Bobcat E60 Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤️

Bobcat E60 Specs, Weight, Price & Review ❤️

Take a look at this From the (official site), I have compiled all you need to know about the Bobcat E60, including its dimensions, pricing, and features, on this page.

Bobcat E60 Specs

Bobcat E60 Overview

This 6-ton mini excavator has the most hydraulic and engine horsepower so it can dig deep and lift heavy things. It can even go further if you choose to add an extendable arm.

With the redesigned Bobcat engine, you can spend more time in the cab and less time in the shop. It requires less routine maintenance, is easier to service, has a better cooling system that protects engine parts, and runs more quietly.

Better digging and turning over the side, as well as more lifting over the side. Premium comfort features include clear visibility to the work and job site, more headroom and legroom, ergonomic controls, and less vibration and noise.

A widescreen touch display, a rearview camera, automatic heat and air conditioning, and the unique Bobcat depth-check system are all available as extra features.

Bobcat E60 Features

  • Air Conditioning
  • Cab Enclosure
  • Cab Heater
  • Heater Air Conditioning
  • Radio
  • Tail Swing Type
  • Engine Shutdown
  • Auxiliary Hydraulics
  • Secondary Auxiliary Hydraulics
  • Quick-Tach System
  • Rubber Track
  • Selectable Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow
  • Angle Blade

Bobcat E60 Specifications

E60 (Long-Arm)E60 (Extendable Arm)E60

E60 Key Specifications

55 hp55 hp55 hp
Operating Weight
12,315 lb12,646 lb12,315 lb
Bucket Digging Force
10,261 lbs10,261 lbs10,261 lbs
Maximum Reach at Ground Level
246 in 
265.2 in246 in
77.2 in77.2 in77.2 in
Tail Swing Type


Emissions Tier (EPA)
Tier 4Tier 4Tier 4
Engine Fuel
Maximum Governed RPM
2,200 rpm2,200 rpm2,200 rpm
55 hp55 hp55 hp
Turbocharged Engine
Optional Turbocharged Engine


Operating Weight
12,315 lb12,646 lb12,315 lb
Weight Class
6 t 6 t 6 t 
Travel Speed – High
2.8 mph2.8 mph2.8 mph
Travel Speed – Low
1.8 mph1.8 mph1.8 mph
Arm Digging Force
6,446 lbf7,104 lbf6,446 lbf
Bucket Digging Force
10,261 lbf10,261 lbf10,261 lbf
Rated Lift Capacity
6411 lb6345 lb6411 lb
Lift Radius
118 in118 in118 in
Boom Swing – Left
Boom Swing – Right
50° 50° 50° 
Maximum Dig Depth
157.2 in177.6 in157.2 in
Max Dump Height
171.6 in182.4 in171.6 in
Maximum Reach at Ground Level
246 in265.2 in246 in


Fuel Tank
19 gal19 gal19 gal

Hydraulic System

Auxiliary Std Flow
20 gal/min20 gal/min20 gal/min
Auxiliary Pressure
3,045 psi3,045 psi3,045 psi


218.3 in218.3 in218.3 in
Overall Length in Travel Position
218.3 in218.3 in218.3 in
77.2 in77.2 in77.2 in
100.1 in100.1 in100.1 in
Height with Operator Cab
100.1 in100.1 in100.1 in

Bobcat E60 Price & Wight




12,315 lb

Bobcat E60 Review

The Bobcat E60 stands as a robust and versatile 6-ton mini excavator, renowned for its exceptional performance, comfort, and safety across various applications, including digging, grading, landscaping, and demolition.

Its power source is a 55-horsepower Yanmar engine, capable of achieving a maximum dig depth of 13 feet and a robust 6,000-pound lift capacity at the bucket. Additionally, the E60 prioritizes operator comfort and ease of use with its spacious cab, ergonomic controls, and a low-noise engine.

The Bobcat E60 represents an excellent choice for those in need of a potent and adaptable mini excavator. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

Bobcat E60 FAQs

How much can a Bobcat E60 lift?

The rated lift capacity is 5,908 pounds. The deepest you can dig is 13.6 feet. At its tallest, a dump can be 13.5 feet tall. At ground level, the most you can reach is 21.3 feet.

What engine is in the Bobcat E60 excavator?

The non-DPF Tier 4 engine makes routine maintenance easier and less time-consuming. It is also easier to service, has a better cooling system that protects engine parts, and runs more quietly. With the E60’s low-effort joysticks, you can move every part of the machine with the highest level of precision.

Bobcat E60 Conclusion

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