AWPL Login on Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd Portal Login – 2023

AWPL Login at

Awpl Login: To receive the Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd Login credentials, you first need to fill out a registration.

The website contains all the data about the Awpl Login.

First, you need to complete your login ID for the Awplform online via the Asclepius Wellness Private Limited portal. 

The AWPL portal is able to sign in the following registration and after that, you’ll be able to access your account details.

If you are a new user of the website You can find all the details about the Asclepius Wellbeing Pvt Ltd login in our post with no issue.

We will assist you in tackling certain AWPL issues with the login you are facing. Additionally, we will provide you with information on the AWPL ID.

We’ve also provided important details about this Awpl Login ID and Password so to assist you in the same way.

What is the AWPL? Price list of the AWPL Products in 2023

AWPL (also known as Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd is a business that offers Health Products. The company was founded by professionals working in the field.

The business Asclepius Wellness AWPL aims to build entrepreneurs with the ability to think quickly and also provide high-quality products to improve wellness.

Price list of the AWPL Products

Green substances, scientific formulae, and advanced production processes are employed to make Asclepius Wellness Private Limited products.

In addition, Asclepius Wellness provides knowledge and education to clients through us, helping them make smart, informed choices.

Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd Products List

Sl No. Product Name Quantity SP DP MRP
  EXE Herbal Mehandi 200 gm 2 395 474
  Ayush Kwath 100 Gm 1 241 289
  Cardiodoc 1000 ml 13 1928 2314
  Daibodoc Ras 1000 ml 8 1243 1492
  EXE PANCH TULSI OIL 25 ml 2 345 414
  Aloe vera Juice 1000 ml 5 834 1001
  Coughdoc Ras 200 ml 2 412 495
  Alrgydoc Ras 500 ml 7 1068 1282
  ADIDOC Drop 25 ml 2 375 450
  Braindoc Ras 500 ml 7 1135 1361
  EXE B-TON OINT 100 gm 3 595 714
  FEVODOC PRAVAHI KWATH 1000 ml 12 1829 2195
  Genodoc Wash 100 ml 1 198 238
  Free You ANION SANITARY PAD 10 pc. 0.5 115 138
  Herbal Green Tea 100 gm 2 370 444
  Kidgdoc 250 gm 4 680 816
  IMMUNODOC 1000 ml 12 1763 2116
  H Doc Hand Sanitizer 500 ml 0.25 232 250
  GYNEDOC 500 ml 8 1229 1474
  Exe Wheat Grass Powder 100 gm 3 520 624
  EXE JC OINT 50 gm 2 356 427
  Joint Curator Oil 50 ml 2 328 394
  Pilodoc Ras 1000 ml 13 2063 2476
  Obeodoc 1000 ml 15 2189 2627
  Prodoc 200 gm 3 534 641
  ORTHODOC PRAVAHI KWATH 1000 ml 13 1916 2299
  Livodoc 500 ml 8 1273 1528
  Stondoc 1000 ml 14 2152 2582
  Prassdoc 500 gm 6 952 1142
  THYDOC PRAVAHI KWATH 1000 ml 13 2091 2509
  VIRALDOC 500 ml 3 588 706
  Thunder Blast 500 ml 13 1910 2292
  Veindoc Oil 25 ml 1 219 263
  Triphala Ras 500 ml 2 384 461
  Chlorodoc Ras 1000 ml 13 2091 2509

Asclepius Products  for Beauty Care

  EXE HERBAL FACE WASH 100 ml 1 207 248
  EXE HEAL DOC CREAM 50 gm 1 223 268
  EXE HERBAL FACE PACK CREAM 50 gm 1 209 251

Asclepius Products  for Hair Care

  HAIR DOC 100 ml 1 202 242
  EXE HAIR SHINE POINT 100 ml 1 236 283
  EXE HAIR CLEANSER 100 ml 1 202 242

Asclepius – Food Products

  BERRYDOC Juice 1000 ml 11 1660 1992
  CURCIDOC Capsule 30 cap 6 937 1125
  BERRYDOC Capsule 30 cap 6 934 1121
  COW-C-DOC Capsule 30 cap 6 951 1141
  Giloy Capsule 30 cap 1 195 234
  FITDOC Powder 100 gm 2 405 486
  DIGIDOC Powder 100 gm 1 199 239
  G-COFFEEDOC 100 gm 3 527 633
  FENNELDOC Drop 50 ml 1 193 231
  CURCIDOC Drop 50 ml 3 478 574
  Noni Juice 500 ml 6 981 1177
  MORIDOC Capsule 60 cap 6 948 1137
  Immunity Drop 50 ml 1 186 223
  Giloy Juice 500 ml 2 362 434
  MUSCLEDOC 1 kg 25 4365 5238
  MASSDOC Powder 1 kg 20 3362 4034
  HEIGHTDOC Powder 500 gm 17 2669 3203
  SLIMDOC Powder 500 gm 8 1383 1660
  OMEGADOC Capsule 30 cap. 6 950 1140
  STEVIADOC Drop 50 ml 2 339 407
  SEABUCKDOC Juice 500 ml 7 1065 1278
  SPIRADOC Capsule 60 cap 6 955 1146
  VITADOC Capsule 30 cap 8 1268 1521

Let’s talk about how to get into the AWPL portal at once you’ve cleared the AWPL List of products.

