Bobcat S175 Specs, Price, Horsepower, Reviews, Features – 2022

Bobcat S175 Specs, Price, HP, Reviews, Weight, Lift Capacity, Oil Capacity, Features, Attachments

Bobcat S175 Specs: you’ll find information about the Bobcat S175 specs, Bobcat S175 Skid Steer Loader price, reviews, lift capacities, oil capacity, and Horsepower. Dimensions, attachments, Key Features, and photos.

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Bobcat S175 Specs.

Bobcat S175 Price

Price: $31,900 USD (Approx)

Bobcat S175 Horsepower

Horsepower: 46hp

Bobcat S175 Weight

Operating Weight: 6220lb

Bobcat S175 Skid Steer Loader

Bobcat S175 Skid Steer Loader frontBobcat S175 Skid Steer Loader backBobcat S175 Skid Steer Loader side

Bobcat s175 Dimensions


A Length With Bucket 10.86ft in
B Width Over Tires 5.5ft in
C Height To Top Of Cab 6.36ft in
D Wheelbase 3.38ft in
F Length W/O Bucket 8.5ft in
G Clearance At Max Lift And Dump 7.58ft in
H Reach At Max Lift And Dump 29.6in
Turning Radius From Center – Machine Rear 78.8in

Bobcat s175 Specs

Bobcat s175 Engine

Engine Model V2203-M-DI
Gross Power 46hp

Bobcat s175 Operational

Operational Weight 6220lb
Fuel Capacity 24.1gal
Max Speed 11.1mph
Operating Speed 7.3mph

Bobcat s175 Loader

Operating Load Rating 1750lb
Tipping Angle 4076degrees

Bobcat s175 Hydraulic

Pump Flow Capacity 16.9gal/min
Relief Valve Pressure 3300psi

Bobcat S175 Reviews


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How much will a Bobcat S175 lift?

Weight and Capacity

Bobcat S175 Bobcat S175 has a rated lifting capacity of up to 1750 pounds.

How much does a S175 Bobcat weight?

6220 lbs
Operating Specifications
Fuel Capacity 24.1 gal (91 l)
Max Speed 11.1 mph (18 kph)
Operating Speed 7.3 mph (12 kph)
Operational Weight 6220 lbs (2,821 kg)

How many horsepower does a Bobcat S175 have?

This is what we know concerning what we know about the Bobcat S175 Skid Steer Loader. It comes with a Liquid cooling Diesel Engine that can produce the equivalent of 46 HP. It has a hydro flow of 16.9 grams per minute and weighs 6220lbs. The four-cylinder skid steer has a maximal speed of 7.3 miles per hour.