AutoZone Price Match Policy: What is it and How Does it Work?

AutoZone Price Match Policy: In this blog, we will review the price match policy at Autozone and what it covers. Autozone is a nationwide auto parts retailer that provides in-store purchases and has an official corporate policy of not having competitors online.

However, some store owners will beat other stores’ prices like RockAuto for online purchases.

AutoZone Price Match Policy

We’ve got more information on this policy. Autozone Price Match policy. Click here for more details.

Does AutoZone Offer a Price Match?

Yes. However, AutoZone’s price match service differs from rivals or other manufacturers. They do not price match items in stores; however, they do not price online match items.

Apart from that, they do not match prices with their online counterparts. However, there is a one-off; certain store managers will price match online stores such as RockAuto. Also, as a result, they usually match prices for products in-store, but not online retailers.

For price matching to price match, you must provide evidence of a lower price at the store that you are competing with. You can also call before visiting their store.

Does AutoZone Price match Online Competitors?

They don’t offer price matches with competitors online, except RockAuto.

Does AutoZone Price Match eBay?

AutoZone doesn’t price match with eBay. eBay is an online auction site, making it ineligible for price matching by Autozone’s policy on price matching.

Additionally, sellers on eBay typically are individuals, making price matching ineffective since it is not offered by corporations listed by AutoZone for price matches.

Does AutoZone Price Match Walmart?

AutoZone matches prices with Walmart stores. There are often physical Walmart stores within the same area as AutoZone, which allows it to be eligible for the price match. In addition, Walmart also shares several items with AutoZone and makes it a competitor of AutoZone.

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So, it would help if you were looking for bargains at Walmart should you wish to match the price at AutoZone.

Does AutoZone Price Match RockAuto?

AutoZone is unlikely to match the price of RockAuto since it is an online retailer.

There were some exceptional instances in which employees reported that their branch of AutoZone could match prices in conjunction with Rock Auto as long as the same warranty covered them. The additional cost for shipping overnight would be added to the cost.

You can try it if the branch from AutoZone is close to you, located close to a producer of the product RockAuto sells from. But, AutoZone, as a corporation, don’t offer price matching for RockAuto.

The price match between RockAuto and RockAuto that AutoZone accepts typically happens depending on an individual basis or branch management decision. AutoZone could opt not to follow its own policy if it attracts people away from their primary customers, such as RockAuto.

What is AutoZone Price Adjustment Policy?

Price adjustment differs from a price match. If you match prices, you purchase an item at an online store, and then later their price or rival’s price is lower, you will receive the discount in return in part, but only if it’s based on the price difference.

However, AutoZone doesn’t offer price adjustment because they state that they don’t alter prices for previous purchases.

How Can you get a Price Match at AutoZone?

The price match will save you money. Also, by looking at rivals, you can find out which have the lowest prices so that you can contact AutoZone.

The AutoZone price is comparable to other stores selling auto parts in your local area. They also compete with major retailers such as NAPA Auto Parts and O’Reilly Auto Parts.

They don’t offer price matches with online stores such as RockAuto. If you call, you can inquire if they can match prices. However, the official policy does not mention this possibility.

Bring proof from a different store that shows the same product at a lower price than what you’re willing to buy from AutoZone to allow them to price match your purchase.

AutoZone has some guidelines, and based on these guidelines, they’ll determine whether the item you want to purchase is priced or not. Also, they could either accept or deny your request.

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Price Match Exclusions

It is crucial to know the exclusions because if you’re unsure why AutoZone will not permit price matches and you don’t know what they are, you could waste your time. If you make price matching at the AutoZone store and don’t know their exclusions, they could tell you that they have policies which means you’re paying nothing. These are the exceptions AutoZone offers for price match:

  • As we’ve explained previously, AutoZone doesn’t price online match retailers, but it is done in their local location.
  • Their competitors are limited to the biggest ones like O’Reilly Auto Parts and NAPA Auto Parts.
  • Price-match proof is needed. Without it, they will not price match your request.

AutoZone’s Price Match Competitors

AutoZone offers several competitors to match the price:

  • O’Reilly Auto Parts.
  • NAPA Auto Parts.

In addition, AutoZone doesn’t price match with online retailers like Amazon. However, they offer an excellent selection of top-quality automobile parts and accessories at cheap costs.

Official Website:

Does AutoZone Price Match O’Reilly?

AutoZone, does the price match, O’Reilly? However, the products they sell are generally identically priced because Autozone and O’Reilly are close rivals. Therefore, it could be challenging to locate products from O’Reilly that cost less than AutoZone.

So, if you can find a product from O’Reilly for less than Autozone that has the identical warranty and the exact features, If you are interested, you can ask for price matching.

Does AutoZone Price match Napa?

AutoZone matches prices with Napa since it’s often near AutoZone. However, Napa is typically known for its higher cost than AutoZone. Therefore, it is likely that you will find cheaper products in the Napa area.

You can, however, request price matches if all requirements for the price match are fulfilled.

How to Benefit from Price Match?

Since many stores have the option of price match and it’s worthwhile to see which ones you’ll benefit from. Customers can profit from comparing different retailers and prices when they are subject to change.

For example, suppose you are looking to purchase Auto Parts but don’t want to pay more than the price. You should examine various stores and discover the one that sells it at the lowest price.

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When you have found out that you are eligible, you must find out which store is closest to the location you live in (the store should be the competitor with the lowest price you wish to purchase to be eligible to receive a price match).

You will need present evidence of the lower price of the item purchased at a competitor’s store and display the evidence in front of them. So they’ll be able to match the price for the product you’re interested in!

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Summary of this Article

Price match is a fantastic method to save money. However, you must examine various stores offering the same item before purchasing. It can take some time, but it can save you money simultaneously.

What did that you discover from the post is that AutoZone will match the price of their competitors. However, it is only for their products in-store. Autozone does not alter the prices of its merchandise. If you have any queries you’d like to discuss, ask them through the discussion section.

AutoZone Related To FAQs


Does AutoZone price match online retailers?

Because of their low prices and their competitive pricing, this is an excellent place to go shopping. They have selected competitors they price match. However, not all competitors can be priced matched, only those who qualify, like those mentioned in this post.

Does AutoZone provide price adjustment?

Autozone is your go-to shop for all your car needs. However, they don’t offer price adjustments, unlike other stores offer!

Does AutoZone Price Match Stores like Walmart?

Auto Zone’s price matches car parts dealers like O’Reilly and Advanced Auto Parts; however, it is not matched by Walmart prices.