We’ll start the AWPL Login procedure right now however, we must first. Let me present an overview of the credentials needed for this AWPL Login process.

What Are The Requirements For AWPL Login?

  •  Www Awpl Login URL
  •  the Awpl Wellness Login Password and username
  •  Online internet, updated browser
  •  Personal computers, mobile phones,s or similar devices, such as laptops or tablet
  •  Internet access

How to Login to AWPL Portal at

Learn these steps below to access your personal portal for AWPL – www.awpl.login:

Login to AWPL Portal

  •  Please provide your Username Awpl.Login
  •  You must then enter your Account Login password.
  •  Click Submit to submit the form.

This screen to sign in with the Asclepius Wellness Private Limited Login will appear as per the image above.

How to Reset AWPL Login Password?

For a safe reset of your account’s AWPL Portal password, follow these simple steps:

How to Reset AWPL Login Password

  •  Find the forgotten password button that is shown in the previous image. This will reset the Asclepius Log-In password.

Reset AWPL Login Password

  •  Please now recover Your login Asclepius Wellbeing Password by following these instructions.

Awpl Login Registration – Steps-by-Step Guide

Awpl Login Registration

  • Input into the registration details like the date of joining and then the Details about the product, party, and more.
  • Start filling in the details of the details for your Awpl registration username as well as your father’s name, gender, DOB, and details about your residence.
  • If you have a co-applicant in the Asclepius Wellness Private Limited Login Please provide his details of him in a brief manner.
  • Click Save, and then proceed.

AWPL Login Help

In the course of your login at, you may be facing issues such as a website being down or server issues when login in with the login at

AWPL login Basic issues such as issues with internet connections or problems caused by the older version could be easily solved.

So, below is the contact information for AWPL. Contact details that could assist in solving all your issues and issues. Let’s review the Asclepius Wellbeing Pvt Ltd Login options and determine which method of contact is most suitable for us.

Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd

Plot No-18, Pocket8, Block-C,Near HDFC Bank, Sector-17,
Dwarka, New Delhi – 110075
CIN No. – U51909DL2014PTC272296

Email: [email protected]

The above email could help you with Asclepius Wellness Private Limited Login.

Asclepius Login Id:+91-11-28033739
Mon-Fri – 10 A.M. – 7 P.M.
Saturday Timing – 10 AM – 5 PM
Sunday Timing – NA (Closed)

AWPL Product Section

Phone No: +91-11-46063702
Email: [email protected]

AWPL Customer Care

Phone No. : +91 11 28031568
Email: [email protected]
Timing: 10 AM- 7 PM

AWPL Account Section

Phone No. : +91-9953354092
Email: [email protected]

AWPL KYC Section

Phone No: +91-8800395899
Email: [email protected]

AWPL Admin/Greening Section

Phone No: +91-8800396549
Email: [email protected]

AWPL Payout Section

Phone No. : +91-9953439499
Email: [email protected]

AWPL Franchisee Section

Phone No. : +91-9953350984
Email: [email protected]


We hope that you’ve completed your Awpl Registration and Asclepius Login ID. We are sure that you’ve never encountered issues with the Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd Login Page issues after reading this article.

If you wish us to provide more information about the login page and how to Login Asclepius Wellness, let us know using our option for comments.

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What is the AWPL app?

The AWPL app is an app that helps you work with AWPL. It features easy login, registration, and order tracking.

How do I log in to AWPL?

It is not clear from the search results how to log in to AWPL. More information may be available on the AWPL website or app.

Is there an Athena Health app for patients?

Yes, Athena Health has an app for patients. More information may be available on the Athena Health website.

How can I create a Samsara account?

To create a Samsara account, visit and follow the instructions for first-time login.

How do I change my AWPL login information?

It is not clear from the search results how to change AWPL login information. More information may be available on the AWPL website or app.

Can I do Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd Login from my mobile?

Yes, they offer an app for mobile devices on each Android and iPhone You can download it and install it on your device through their official sign in and when you log in with an AWPL Login ID then you can purchase the items you like best.

On which social media platforms Can I find Asclepius Wellness Pvt Ltd?

Asclepius Wellness is popular and accessible via FB, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

What Products can I find on www asclepiuswellness com login?

On, login you will find products from Agriculture as well as Wellness product lines. Oral care products Food Products, Homecare and products for hair care, Personal and beauty care as well.

What is the AWPL app?

The AWPL app is an app that helps you work with AWPL. It features easy login, registration, and order tracking.