. The Bobcat T7X machine is an original machine that eliminates hydraulic components, systems emissions, and vibrations.

Doosan Bobcat just launched its new compact loader, the Bobcat T7X, available on the market. While there are plenty of electric loaders on the market, Bobcat T7X is the first “all” electric, eliminating the past hydraulic system.

bobcat t7x specs

Bobcat T7X Specs and Features

The T7X engine of the Bobcat features an all-new electrical drive system consisting of electric cylinders and drive motors. The loader does not only use electricity to power its tracks but also for its engine’s start-up and general movement.

Bobcat T7X is no longer required to “warm up” the engines using this system, and operators of machines can utilize it immediately after turning up the engine.

The new system has also eliminated petroleum and hydraulic fluid. According to the Electrek website, Bobcat T7X utilizes one-quarter of “eco-friendly cooling fluid” for every 57 gallons of hydraulic or diesel used in conventional loaders.

Bobcat t7x Lift Capacity

✡ Bobcat t7x Breakout Force – Lift is 7127 lb. (3233 kg)

Bobcat T7X Specs

Bobcat T7X Battery Life, Specs

Bobcat T7X Compact Track Loader Specifications

Power & Performance

Rated Operating Capacity (35% tipping load) 3030 lb. (1374 kg)
Tipping Load 8571 lb. (3887 kg)
Operating Weight 12,187 lb. (5528 kg)
Breakout Force – Lift 7127 lb. (3233 kg)
Breakout Force – Lift – Machine Limitation (hyd/tip) Tip
Breakout Force -Tilt 6078 lb. (2757 kg)
Breakout Force – Tilt – Machine Limitation (hyd/tip) Tip
Travel Speed – Single Speed 0.0-5.9 mph (0.0-9.5 km/hr.)
Travel Speed – 2-Speed Low 0.0-5.9 mph (0.0-9.5 kg/hr.)
Travel Speed – 2-Speed High 0.0-9.1 mph (0.0-14.6 km/hr.)
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Gross Battery Capacity 62 kWh
System Voltage 330-460 VDC
Peak Power Approx. 80 kW (107 hp)
Motor Type Permanent Magnet (Brushless)
CO2 Emissions None
Bystander Noise Level per ISO 6395 92.7 dB
Operator Position Noise Level per ISO 6396/ISO 4871 65.4 dB
Ground Pressure – Rubber Track (17.7 in.) 5.9 psi (.40 bar)

Fluid Capacities

Fuel/Cooling None
Engine Oil with Filter Change None
Engine Cooling System with Heater None
Engine Cooling System without Heater None
Hydraulic/Hydrostatic Reservoir None
Hydraulic/Hydrostatic System None
Hydrostatic Drive Motor Brake Cavity (each) None
Electronics Coolant (environmentally friendly propylene glycol) .25 gal (1 qt)
Air Conditioning Refrigerant (R-134a) 1.6 lb. (.73 kg)

Bobcat T7X Run Time: Other Unique Specs

Landscape and Lawn explained other unique features of the new vehicle, including an all-electric platform that allows instantaneous power and maximum torque at any speed.

The vehicle also features a nifty power management system to recognize when power is being used. When not used, it conserves power to increase its running time.

The total runtime will depend on the type of application being used. Bobcat, The T7X’s battery, is anticipated to provide at least four hours of continuous operation during heavy use, and it could last a full day of operation with occasional usage.

In the end, it is essential to be noted that Bobcat T7X has software connectivity. The platform uses information from the whole system to provide operators with the necessary information, alter the machine’s preference, tune the system’s performance according to working conditions, and may even update features on the platform.

Bobcat t7x Review Video

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Bobcat T7X – FAQ


How much does a Bobcat T7X cost?

The first machines are more than three times the cost of an older model, at over $200,000 for each–but Honeyman claims that the cost will likely decrease as Bobcat grows the production capacity of its electric machine.

What is a bobcat T7x track loader?

The T7X from Bobcat is the world’s first fully electric small track loader. Batteries, mighty and emission-free, entirely power this machine. The T7X’s traditional hydraulic workgroup has been replaced by an electrical drive system consisting of electric cylinders and drives motors, which translates to practically no fluids.

What is the T7x?

It is also the only machine of its kind that is entirely electric. It offers the benefits of eliminating hydraulic components, hydraulic systems vibrations, and emissions while offering the quietest, most clean machine.

What kind of battery does a T7x have?

The T7X has a 62-kilowatt lithium-ion battery that gives up to four-hour continuous operating times or a whole day of intermittent usage. The hydraulic system can be replaced with an electric drive system powered by electric power and ball screw motors.