How to Activate a Sears Credit Card?

Activate Sears Credit Card

Activate Sears Credit Card: Are you a frequent Sears shopper? Most likely, you were issued a Sears credit card. One thing Sear can accomplish is to be generous in offering discounts to individuals who sign to get the card.

The Sears credit card can prove to be an expensive possession for you. It offers a variety of perks, such as rental cars and roadside assistance. Although they are not explicitly mentioned they are an integral part of the contract between the cardholder.

Who doesn’t enjoy bonuses and benefits?

The Sears card offers a reward to sign up for and numerous others. There are also discounts at every Sears Holding company store including Sears Grand, Kmart, Sears Hardware, Sears Auto Centers, and numerous others. There are discounts on certain products by making use of a credit card.

You now have your credit card. Before you can use it, you’ll have been able to make it active. If you don’t do this, anyone could just get it stolen and then register it as their own. Make sure you activate your card now and take advantage of it.

Sears Credit Card Activation

When you are ready to activate the Sears Card, it is essential to read carefully the terms of the cardholder agreement. How do you do this Sears Card activation process? There are three ways to go about it. They are:

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1. Online Activation

The easiest way to accomplish Sears Card Activation is online. If you’re receiving a Sears Card for the first time it is the most efficient method of activating it. You’ll need to log into your Citibank portal to sign up for your Sears Card.

It is done through the page to activate your card. It is necessary to enter the details of the account holder to be able to proceed with this Sears Card activation process.

On the Sears Card activation page, you’ll be asked to enter your card’s number, the name it appears on the card, the security code, and the final four digits of the social security numbers. Then, you’ll click on verify. After this easy and simple process, you’ll be able to activate activation of your credit card.

Activate Sears Credit Card

2. Phone Activation

If you’re unable to connect the Sears Card online, then you must do it via the phone. The process involves calling the number located on the back of the card. It’s the toll-free phone number. You can either speak to Customer Service representatives or an automated.

No matter who you encounter at the other side on the other side, you’ll be asked to provide details like your Sears Card number, date of birth, as well as your social security number. It is necessary to enter all the required information via the keypad on your phone. The process is surprisingly simple and shouldn’t consume a lot of your time.

3. Sears Card Activation through Mail

If the two activation techniques above have not worked You may prefer to try it via mail. Instead of going to the center to get your card activated, simply write an email to them and ask them to activate your card. Inside the note, include your name exactly as it is on your card your date of birth, card number, and your social security number.

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Help When You Are Having Trouble Activating Your Card

If, for whatever reason, you aren’t capable of completing the activation by using one of the methods listed If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Citibank customer service personnel. They will need to contact at the following number 800-815-7701.


After activating your credit card, you must sign on the back of your card to protect it from getting into improper hands. Be aware of the websites to which you submit your credit card details to ensure that your cash remains secure. Who wants to become the person who is a victim of identity theft?

Activate Sears Card Over Phone Call

To use this method of activation of your Sears credit card it is necessary to have your mobile number registered with Sears to make a phone call. Then follow the steps to complete the.

  • Call 1(800)-589or 7327 using the mobile number that you have registered.
  • Listen carefully, then choose the language you prefer to continue.
  • Once you have entered your card number as well as personal information.
  • Then, follow the directions that the instructor has given you and finish the exercise.
  • It will then be active.


Read this article to find all the information you need on Sears Card Activation. Take a look at the two ways to Activate Sears Credit Card. Follow the instructions as stated and activate Sears Card with success.

For any questions or queries, you may have, please contact us using the comment box to let us know. Also, visit our site for more important news and updates.

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How do I register my Sears credit card online?

Kinds of Sears Credit Card Account Access

  1. To verify your credit card, visit Account and enter your bank account’s code.
  2. After entering your account number After that, you’ll be asked for information about the Social Security number of the primary cardholder, that person’s birth date, and your billing address zip code.

Are Sears credit cards still valid?

It’s pretty typical of credit cards that are used for shopping, however, cash-back cards with general-purpose usage will provide more flexibility. In contrast to other rewards programs, Shop Your Way Mastercard(r) points are able to expire, but they’re only valid twelve months after the time they’re awarded.

How to check your Sears card balance?

To verify your Sears balance To check your balance, log into your account via the Sears website or contact Sears customer support at 1-800-815-7701.

Is there a mobile app for Sears MasterCard?

Online, sign in to the Sears Credit Card account. Citi Mobile is the Citi Mobile app that is available on both iOS as well as Android.