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Aka.Ms/RecoveryKey – You want the BitLocker Recovery Key, right? Did you make it?

If that didn’t work, let me help you find the Microsoft Recovery Key and tell you how to do it in general.

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Aka.ms/myrecoverykey, Read this article if you want to know precisely how to find your Bitlocker Microsoft Recovery Key in Windows 10.

So, do you want to know how to find the BitLocker recovery key on your Windows 10 operating system?

aka.ms myrecoverykey

Let’s go through the steps…

Why does the Windows ask about My BItLocker Recovery Key?

BitLocker is a new encryption innovation that keeps your data safe from anyone who wants to get to it in an unethical or illegal way.

It encrypts the drive and adds more security by making you log in in two different ways. So, it is locked until you open it, so no one can get in without your permission and put your safety at risk. Whether you use an official or unofficial window, it will keep you safe.

Windows will need your BitLocker Recovery key or Microsoft Recovery key to figure out whether the access is genuine and not illegal. If it is, you can access your files.

This step is essential because it keeps your system and data safe. BitLocker can’t always tell when equipment, software, or firmware change, so you should keep an eye on them.

BitLocker will need the extra security that Microsoft Recovery Key offers to keep it safe and secure, even for an authorized user. It will work if the person allowed to see the information appears to be trying to get to it.

Where to Find My Bitlocker Recovery Key?

BitLocker checks the Microsoft Recovery Key and makes a backup before you turn on the protection. Your recovery could be in several places depending on what you choose when you turn on BitLocker.

Microsoft Account

Open this link – Microsoft Account on multiple devices – so you can use the recovery key.

If you have the newest device with the newest technology, it will have built-in automatic device encryption. Your MS Account will have your Microsoft Recovery Key.

Click the link for Device Encryption in Windows to learn more. The Link is here.

botlocker drive encryption

  • If you set up your device to use a distinct user’s BitLocker protection, your Recovery key will probably be in that user’s Microsoft account.

USB Flash Drive

If you put your key on a USB Flash Drive, you’ll need to plug it into your locked PC and follow the steps. If you saved your key on the flash drive, you need to use it on a windows machine to read it and figure out what it is.


If you saved your Microsoft Recovery Key when you turned on BitLocker and printed it, check the paper it was printed on. It will be there.

Azure Active Directory Account

If you used your school or work email to get the information, visitors might find this same Microsoft Recovery Key in the Azure AD Account of that school or workplace.

System Administrator 

Check with your System Administrator about the recovery key if your device is connected to a domain, like at school or work.

How did the Bitlocker became active on my device?

  • Your device needs to have the most up-to-date settings and technology. So, that’s why it encrypts your device automatically. So, right before you turn on protection, your device saves your recovery key in your Microsoft Account.
  • If your device is connected to your work or school network right now or in the past, BitLocker may have been turned on. So, you wouldn’t have the recovery key, but your school or company would.
  • BitLocker was turned on to protect your device by the owner or administrator. You’ll find that several devices are encrypted by default these days. The user may not know where the recovery key was saved if it was turned on through the Control Panel or the Settings menu. The user might have been able to choose the path, or the key might have been stored in a default path. Your Microsoft Account might have it.

If you can’t find the BitLocker Recovery Key and can’t just change the settings or configuration, you will need to reset your device to the Windows Recovery Options. Click Here to find out more. Don’t reset your device because doing so will delete all the files.

What is BitLocker and Who founded BitLocker?

Many features, benefits, and safety measures come with your windows. All of the updates try to make your computer work better and keep you safer. BitLocker is one of these kinds of security measures that keep your system and data safe.

The first time the idea was used was in 2007 to make disk encryption software. It used the XTS mode or the AES encryption algorithms. It had a key with 256 bits and a key with 128 bits. Windows Vista brought the idea to the world.

Final Word

So now you know a little bit about the Aka.Ms/Myrecoverykey, correct? How do I discover my BitLocker Recovery key in Microsoft Windows 10? If you continue to have problems with the Aka. Ms/Myrecoverykey, please leave a comment in the box below.

Aka.Ms/Myrecoverykey – FAQs


How to skip or bypass BitLocker Recovery?

Please press the ESC key when you see the BitLocker Recovery Key option on your screen. You don’t have to use the drive if you want more recovery options.

I cannot access the Aka.Ms/Recoverykey website. How to access it?

Suppose you’re having problems with the Aka.Ms/Recoverykey website, make sure you’re using the correct URL. The URL that should be used is Aka.Ms/Recoverykey.

Why must I access Aka Ms Aadrecoverykey?

When you go to the Aka Ms Aadrecoverykey website, you can enter your account information to get a recovery key.

What is Https Ask Ms Remoteconnect?

You can turn on the cosplay feature with the help of the Https Ask Ms Remoteconnect site. It will help PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Switch more. To get into your Microsoft Account, enter the code here.

I lost Ms Myrecoverykey, what should I do now?

Please use the steps below to ask for your new MS Recovery Key:

  • Turn your computer back on. When the BitLocker screen for LogOn comes up, please press the ESC key.
  • It would help if you found the Recovery Key-ID in the BitLocker recovery window.
  • Now that you have the Recovery Key ID, you should give it to your administrator.
  • You will need to add your Recovery Key to the BitLocker Recovery screen.

How should I bypass the BitLocker?

Please follow the instructions below to start up without BitLocker.

  • Go to Start > Control Panel > BitLocker Drive Encryption once your system OS has started.
  • Now, look for the option next to C Drive that says “Turn off Auto-Unlock.”
  • Once you turn off Auto-Unlock, you will need to restart your PC. Your problem will be fixed.

I don’t have My Recovery Key or the password, how do I Unlock BitLocker?

  • First, open up the Command Prompt.
  • Please start typing – Maintain -unlock drive letter: You must type that password.

What are the steps for disabling BitLocker In Windows 10 – BIOS?

To turn off Bit-Locker in the Windows 10 BIOS, please do the following:

  • Hit the Windows Key.
  • Now, please type Control Panel again.
  • Please hit “Enter.”
  • Now, click the System and Security option.
  • Then choose the BitLocker Drive Encryption option.
  • Now, please choose “Stop protection.”
  • BitLocker will be turned off, and you’ll need to move on with your BIOS Update.