Bobcat 853 Specs, Price, HP, Reviews, Features, Attachments – 2023

Bobcat 853 Specs, Price, HP, Reviews, Weight, Lift Capacity, Oil Capacity, Features, Attachments

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bobcat 853 specs

Bobcat 853 Price

Price: $21,500 (Approx)

Bobcat 853 Horsepower

Horsepower: 58HP

Bobcat 853 Skid Steer Loader

Bobcat 853 Skid Steer LoaderBobcat 853 Skid Steer Loader backBobcat 853 Skid Steer Loader side



Length With Bucket

10.71ft in


Width Over Tires

5.08ft in

Ground Clearance


Height To Top Of Cab

6.75ft in


3.22ft in

Length W/O Bucket

8.49ft in

Hinge Pin Height – Fully Raised


Bobcat 853 Skid Steer Specs

Bobcat 853 Skid Steer Specs

Bobcat 853 Engine

Engine Make Isuzu
Engine Model 4JB1PK-03

Hydraulic System

Pump Flow Capacity 18 gal/min (68 l/min)


Bucket Width 61.5 in (156 cm)
Tipping load (ISO 14397) 3419.4 lbs (1,551 kg)

Operating Specifications

Operational Weight 6499.3 lbs (2,948 kg)
Tire Size 8.25-15

Bobcat 853 Review Video


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Is a Bobcat 853 high flow?

HIGH FLOW POWER. This 853H high flow auxiliary hydraulics system delivers an additional 24 GPM in auxiliary hydraulics into powering accessories, such as the Bobcat planer (above) and Bobcat Wheel Saw (left). Bobcat Wheel Saw (left).

What engine is in a 853 bobcat?

Engine Make Isuzu
Engine Model 4JB1PK-03

What is the weight of a 853 bobcat?

We have a few details regarding what we know about the Bobcat 853 Skid Steer Loader. It comes with a Diesel engine and produces an impressive 58 horsepower, and it’s a 4-cylinder with a weight of six thousand pounds.

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