Bobcat s750 Specs, Price, HP, Reviews, Features, Attachments – 2023

Bobcat s750 Specs, Price, HP, Reviews, Weight, Lift Capacity, Features, Attachments

Bobcat s750 Specs: Guys!! In this article, you will learn all you need to know about Bobcat S750 specifications, Bobcat s750 price, reviews, capacity for lift, oil capacity, dimensions, attachments, Key Features, and photos.

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You can power your way to the top of performance with the Bobcat S750 skid steer loader. Bobcat S750 skid-steer loader has an elevated vertical path that provides 11 feet.

Bobcat s750 Specs

In lift elevation. The Bobcat S750 is a popular option for a variety of loading tasks. It is a Bobcat S750 that features a Tier 4 diesel engine.

Bobcat s750 Price

Price: $24,900 (Approx)

Bobcat s750 Weight

Weight: 3200 lbs (1,452 kg)

Bobcat s750 HP

Horsepower: 85 hp (63 kw)

Bobcat s750 Oil Capacity


Bobcat S750 Skid Steer Loader

  • MODEL: S750
Model Bobcat S750

Bobcat s750 Engine

Emissions Tier (EPA) Tier 4
Engine Cooling Liquid
Engine Fuel Diesel
Horsepower 85 hp
Turbocharged Engine Optional

Bobcat s750 Performance

Rated Operating Capacity (SAE) 3,200 lb
Tipping Load 6400 lb
Operating Weight 8893 lb
Travel Speed 7.1 mph
Travel Speed (2-speed option) 12.3 mph

Bobcat s750 Capacities 

Fuel Tank 23.9 gal

Bobcat s750 Hydraulic System

System Relief @ Quick Couplers 3,500 psi
Auxiliary Std Flow 23 gal/min
Auxiliary High Flow 36.6 gal/min

Bobcat s750 Dimension

Length 141.6 in
Length without Attachment 114.3 in
Length with Standard Bucket 141.6 in
Width 72.1 in
Width (with bucket) 74 in
Height 81.3 in
Height with Operator Cab 81.3 in
Height to Bucket Hinge Pin 132 in
Reach @ Maximum Height 31.5 in
Turning Radius 85.8 in
Wheelbase 48.3 in

Bobcat s750 Features

Joystick Control Optional
Air Conditioning Optional
Adjustable Seat Standard
Backup Alarm Standard
BICS System (Interlock) Standard
Cab Enclosure Optional
Sound Option Optional
Cab Heater Optional
Operating Lights Standard
Parking Brake Standard
Radio Optional
Rear Window Standard
Top Window Standard
Lift-Arm Support Standard
Seat Belt Standard
Suspension Seat Optional
Two Speed Travel Optional
Deluxe Instrumentation Optional
Engine Shutdown Standard
Hydraulic Bucket Positioning Optional
High Flow Option Optional
Auxiliary Hydraulics Standard
Bob-Tach Attachment System Standard
Power Bob-Tach Optional
ACS (Switchable Controls) Optional
Ride Control Optional
Rear Hydraulics Optional
Horn Standard

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Performance Features

Unbeatable power to help you get through the most challenging tasks. Profit from the industry’s leading breakout force, rated operating capacities, faster cycle times, and faster turns.

Performance Features

With systems and features not provided by other companies, Bobcat(r) skid-steer loaders are set to go to work.

Comfort Features

Get into the huge comfortable cabin and enjoy fantastic visibility.

Serviceability Features

Reduce operating expenses through preventative maintenance that is done quickly.

Attachment Features

Make a multi-faceted team using the Bobcat(r) loaded with skids and the broadest range of attachment options.

Bobcat s750 Review 

The Bobcat S750 is a powerful and versatile skid-steer loader with a 3,000 lbs operating capacity, 11 feet vertical lift height, 74.3 HP engine, and standard two-speed transmission. For a full review YouTube video Check Here.

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What engine is in Bobcat S750?

Bobcat 3.4L diesel engine

The Bobcat S750 and S770 skid-steer loaders are made with a Tier 4 compliant Bobcat 3.0L diesel engine. These engines don’t require a diesel particulate filtrate (DPF), which would mean that a regeneration process and routine filter cleans are not required.

How wide is a Bobcat S750?

74 in.

Height: 81.3 in. Width with bucket 74in. Length of bucket: 141.6 in.

How many horsepower is a Bobcat S750?


The Bobcat S750 skid steer loads a total of 8,730 pounds. It has 11 feet of vertical lift, which is 3.5 inches more than the S300. It also has a maximum operating weight of 3,200 pounds. It’s powered by an 85-horsepower turbo diesel engine and has an improved 23-GPM standard hydraulic flow.