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https://aka.ms/authapp: Do you know how to download the Microsoft Authenticator app via https://aka.ms/authapp? If not, here’s the complete step-by-step aka authapp ms guide for you to follow.

If you use the ms authapp, also known as two-factor authentication, then the Microsoft Authenticator software helps you login into your account.

Two-factor verification makes your accounts more secure since passwords are susceptible to being lost, stolen, or even compromised.

Two-factor verification via https://aka.ms/authapp acts as a second factor like your phone to make it more difficult for other individuals to hack into your account. It is possible to use the Microsoft Authenticator application in various ways, such as:

  • Two-factor verification: The most common method of verification is where one of the elements includes your username. When you have logged in using your or Msauthapp username and password, you are able to accept a message or enter the provided verification code.
  • Sign in with your phone: A kind of two-factor authentication allows you to sign in without requiring you to enter a password. You can do this using your username and mobile device by using your fingerprint, face, or PIN.
  • Generating codes: as a generator of codes to be used for other accounts that are compatible with Microsoft authenticator programs.
  • Microsoft authenticator using ms.authapp is compatible with every account that utilizes two-factor authentication. It is also compatible with the TOTP (time-based one-time password) standards.
  • Your company may require users to log in to access your company’s data and documents by using the Microsoft Authenticator application.
  • Even if your username appears visible on the Microsoft Authenticator application the account will not be confirmed until you have completed the registration procedure.

How to Download Aka Ms Authapp from a Link using https://aka.ms/authapp?

aka ms authapp

There are two methods to download the Microsoft authenticator app. For the first aka.ms/authapp directly from your mobile’s app store, you can download the application.

You can also ask questions about your mobile number. This will be used to send you a download link. We’ll guide you through each step in this guide, also known as ms authapp guide.

How to Install the Authenticator App from https://aka.ms/authapp?

Install the Authenticator App from aka ms authapp

  • As shown in the screenshot above. Then, go to the website ms authapp and install the application by clicking the button GET THE APP.
  • Please select which country you wish to use from the dropdown menu and then enter your telephone number, then click the “Send Link “Send Link” button.
  • Microsoft will provide you with an email for downloading and installing the authentication application including the download source to your mobile.

When it is installed, the MS authenticator software has been installed the software, a random number will be generated. This is used for authentication as the ms authapp code whenever needed.

How to Install the Microsoft Authenticator Application from the App Store on Your Phone?

  • Go to the app store. The Android users should go to “Google Play,” for iPhone/iPad users, go to Apple Store. Apple Store.
  • Search for and download “aka Ms Authapp” and then click ” Install on Android and ” Get on iOS.
  • You must allow for the downloading as well as installation of MS Authenticator app on your Smartphone. After you have installed your AKA MS Authenticator app on your smartphone, you will be able to start configuring your authentication.

Download and Install the Microsoft Authenticator app

  • It is the Microsoft Authenticator application that is downloaded and installed through Microsoft Store. Microsoft Store.
  • 2-factor authenticator (TFA and 2FA) is available with Microsoft Authenticator simple, secure, and enjoyable.
  • Log into your Microsoft account by using your phone instead of your password. Log in with your username and confirm the message that was sent to your phone.
  • Your fingerprint, face ID, or PIN will provide another layer of security to this two-step verification procedure.
  • Once you’ve signed in with 2-factor authentication (2FA (or TFA) and you’ll be granted access to all of your Microsoft software and products, such as OneDrive, Office, Outlook, and many more.
  • Microsoft Authenticator now allows multi-factor authentication regardless of whether you are using the password. It does this by providing another security layer once you enter your password.
  • When you log in using 2-factor security (TFA also known as 2FA) You will need to enter your password. After that, you’ll need to supply some further evidence that you are indeed the person who entered it.
  • Accept the notification sent by the Microsoft Authenticator or enter the OTP (one-time-password) generated by the application.
  • The OTP comes with a 30-second timer that is counting down. Therefore, you will never need to utilize the same one-time password two times and you don’t have to remember the password.
  • The OTP does not require you to be connected to a network and won’t drain your battery.
  • Download the most recent version of Microsoft’s Authenticator application using the aka ms-authapp official link located at www.aka.ms.authapp depending on your operating system Google or Android. This Microsoft Authenticator app must be downloaded and then installed using the Google Play store.
  • Microsoft Authenticator application must then be installed and downloaded from Apple’s App Store for iOS.


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After Installation, I am getting prompts asking to share or turn on my location on aka.ms/authapp. Why?

Aka Ms Authapp asks for permission to determine if you are within the regional area where you are able to access these services.

Why you should do the Aka.ms.authapp?

It’s not required to use two-factor authentication using Aka.ms.authapp. But doing so provides you additional security. Open the official website – [https://aka.ms/authapp] and start following the instructions.

What are the other permissions aka ms authapp will ask me?

Ms Authapp, also known as ms Authapp, may request your location, and biometrics such as Camera, Contacts, SMS, phone, Internet access, Storage, and network connection.

What facility authenticator autofill can provide me?

Autofill authenticator is able to fill in the username as well as password simply by moving your mouse over it.