Billings Clinic Patient Portal Login ❤️

PatientConnect is the Billings Clinic’s official Patient portal. It allows you to electronically access all your medical records, as well as other information, from any device.

Patients have the ability to view their upcoming appointments and request refills or test results from Billings Clinic. You can also pay online your bills quickly. PatientConnect makes it easy, convenient, secure, and accessible.

If you’re a patient at Billings Clinic, you can access various online resources through the login at

This article will explain how to sign up or create an account on the Billings Clinic Patient Portal. It will also show you the benefits and how to download the Billings Clinic Patient Portal App online.

Billings Clinic Patient Portal

How do I sign up for the Billings Clinic Patient Portal Account?

You can sign up for PatientConnect at Billings Clinic on your next visit.
You will receive a confirmation email after providing your email address and answering a secret question to the registration agent.
After following those directions, you will be able to access the patient portal.
The email invitation you received will remain active for ninety days.
You can self-enrol online instead of signing up in person. Before you can complete registration on-site, you’ll need to know your MRN.To complete your self-enrollment, please follow these steps:

Billings Clinic Patient Portal Account

  • Please fill out your information to start the Billings Clinic enrollment process.
  • On this form, you have to put in your personal information, which includes
    1 Email Address
    2 Date of Birth First Name Last Name
    3 Last four numbers of your Social Security number (MRN)
    4 Choose a name for your account and a password.
  • Read the terms and conditions and agree to them.
  • Enter the code.
  • Click on “Send.”
  • All done! You’re now signed up.

Billings Clinic Patient Portal Login – Forgot Password?

Follow these steps if you want to change your Billings Clinic Patient’s Portal login password:

  • Go to the website for the Billings Clinic Patient Portal.
  • On the page where you sign in, click the link that says “Forgot password?”

Billings Clinic Patient Portal Forgot Password

  • Enter your patient account’s email address or user name.
    Tap on Submit.
  • Soon, they will send a link to your account’s email address that lets you change your password.
  • Follow the steps on the screen to get your account information back.

What is Billings Clinic Patient Portal?

Billings Clinic Patient Portal, accessible at, is a secure online platform that provides access to your health records and valuable information.

The patient portal offers patients several ways to access electronic medical records (EHR), view their medical history, fill prescriptions, find doctors, schedule appointments, send secure messages to their healthcare, etc.

The PatientConnect portal assists you in contacting your doctors, tracking your health and providing patient education and additional helpful content. You can also pay your online bills quickly.

Benefits of using Billings Clinic’s Patient Portal

With PatientConnect, you may easily access your health records and other relevant data regarding your treatment. The portal allows you to carry out the aforementioned action:

  • Examine and take a printout of your medical history, including tests, allergies, immunizations,
  • medications, health problems, operations, and more.
  • Medications in order
  • Immunizations and allergy sufferers
  • You can use the encrypted messaging service to ask for a refill on your medicine.
  • Examine your schedule for forthcoming events.
  • Your electronic health record contains private medical information (EHR)
  • Your hospital and clinic stay summaries
  • Examine and take a hard copy of your lab and imaging results
  • Your doctor’s recommendations for health resources and classes
  • Contact their doctors and nurses.


Billings Clinic Patient Portal is a private and personalized portal for patients of Billings Hospital, allowing you access to your health information at any time, from anywhere.

Signing in is easy. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be able to make use of the online feature that is exclusive to users.

This web-based application lets patients communicate with their physician or nurse, ask for prescriptions, look up laboratory results, make appointments, and pay bills online.

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