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Bobcat S64 Specs

 Bobcat S64 Overview

The Bobcat S64 skid-steer loader has better cooling and more protection for the machine. With a large, sealed, and pressurized cab made of a single piece, ergonomic controls, and an optional clear side enclosure with automatic heating and cooling, it’s easy to see why operators choose this powerful, maneuverable machine.

The 68-hp S64 makes it easy to get more done when working in tight spaces because it is very easy to move around and turns and slides very well.

The Bobcat engine meets Tier 4 rules without a diesel particulate filter, which cuts down on downtime for cleaning and maintenance costs in the long run.

Bobcat S64 Features

  • Joystick Control
  • Air Conditioning
  • Adjustable Seat
  • Backup Alarm
  • BICS System (Interlock)
  • Cab Enclosure
  • Sound Option
  • Cab Heater
  • Operating Lights
  • Parking Brake
  • Radio
  • Rear Window
  • Top Window
  • Lift-Arm Support
  • Seat Belt
  • Suspension Seat
  • Two Speed Travel
  • Deluxe Instrumentation
  • Engine Shutdown
  • Hydraulic Bucket Positioning
  • High Flow Option
  • Auxiliary Hydraulics
  • Spark Arrestor Muffler
  • Bob-Tach Attachment System
  • Power Bob-Tach
  • ACS (Switchable Controls)
  • Ride Control
  • Rear Hydraulics
  • Horn

 Bobcat S64 Specifications

68 hp
Rated Operating Capacity (ISO)
2,300 lb
Auxiliary Std Flow
17.6 gal/min
Auxiliary High Flow
26.9 gal/min
Joystick Control


Emissions Tier (EPA)
Tier 4
Engine Cooling
Engine Fuel
68 hp
Turbocharged Engine


Rated Operating Capacity (ISO)
2,300 lb
Tipping Load
4600 lb
Travel Speed
7.4 mph
Travel Speed (2-speed option)
11 mph


Fuel Tank
28.3 gal

Hydraulic System

System Relief @ Quick Couplers
3,500 psi
Auxiliary Std Flow
17.6 gal/min
Auxiliary High Flow
26.9 gal/min


 Length 134.9 in
Length Without Attachment 107 in
Length With Standard Bucket 134.9 in
Width 64.6 in
Width (With Bucket) 68 in
Height 80.5 in
Height With Operator Cab 80.5 in
Height to Bucket Hinge Pin 120 in
Reach @ Maximum Height 34.2 in
Turning Radius 80.1 in
Wheelbase 44.6 in

Bobcat S64 Price & Wight




6974 lb

 Bobcat S64 Review

 Bobcat S64 FAQs

 Bobcat S64 Conclusion

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