Bobcat E45 Specs, Price, Weight, Width, Reviews – 2023

Bobcat E45 Specs – Bobcat E45 Mini Excavator Specs

Bobcat E45 Specs: Bobcat E45 Mini excavators Bobcat E45 Mini excavator has a zero Tail Swing.

Excavate close to nearby objectives with unlimited rotation, more flexibility, and less chance of damage to the machine and the property around it.

The Tier 4 compliant Bobcat E45 can be provided with angle blade options and a long arm option. Extension arm with clamp capability.

In this post of mine, you will learn about the mini excavator from Bobcat specs, the bobcat e45 mini excavator available for sale, and a bobcat e45 manual.

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bobcat e45 specs Prices

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Bobcat E45 Mini Excavator Key Facts

  • Horsepower: 42.7 hp
  • Optional Horsepower: n/a
  • Operating Weight: 10,077 lb
  • Bucket Digging Force: 7,650 lbs
  • Maximum Reach at Ground Level: 18.6 ft
  • Width: 77.2 in
  • Tail Swing Type: Zero

Bobcat E45 Application

  • General Grading/Landscaping
  • Material Handling
  • Digging of Trenches, Holes, and Foundations
  • Demolition
  • Construction

Bobcat E45 Mini Excavator Attachment Features

  • Hydraulic system for X-change
  • Pro clamp system
  • Standard X-change
  • Ergonomic Controls
  • Attachments are versatile
  • Hydraulic flow is selectable for the Auxiliary.

Bobcat E45 Price New

Bobcat E45 Price New

Price: $59,900 USD

Bobcat E45 Specs

Engine Standard Long Arm
Emissions Tier (EPA) Interim Tier 4 Interim Tier 4
Engine Fuel Diesel Diesel
Maximum Governed RPM 2,200 rpm 2,200 rpm
Horsepower 31.2 kW 31.2 kW
Turbocharged Engine N/A N/A


Operating Weight 4571 kg 4787 kg
Weight Class 4.6 t 4.8 t
Travel Speed – High 4.2 km/h 4.2 km/h
Travel Speed – Low 2.4 km/h 2.4 km/h
Arm Digging Force 23,720 N 20,865 N
Bucket Digging Force 34,030 N 34,030 N
Rated Lift Capacity 75° 75°
Lift Radius 50° 50°
Maximum Dig Depth 3.3 m 3.6 m
Max Dump Height 3.6 m 3.8 m
Maximum Reach at Ground Level 5.7 m 6 m


Fuel Tank 79,9 l 79,9 l
Auxiliary Std Flow 75,7 l/min 75,7 l/min
Auxiliary Pressure 210 bar 210 bar


Length 5370 mm 5386 mm
Overall Length in Travel Position 5370 mm 5386 mm
Width 1960 mm / 2060 mm 1960 mm / 2060 mm
Height 2532 mm 2532 mm

Key Features

Cab Enclosure  Optional  Optional
Cab Heater  Optional  Optional
Cab Air Conditioning  Optional  Optional
Radio  Optional  Optional
Tail Swing Type Zero Zero
Engine Shutdown  Standard  Standard
Auxiliary Hydraulics  Standard  Standard
Secondary Auxiliary Hydraulics  Optional  Optional
Quick Tach System  Optional  Optional
Rubber Track  Standard  Standard
Selectable Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow  Standard  Standard
Angle Blade  Optional  Optional

Bobcat E45 Mini Excavator Review  

The Bobcat E45 mini excavator is a versatile and powerful machine, but it is expensive and requires regular maintenance.

It is a good choice for those who need a versatile and powerful machine. Full Review YouTube Video CHECK HERE

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What size is a E45 Bobcat?

5.35m x 1.96m x 2.54m

The E 45 is categorized as the most significant machine segment of the category of mini excavators. The model’s dimensions are 5.35m by 1.96m and 2.54m.

How much weight can a Bobcat E45 Lift?

5,131 lbs.

The engine of the Bobcat E45 is 41.8 HP (same as the E42). It also has a rated lifting capacity of as high as 5,131 pounds.

How many tons is a Bobcat E45?

5 Ton

Bobcat E45 – Digger (5 Ton)

What is a Bobcat E45?

Bobcat E45 is a compact excavating machine. Bobcat(r) E45 compact excavator (mini excavator) offers Zero Tail Swing (ZTS). Excavate close to the surrounding objects with unlimited rotation, more flexibility, and less risk of destruction to the machine and the property around it.