aka.ms recoverykeyfaq – Microsoft Recovery Key FAQ

aka.ms/recoverykeyfaq – Microsoft Recovery Key FAQ

When you are encrypting your drive it will use the recovery key, also known as ms-Recoverykeyfaq is an automatic key that is generated using an encryption drive called BitLocker.

It is also known as a Windows Recovery key or also known as recovery key, or commonly known under a different name: the BitLocker recovery keys.

The BitLocker recovery key is situated in.BEK Extension file and the recovery key are in the form of alphabetic combinations like 444C8E16-4F23-45E7-96CE-3B3FA04D2189.BEK:

The format of the Bitlocker recovery key is something like 44334-315590-197472-399399-419595- 387156-320562-361383 this.

Aka ms recoverykeyfaq

BitLocker system requirements

To utilize BitLocker it is required to have an operating system that runs one of the versions above of Windows, a disc that has minimum two partitions as well as a trusted platform module (TPM).

By using a TPM or specific chip, your hardware, software and firmware is checked. If the TPM detects an unauthorised update your computer will boot in a restricted state to prevent anyone from attempting to gain access.

Do not fret if you have to understand how to setup the partitions or TPM on your system. Every time you boot up, BitLocker will check to see if your OS is compatible with its encryption.

Frequently asked questions on Microsoft Recovery Key

Let us see some of the aka.ms/recoverykeyfaq frequently asked questions on the Microsoft recovery key and get more information on it.

What is Aka.ms/recoverykeyfaq, Bitlocker recovery key, or Microsoft key or windows recovery key?

It is a 48 – alphanumerical BitLocker recovery key, or it could be called a password allocated or given to you and only to you.

If BitLocker is not able to verify that the attempt of the system drive was approved before it is able to open your system.

Bitlocker Recovery Key Generator

The BitLocker recovery is stored in your Ms account. It can also be printed. Alternatively, it can be controlled by an organization.

The need for the recovery key is an essential element of BitLocker’s protection of information in these scenarios.

Where this aka ms recovery key is stored on your windows?

There are many ways in which it could be stored such as:

  • In the form of a text document on your device
  • It can be saved in the format of a hard copy by printing it onto paper.
  • Also, it can be stored externally via or on a USB drive.

Where can I locate where to find BitLocker recovery’s location in Windows 8?

  • It can be saved as a text file.
  • Within the account, you have created in your Microsoft account.
  • Inside an External USB Flash Drive
  • A hard copy is printed in hard copy that can be obtained physically.

Where can I find the BitLocker recovery’s location in Windows 10?

  • Can be saved as a text file.
  • Log into the account you have created in your Microsoft account.
  • Inside an External USB Flash Drive
  • A hard copy is printed in hard copy that is physically available.
  • Within Your Azure Active Directory account, it is possible to save and store.

What is the recovery key ID for BitLocker?

BitLocker’s recovery key functions to identify the drive. The process of unlocking your drive is made easier when the recovery key ID is identical or matches the one that is on the drive.

If the ID of your recovery key on your drive is different from the one you see on your computer, then you must actually determine the correct recovery key. Most likely, you won’t be able to access your drive once you have done this.

What is the most important way to validate that the BitLocker recovery key is correct?

To confirm whether it is true that the Microsoft BitLocker recovery key is authentic, look at the beginning in the general Microsoft BitLocker recovery key identifying with the ID of the recovery key.

Is there any BitLocker recovery key generator available in the market?

There are no BitLocker recovery key generators on the market. All BitLocker drives come with their own unique keys.

Can I get the Bitlocker recovery key on the basis of Id Value?

Contact your admin department to obtain a Bitlocker Recovery Key on account of your recovery ID.

Bitlocker ID – Where is it found?

On the screen, for recovery of BitLocker, it is possible to be able to see your BitLocker Recovery  Key identification on your encrypted Operating System drive.

Why on every time I boot my system pops up the recovery key?

There could be a problem that results in BitLocker asking you for a recovery key for each boot. BitLocker, for instance, detects a new boot device, or an External storage device. It can assist in recovering crucial in terms of security.

Restore your computer to a previous Restore Point

If you are still unable to locate an operational Bitlocker Recovery Key You can reset the Windows PC back to the moment prior to when Bitlocker came on.

  • Your Windows PC should start in BIOS’s starting mode.
  • To help troubleshoot the issue, click on to open the Advanced Options link
  • Click the System Restore button.
  • Restore your system to an earlier Restore Point created earlier before Bitlocker activated.


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Why does BitLocker recovery happen?

The recovery model of Bitlocker can be activated by a variety of scenarios, such as A malicious attempt by software or an individual to modify the initial environment. Rootkits are a good instance. Transferring the BitLocker-protected drive to an entirely new computer.

How do I recover my BitLocker recovery key?

Reboot your PC and hit the Esc key on your BitLocker login screen.
On the BitLocker recovery screen, locate it. Recovery number ID. …
Contact your administrator and provide them with your Recovery Key ID. …
In the BitLocker screen for recovery, enter the recovery code.

What is aka MS Recoverykey?

A BitLocker recovery key is a numerical password of 48 digits that can be used to open your system when BitLocker can’t verify that access has been authenticated. It is possible to store the Bitlocker recovery key is saved within the account of your Microsoft accounts, and be printed or saved as an electronic file.

Why on every time do I boot my system pops up the recovery key?

There is an issue in which every when BitLocker starts, it prompts you for a recovery code. For instance, BitLocker recognizes a new boot device or a connected external storage device. This will improve its security for the key to recover.

What is the recovery key ID for BitLocker?

The recovery key of BitLocker is used as a means of identification. When the recovery key’s ID matches the disk’s ID, unlocking the drive is a breeze. It is essential to find the right recovery key if both the ID for your recovery drive as well as that you see on your computer are different. If you don’t you’ll likely not have access to that disc.

What is the most important way to validate that the BitLocker recovery key is correct?

Review the start of the Microsoft BitLocker recovery key identifying the recovery key ID number to verify the recovery key’s authenticity.